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Did WB Just Confirm Upcoming DC Universe Games, Whoa?

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( This year, we heard that Warner Bros. is working on a video game, particularly a new entry in the Batman franchise. The job listings posted by WB Montreal spilled the beans on what’s coming next from the studio, but nothing was confirmed. Now it looks like WB Montreal is getting ready to talk more openly about its new projects.

WB Montreal’s Osama Dorias, a senior game developer, has apparently revealed that there are two DC games currently in works. He also added that the upcoming games feature an open-world environment. During a gaming podcast, Dorias said that he just completed his work on a game which is set in DC Universe and is an open-world game. He also noted that the game he worked on is the main console game and now he works on a completely different project.

The new project Dorias talked about could be based on characters from DC itself. The developer said that he was inspired to work with WB Montreal as he got the chance to work with the game director Geoff Ellenor, his former colleague from Ubisoft. Rumors about a new Superman game and a Batman game were always there. Now when WB Montreal has openly talked about two DC Universe games, people have once again started assuming that these statements are related to the upcoming Superman and Batman games.

In the past, WB Montreal worked on Batman: Arkham Origins which was released in 2013. We haven’t seen anything in the Batman Arkham series after the release of Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015. There were rumors suggesting a game is in development, but nothing happened at all. Warner Bros. is also rumored to be bringing a Superman game. This game, in fact, has been a hot topic for a long time. Reports said that the studio was working on a Superman game, but later the company stopped working on it.

We also got to hear that Rocksteady Studios, that developed Batman: Arkham Origins, was working on a Superman game. None of the rumors were true and this time also, anything can happen as WB Games has not confirmed anything. The company will wait until they have something to show. The game development process is unpredictable and we have seen how the 2015’s Arkham Knight was delayed as developers were facing problems. Running that game on consoles was not possible for months.

WB’s silence didn’t stop fans from digging everywhere for clues. Curious fans have gone ahead to see who is doing what. From checking Instagram accounts of developers to visiting their LinkedIn profiles for clues, fans are leaving no stone unturned. It’s easy to assume that WB will work on a new Batman Arkham game, but we have also seen a lot of Superman related things being discussed in the video game community. It’s very much possible for WB to bring a Superman and a Batman game in the future.

As far as the consoles are concerned, the games are probably in the early stage of development and if that’s true, we should hope to see at least one of the two games on a new generation console. As the current generation consoles, with their high-end versions, won’t go away anytime soon, we can expect cross-generation support from the upcoming games.

Other than the Batman and Superman franchises, DC Universe has a lot more to offer. The popularity of Green Lantern and Wonder Woman is enough to convince game developers and consumers. There are many villains that can also join the league if something beyond Batman and Superman comes into the picture.

It’s hard to jump on a conclusion because there’s so much WB Games can do with its upcoming games. Dorias has already mentioned that he has finished his work on an open world game and he is currently working on a new game which is possibly the second DC Universe game currently in works. What do you think the next big DC Universe game is?

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