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King Of Pop Michael Jackson Taught Us…

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( I admit I miss Michael Jackson. I can’t lie his music, creativity and the humanity he possessed are the things I miss the most. People can say what they want…I don’t believe he was wacko, and the world seemed to be a better place when he was in it. Though songs like “Human Nature” and “Stanger in Moscow” will speak to me for the rest of my days it was not just the music of Michael Jackson that taught us. Honestly, there were some concepts that were reinforced about beingblack through the life of Michael Jackson. I’m sure many of us want to be a star, want to stand out and do something original…well the life of Michael Jackson taught us there is a price for greatness. There is a price for genius.

For all the goodness Michael Jackson put into to world they never let him forget he was black. Hell at times I must say I wondered when Michael Jackson was going to be betrayed or tore down. He never recovered from being accused of abusing children. The legal justice system humiliated that man and stripped him of his dignity.

It didn’t matter how much money he made nor how many hits. At the end of the day he was just another…you know here I’m going. Some of these rap artists out here stupid enough to think they above the law, but they forgot Michael Jackson. Real talk honestly…many of his own kind turned on him. Michael Jackson was a jewel to black people until the skin issues, and those charges came…then some of them screamed Wako Jacko too…SHAME ON THEM.

Yea, some people might get mad with me but I keep it real. I was behind Michael Jackson to the end and I paid attention to songs like “Man in the Mirror”, “Leave Me Alone”, “They Don’t Really Care About Us”, “Earth Song” and one of my favorites…” Stranger in Moscow”. It was more than just a good time in the music. Michael Jackson was a genius and he paid for that. His genius nor the skin bleaching could eradicate the racism that comes with being black.

I miss Michael Jackson. I loved Michael Jackson, and I will always be a fan. I wonder what his music would tell us today given all that is going on in the world. Unfortunately, all I can do is wonder because like many before him the weight of his genius was too much to bare. Michael Jackson taught us there are some truths we can never get away from.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Sassy


2 Responses to “King Of Pop Michael Jackson Taught Us…”
  1. Dorothy says:

    Phenomenal artist, the best entertainter in history, King not only of Pop but also Dance and Music Videos. Michael could stand and say nothing, and all the stadiums were raging and getting hysterical. That’s awesome!? Michael Jackson had the biggest influence than any other artist in history < its beyonce words. This man did a history, thanks to him pop replaced rock. I hope there will be a good movie about his life and legacy 🙂

  2. Bibmoo79 says:

    Jackson suffered from vitiligo. It was proven. So enough of that “skin bleaching ” commentary as though he turned himself write. He did not. He was a proud black man.

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