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Friday, April 26, 2019

How to Use a Waterpik Dental Sprinkler.

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( Waterpik is an oral health device designed specifically for independent dental care at home. This device consists of three basic parts such as pump-powered motor, water storage and a special tip as water channel. The motor allows water to be sprayed at high speed and the spray will cleanse almost all the dirt and bacteria left in the oral cavity. This treatment is seen as more effective and fun than using string threads.

To note , not everyone can use a water sprinkler device. Therefore, through this article, we want to provide assistance to anyone who up to now does not know how to use this device properly and correctly. Just keep reading!

These are some quick guides, which are easy to understand and explain step-by-step. However, if you feel that the following information are not complete enough then you can visit for more information.

* The first step is to select the most suitable jet for you and, below, insert it into the cable. It is important to make sure you press firmly into the center seat until you hear a click.

* You need to fill the tank as the second step. Fill it with warm water. Most professionals are unanimous in recommending lukewarm water, but it can also be cold water directly.

* For a user using the Waterpik irrigator for the first time, we recommend starting with the lowest pressure and then increasing gradually to the level where it is not irritating.

* Always enter the jet into the mouth before turning on the Waterpik sprinkler. The best posture is that of a small slope in relation to the basin with the lips partially closed and, thus, to let the water that falls on the basin run.

* The recommended position of the jet is at a 90 degree angle to the teeth.

* Its use should be to pass the Waterpik jet briefly into the spaces between the teeth. There is a pause button on the cable that allows you to temporarily stop the flow of water.

* We recommend starting by wiping the front of the upper and lower teeth and then making the back of the teeth the same way. There is also a function that allows turning at the end of the cable that easily rotates the tip and facilitates access to all parts of the mouth with one hand. Then you may end up passing the Waterpik sprinkler more often by areas that need extra help.

* When you have finished, you must release excess water from the irrigator water tank to the bathroom. That is all. It takes about one minute a day to get a cleaner, fresher and healthier mouth.

This article is for information only as we have no authority to prescribe any medical treatment nor to make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in case you present any kind of illness or malaise.

Staff Writer; LeBron Adams

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