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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Top 5 Legitimate Reasons As To Why The “Black Panther” Film Was Detrimental To Black People.

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( I remember being so hyped for the “Black Panther” film like many black people were earlier this year after seeing him kick ass and take names, but after I saw “Black Panther” from home early this year, I immediately disliked the film for several legitimate reasons that I will explain in this article.

Here are top 5 legitimate reasons as to why “Black Panther” was detrimental to black people.

1. The Negative Portayal Of Kilmonger – Marvel deliberately portrayed Kilmonger in the film as a “bad negro” because he actually stood up for black people and candidly spoke about the oppression that black people all around the world have been facing for over 600 years. Kilmonger to me personally was actually the hero of the film that was totally badass, not the neocolonial villain in T’Challa. Kilmonger was my favorite character from that film because embodies the spirit of a real black revolutionary like Malcolm X/ Huey Newton who were anti-black elite and anti-establishment.

2. The Glorified Portayal Of Wakanda – One of the things that I personally hated about this film so much was the glorified portrayal of Wakanda as this “advanced civilized country” until it was revealed in the film that they were nothing more but a puppeted neocolonial government for white imperialist powers like The U.S. and U.K. that was sitting on top of a goldmine of Africa in typical selfish greedy fashion that refused to distribute the wealth throughout Africa and to African people and were revealed to have collaborated with The U.S. Government to crush the movement for a socialist revolution.

3. The White Feminist Agenda – Another thing about the film that I personally didn’t like very much was that I felt that this film perpetuated the white feminist agenda in the form of perpetuating this “gender war” between black men and black women because it portrayed black women as masculine and not as the tough feminine warriors that they should be. I don’t like seeing black men and black women fighting each other at all which is why I absolutely hated the scene towards the end of the film that had black men and black women fighting against one another.

4. The Negative Portayal Of Dark Skinned Black Women – Even though I will always love my dark skinned sistas, I was not a big fan of how negatively they were portrayed in “Black Panther” because Hollywood always portrays as masculine, never feminine, and overweight, angry, ratchet, and violent. These same negative portrayals were very evident in “Black Panther”.

5. The Glorified Portayal Of T’Challa As A “Hero” – Another legitimate reason as to why I greatly disliked this film because they had the nerve to portray T’Challa as the “hero” of the film when he was actually revealed to be nothing more but a neocolonial puppet for The U.S. and that his dad worked for The Pro-Imperialist United Nations and that he himself had collaborated with The CIA (the same political agency that conspired with The FBI to crush The Black Revolution Of The 1960s).

The Conclusion – “Black Panther” was definitely not a film I greatly enjoyed because it wasn’t the film that black people had truly been waited for.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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5 Responses to “Top 5 Legitimate Reasons As To Why The “Black Panther” Film Was Detrimental To Black People.”
  1. Mike Byru says:

    As an African American who has gays as cousins, pardon me while I laugh:

    1) They have successfully raised their children who know attend mid-level universities.

    2) None of their kids are gay in the slightest

    3) Never were molested

    4) Was raised in a loving and caring environment. Like countless other
    successful African Americans and ALL races.

    5) Homosexuality has roots in Africa far more-so and far more ORGANIC then “Christianity”. 90% of which is a slave-masters religion.

    1) Negative effects of homosexuality are other people’s egos

    2) You admit Umar is “right” a man who attacks Christianity on-end like some rabid terrorist. Yet you say “read a bible”.

    3) The bible is full of war criminals and “mentally ill people” hearing, or persuaded by an “invisible voice or spirit”. Most of them should be in insane asylums by today’s standards.


  2. Why the Homophobia?

    What we need is successful African American Families and Education.

    Too many times on here I here gay, religion, heritage, etc.

    Unification doesn’t mean finding a “convenient” way to leave somebody behind.

    You Conservatives/Hoteps always try to divide us I swear.

  3. Trevo Craw says:

    You are distorting the facts badly and trying to distract from the issues. American is a country founded by murdered and kidnappers who could not take the heat in Europe so they came here and took land that never belonged to them. The imperialist expansionist colonizers of course have bases all over Africa because America and Europe have raped Africa of its oil, its people, its gold, diamonds etc.

    While Umar Johnson is a fake and an opportunist, he is correct that LGBTQ is perversion and detrimentally unproductive to the African American community. Try reading a Bible.

    As for Wakanda, maybe you would be happy if it was horrified like a shithole as Trump refers to African countries. That says alot about you.

    I could answer you point by point but its likely you are clueless. Your arguments are easy to tear apart and you need a sense of identity.

