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Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Battle to Focus.

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( Work, school, home, relationships, and school is just a few things many of people have to juggle on a regular basis. Each area requires its own to-do list, and areas of immediate attention. Sometimes you an find yourself feeling like you are on mental overload with no viable outlet. A lack of focus and concentration can make navigating your responsibilities feel utterly impossible. It can lead one to anxiety, depression and deep-seated fears of failure. Some adults have to battle with the ADHD diagnosis, while others are not hyperactive, and battle ADD. Then there are those adults that are just overwhelmed and need to step back for a moment of self-care. Sometimes medication is necessary to achieve tasks in a timely fashion. It helps some of us battle the wondering mind, or the one that races nonstop. For those of us that don’t have, or can’t afford, prescription medication to help us focus it is important to look at some things we can do to get a handle on our concentration.

Though some may feel its is necessary to work around the clock to achieve goals it is important to note that sleep is mandatory. As we neglect the sleep the body needs we can began to chip away at the focus and concentration needed to function doing simple routine tasks. In this space complex tasks can become out of reach causing one to feel that work is constantly backing up. Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and go to bed. What is guaranteed is the work will be there in the morning, but a rested mind is more effected than one that is seriously sleep deprived.

In addition to sleeping it is important to remember to eat and remain hydrated. Allowing oneself miss meals and run on coffee and energy drinks fighting for a deadline can kill your ability to focus. At some point it is very important to understand the body will communicate its needs. You will find that focus and concentration might become the least of your worries when headaches and hunger pain sets in. if you allow this to go on to far you may very well end up hospitalized whereby you are unable get anything done. Make sure you are eating and drinking water regularly to keep your body, and mind going.

Look into getting yourself a good multi-vitamin that agrees with you. The brain needs certain vitamins and minerals to function at its best capacity. Sometimes we can may find it hard to focus and concentrate because our brain lacking what it needs to meet the demands we are placing on our mind day in and day out. It is useful to do a bit of research, and talk to your doctor, about increasing natural supplements that will target focus and concentration specifically.

Lastly, trauma and life challenges can cause stress that make it hard to focus. When one is in emotional pain due to loss, abuse, and other hard situations it can take a direct toll on the mind. it can feel like an emotional hurricane that doesn’t allow you to see nor think straight. In those situations, it’s very important to take a serious step back to focus on you. Sometimes it will mean talking to a therapist, or letting others help you.  However, to regain a handle on your focus so that you can work and concentrate effectively you will need to take the necessary steps to engage in healing.

Focus and concentration are necessary to achieve whatever task, in every area, that is set before us. It can be challenging when those two things seem to have disappeared leaving you feeling foggy in the brain. When there is a diagnosis from the doctor regarding this we usually have a way to snatch the focus back into place. However, when there does not exist we must begin to look at other areas to try to get back on task. Ones ability to complete tasks is a key component in feeling successful and productive. Its important to do all we can to maintain a healthy mind.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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