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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

One Drop Rule; Some Black Men Refuse To Marry A Woman With A Single Drop Of Black Blood.

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( There is no better place to be entertained while learning that Black men are not monolithic when it comes to matters of the heart than a local barbershop. It is within the cozy confines of the barbershop, particularly if there are no women present, that one will receive an understanding that there is little that Black men agree on when it comes to what type of woman they are willing to forge a relationship with.

A lifetime of listening to conversations that ranged from ridiculous to insightful frames my belief that there is nothing off limits within the black barbershop;I am confident that the same rules govern what occurs in black beauty shops.

During a recent trip to the local barbershop, the issue of interracial dating was raised by a barber. Predictably, the nearly twenty black men in various stages of securing a haircut pounced on the subject.

A particularly comedic gentleman who appeared to be in his mid-forties related that his dating choices were governed by “the one-drop rule.” He displayed some semblance of formal education by offering commentary that reminded others of American chattel slavery and the fact that during that period, “if you had one drop of Black blood, you were Black. No questions would be asked.” The entire assembly of Black men knew that this brother’s pause was attributable to a theatrical pause that a brilliant comedian such as Bernie Mac, Paul Mooney, or Richard Pryor would use to accentuate a punch-line not due to a loss of words.The brown-skinned brother continued with his litany by saying,

“Yeah, my brother. I use the one drop rule myself. If a lady has one drop of Black blood, I want nothing to do with her.”

The comment was simultaneously witty and polarizing as only a few listeners laughed at the quip.

This rather general conversation regarding inter-racial relationships and the seeming decline of loving relationships between African-American men and women continued unabated for several hours. Predictably, there was no consensus achieved regarding these matters of the heart. However, there is no doubt that this is an important issue within Black America; one that has led to untold frustrations for Black women desiring a loving marriage with a Black man.

Pew Center research offers very interesting information regarding the issue of Black men marrying non-Black women. Consider for a moment that among Black newlyweds:

Black men are twice as likely as black women to marry outside the Race (24% vs. 12%)

As the educational attainments of Black men increase so do their decision to marry outside of the Race

17% of Black men with a high school diploma married outside of the Race

24% of Black men with some college education married outside of the Race

30% of Black men with a Bachelor’s degree or higher married outside of the Race

As mentioned above, the reasons that Black men are increasingly deciding to marry non-Black women are personal, there is little room to debate that such inter-marriage serves as a thorn in the side of Black women who have decided to “pine away” for Black men.

When viewed from the pedestal of Black Nationalism, it is particularly frightening that an increase in formal education increases the migration of Black men to the arms of non-Black women. Could it be that the worldview and orientations of Black men are being severely altered by their engagement with white school curriculum’s and popular culture programming? Or is there something repulsive about Black women to educated, forward-thinking Black men seeking to build a glorious future?

One thing is certain, I am way too wise to even attempt to address the latter.

Staff Writer; Dr. James Thomas Jones III

Official website;

One may also connect with this brother via TwitterDrJamestJones.


3 Responses to “One Drop Rule; Some Black Men Refuse To Marry A Woman With A Single Drop Of Black Blood.”
  1. BJ says:


    What it comes down to is some of our conversations about race centers on what white people say about race. Back in the day, they said that if you had “one drop” of Black blood, you were Black. Now they say, if you have one white/non-Black parent, you are biracial and not Black. So we tend to go with that.

    I personally believe the biracial thing got stronger when Tiger Woods claimed that he was not Black but “Calibinasian” or something. The white media went with it eventually since he was beating them all on the golf course. Then the Black media went with it too.

    The first humans were from Africa, they were Black. Somewhere along the line these Black people had albino offspring. From this mixing – Black with Albino, we get brown, yellow, white, and red. It is the only reasonable explanation.

  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    An educated man knows that there isn’t a woman on this planet devoid of black blood. The mythical ” pure white woman ” doesn’t exist except in the confused minds of some black men, and has never existed in the world. God made Adam and Eve from the dust of the earth. Both of them were black. Science has determined this for the entire world to understand. If you take out your globe of the earth and study it well, meaning read the classics like the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer whose hero Odysseus got into some sexual affairs with black women whom he called ” witches ” along the African coasts. the writings of the ancient oriental sages,the works of Socrates, Aristotle, and other Presocrats, and all of the Roman and Jewish empires you will see that most of the history of mankind involved a mixing of the black race as men and women moved back and forth out of Asia, Africa, and what is now called the Middle East into what is now known as Europe. Hannibal conquered most of Europe and his armies of black men and women mixed with the inhabitants of Europe. The classical play Othello is about a black military Moor man who was married to light skinned woman named Desdemona. German history reflects the influences of the black moors on their culture. If you keep writing ignorant stuff like this, I am going to have to question your doctorate degree.

  3. Soloist says:

    Stop this “we”. We are taken from our tribal lines and fed into this machine. Its not natural.

    Enforcing “Black Nationalism” they way you do is as stupid as the “nation states” of YugoSlavia, Somalia, Ukraine or Afghanistan for that matter.

    There was simply never meant to be a “we”…

    Just because you have outside oppression doesn’t make stable a union, it oftens worsens it.

    Mark Anthony does site “we are not black”.

    I agree with him…except I believe “we” shouldn’t exist either.

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