  4. Trevo Craw says:

    You are really reaching here and I have to ask, are you Cointel Pro?


    What’s sad is that we African Americans are still calling ourselves BLACK because Caucasian oppressors called us that to contrast their color and to assign to us all the negative things BLACK is equated with in the dictionary. The fact is, like it or not and believe it or not, YOU ARE BROWN and your car tires are black. You can say black is a culture but when they deal with you, they deal with you based on it’s definition – dismal, gloomy, dark, diabolical, treacherous, devoid of light.

    WAKE UP AFRICAN AMERICANS. We do not call the Asian yellow man because he would not stand for it. We do not call the Native American a red man because he would not stand for it. We do not call the Hispanic man a brown man because he would not stand for it. And many Africans, Haitians and Jamaicans do not accept being called a color they know they are NOT.

    Ironically, African Americans are the only ethnic group/race on the planet which allows ourselves to be called a color we are not while ignoring our own eyes, allowing ourselves to be defined by that color, by someone else and then fighting to keep the lie in place – a “black” lie they purposely filled with negative definitions throughout America that inaccurately label and dehumanize an entire people. YOU CANNOT USE ANY OF THE LINKS IN THE CHAINS OF A LIE THAT BINDS YOU TO SET YOURSELF AND YOUR PEOPLE FREE.

    Is it any wonder that cops treat us as BLACK people by the definition of dismal, gloomy, treacherous, evil etc? We will never rise and overcome as a people if we allow other groups to define us, to define us with a lie and we are sadly willing to help them. AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES MATTER PEOPLE. Black is the color of my car tires, not my skin. I am a family and relationship counselor who specializes in deprogramming African Americans from slavery mindsets.

  5. Precision says:

    1) “Killmonger”

    He strangled a village elder and ruthlessly killed his girlfriend. He also wishes for blood, war and destruction. Whats the point of hating whitey only to become him? Evil (via revenge) will eventually make you succumb to it whether you lose (and especially if you win)

    You cannot have hatred in your heart as exhibited by Killmongers face prior to “You’re so full of hatred you’re not fit to be king.”

    Umar Johnson and other Hoteps are constantly fueling hatred of gays, interracial and at convenient times (Christianity). Mistrust of Whites and idol-worshiping black skin.

    We need education and unity not some off-the-fly “revolutionary” cultural traditionalists. If you want to form the real Black Panthers to act as a deterrent against police brutality thats fine. Any other form of revolution thats not education, real unity, or ACTUAL militant is garbage. Killmonger only wanted Rage. Similar to the common Hebrew Isrealite (who doesn’t even know Hebrew SMH)

    2) “Real Life”

    Did you know about how Uganda and Rwanda rape the Congo?
    Did you know U.S has HUNDREDS of military bases throughout Africa.
    Did you know South Africa’s “taking land from whites” is just to insert IMF Monsanto Pawns?

    What of the U.S backed dictatorship in Ethopia bleeding resources day and night?

    We need to go back to the GOLDEN ERA, of AIRING OUR DIRTY LAUNDRY and THE COLOR PURPLE. Africa is nowhere near independent with not event a feasible roadmap to it. The leadership that doesn’t sell itself to America sells itself to China as an “alternative”

    3) That is just your interpretation. There is much scientific evidence among anthropological views of Africa to ascertain and prove that WOMEN at one point use to rule the world. IT WASNT ALWAYS A WHITE WORLD, WELL…IT WASN’T ALWAYS A MALE WORLD EITHER. Some African societies to this day are more matriarchal then others. Men and Women do (everywhere) battle for control among perceived “rights”.

    4) First of all your entire definition of “Feminine” is compromised in the first place. The modern definition of “Feminine” just so happens to go hand-in-hand with strip clubs, promiscuous, etc. (Not to mention the artifical substances on their faces.). How in the hell can you define whats “Feminine” and present it as impartial?

    5) Black Panther WAS the hero. According to science everyone traces their lineage from Africa. Killmonger wanted to become white in ways of violence, force and destruction.

    *HISTORY TIME*. Black Panther only had an agreement to hide the identity of the Black Panther, and not to force them out of hiding via land territory. He wasn’t the puppet because Wakanda has everything already. It was an ancestral fictional take on NATIONALISM. They don’t see the “we” in blacks (much like many of us do). Heck they literally worship a “Panther God”. The elders simply didn’t want to reveal themselves.

    It might not have been up to the best, joyous standards but its a very realistic film we can learn from.

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