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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Meeting Her Family During the Holidays.

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( The holidays are coming up and that beautiful woman you’ve been dating is ready for you to meet the family.  You’ve been thinking about taking things to the next level anyway but you’re a little nervous about meeting her family.  Don’t be, unless you’re a jerk, just be you.  We all want to make great first impressions.  She’s excited to show off her amazing beaux that she’s been talking about for months to everyone she knows.

Holidays are a great way to meet the family because they’re all in one central location.  Everyone is usually in a good mood, the food and drinks are in abundance so there’s less pressure to be in a room with just her parents for example.  Still nervous?  Don’t know what to wear? Keep reading.  Here’s some tips on how to win over her family during the holidays:

Bring a gift:  The host will be so happy that you didn’t arrive empty handed.  Find out some things that the host likes in particularly and bring one thing as a gift.

Be employed or currently enrolled in school:  Every parent wants to know that their daughter is in good hands.  You don’t have to show them your proof of income but you should be self-sufficient as a man, anyway.

Offer to help do something:  Don’t just sit in a corner and praying not to be bothered.  Offer to help with something while the food is being prepared or at the end of dinner, offer to help clean up.  This shows that you are a great team player.

Avoid talking politics:  Politely decline to engage in any conversations that mentions “45.”  Even if you share the same political beliefs, avoid discussing them.  Talk about more positive things going on in the world.

Do NOT be the drunk guest:  You know your limits when it comes to drinking alcohol.  Drink responsibly.  It is not a good first impression to get drunk the first time you meet her parents.  You will definitely lose their respect and trust in you.

Ignore the conversations about her ex:  One of her annoying cousins or siblings will bring up her ex that they still admire in a conversation.  Just ignore it and give her a kiss on the cheek, instead of appearing jealous.

Relax and be yourself:  The holidays are not the times to send your representative.  Be yourself and have fun.  Engage when needed and relax often.  You’ve done the hard part, impressing the woman enough for her to date you, so everyone else will love you too.

Be respectful:  Be respectful at all times.  Don’t flirt heavily with your partner especially in front of the parentals.  Holding hands are approved but fondling and too much touching can be perceived as disrespectful.

Meeting her family during the holidays shouldn’t be something that causes you anxiety.  Dress comfortable, unless you’re going out to a restaurant.  Get as much information about her family as you can, but don’t overthink anything.  Take small steps, don’t try too hard to impress her family, they will notice it.  Take a break when needed if being social just isn’t your thing.  After it’s all said and done, pillow talk with your partner about that weird cousin you met and you’ve officially survived the holiday with your partner’s family!

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