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Monday, June 17, 2019

Brainwashed To Follow A White-Washed Messiah.

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( His name is not Jesus. His name was never Jesus. And there is no power in the name of a lie that has been perpetuated by the Catholic church and the religious churches and denominations all around you. There was no “J” in Hebrew (OT) nor in Greek (NT). You have been handed the image and mission of the slave master of your ancestors. Most of you drank the Kool-aid and never sought the whole truth.

The Bible told those of us who believe to study to shew ourselves approved so we would not be ashamed, so we could rightly divide the Word of Truth. But instead too many of you simply believed what your pastor told you – just like your pastor did himself with those who taught him. Then you made excuses for the name change, the mission change and the picture that was never the Messiah. All the while you have been praying to, relying on and invoking the fake name of a fake, white-washed Europeanized false image.


The same church leaders who preach the truth will set you free have been telling you lies. How ironic. Either they knew and intentionally deceived you or they should have known but did not study to shew themselves approved. If they did not do the latter, what else are they deceived and deceiving about? Likely lies like that you should be paying tithes or worse. If they did not catch the truth about the name of the Messiah, they have been brainwashed against the facts, the truth, the easy to find and verify evidence. That means you have to go back and check or verify everything they have taught you, as I John 4:1 tells us to do in the first place.


The mission of the “church” today largely is a focus on its own agenda – the agenda of Yeshuah or rather Yahoshua. The changing of the name was only one dangerous, deceptive and unauthorized piece of the puzzle of lies that religions and hidden agenda church leaders have used to control the masses – and it continues to work because lazy or blindly trusting people will not study for yourself to find the truth. You see the pastor’s faces on billboards and their church buses and transport vans instead of the name or messages of the Messiah. You see the pastor’s names all over buildings, television and the schools they founded. You see their faces on their books. All of this proves they are promoting themselves, twisting the scriptures to serve themselves, repackaging the Gospel and merchandising it to advance their agendas.

Too many people who call themselves believers, Christians, children of God, spiritual and/or religious have no idea how to spot a fake minister, a false prophet, a false doctrine or a “church” that is not of the Messiah at all. The name was falsified. And before you use the excuse that we don’t speak Hebrew, know that it is a weak excuse you have been taught to use. If you are going to call upon the name above every name, the name of the Messiah, the name with power – you need to call on the real name period. No excuses and you don’t have to speak Hebrew to get a name right.

The fake name was just the beginning. Then came the fake images which resembled the European slave master. The most popular of these images being the one painted by Leonardo Da Vinci to immortalize his gay catholic cardinal lover, Caesar Borgia, under orders by Borgia’s father, Pope Alexander VI. Then the doctrine was reinterpreted and both sections and entire books were deleted without God’s authorization by the Council of Trent and the Council at Nicea. They were following ordered of the political leaders and they never even claimed God told or authorized them to make all the changes.


Then the structure of the churches changes. Now all these sects and denominations exist when the church founded by Yeshua did not contain any of them. In fact there is no Biblical precedent from the Messiah to set up the catholic church, the Lutheran, Presbyterian, Hebrew Israelites, Methodist, Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, Unity School of Christianity, Mormon or current Baptist church. All came from religion and man’s agenda. All can be traced back to a human man as their founder, not the Messiah.

The fake church under the false Messiah reflects man’s agenda. This is why church leaders are rich while members often cannot afford the jets and cars and mansions. Many members even struggle to pay their bills. And if they need help, they are lucky to get a “loan” from the church they attend, unless they are in the clique of the inner circle. I saw this happen as a member of that inner circle. While those outside of the circle were heavily scrutinized and turned down when they needed help, those inside the inner circle could get practically any help they needed. The church of the real Messiah does not operate like this.

CDs and books for sale, charging you for the repackaging of the Word of God these moneychangers do not own. Conferences and camp meetings that you have to pay for to supposedly set you free – even though the Messiah already has. Loans with interest when you need help yet you gave to the “church” instead of loaning them money. And when you did not or could not, you were made to feel guilty as if you were robbing God. Then what are they doing? Robbing the Messiah of His name, mission and believers – all done with a Bible, with a smile and from the pulpit with your participation and consent. So many of you are so used to being deceived, brainwashed and indoctrinated with lies that it seems normal and you shun the truth that can be verified because it makes you angry.

They will make the excuse that the lights and bills have to be paid. While that is true, not by deceiving the sheep. Not by using guilt trips. false doctrine and scripture out of context. And the bills are debts made by the church leaders largely with their own agendas that deviate from the blueprint created by the real Messiah. God will make sure His agenda is funded. But man has to beg and trick and deceive and shame and manipulate. Is this every “church”? No, but far too many.

I dare you to do the research, study for yourself and rightly divide the Word of God instead of running to the altar. Good, honest, sincere and accurate pastors do serve a great purpose. But there is ONE mediator between God and man, the Messiah – the real one. Any other “false Christ” is simply leading you to Hell through a trap door coming from the pulpit.

I welcome your respectful comments, challenges and discussion. And though all “churches” are not false, a great many are. For those who believe this article to be wrong, I place you on notice that I am able to verify and validate every point made in this article. I have done the research and I have the proof from the Bible and the original languages. So if you have comments or arguments, support them with the truth of scripture or you are just making noise. And please don’t even try the BS of saying I am judging. Who has bewitched you? Confront the lies where you worship. Show your “church” leaders this article and ask them to refute it with the truth. They can’t and they won’t. Wake up.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


4 Responses to “Brainwashed To Follow A White-Washed Messiah.”
  1. Jay Emminent says:

    Although I agree with the critique of the church, namely its biblically inaccuracy in structure, function or doctrine, I do not think the English name of the Messiah is an attack of Christianity. Yes, there is a “false image” of Christ propagated, but the power of the name of Jesus is not merely found in Hebrew, but in his very person. Jesus is a translation of the original name to English. Yes, his Hebrew name is Yeshua. However, Hebrew and English are not the same language nor have the same alphabet. Any scrutiny and critique of the name of Christ is not only, unwarranted, but dangerous because it risks turning people away from Christianity as a whole because of said “lies”. The is an argument of letters and words is not fruitful for the believer or the unbeliever. As Paul said, “if anyone teaches false doctrine and does not agree with the sound teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and with the teaching that promotes godliness, he is conceited and understands nothing, but has an unhealthy interest in disputes and arguments over words” and also, “charge them before God not to fight about words. This is useless and leads to the ruin of those who listen.”

    Be weary of fruitless arguments about the name of the Messiah because as long as His identity and mission is rooted in the Biblical scriptures, then it is merely semantics. Christ is not bound to our words, languages, nor cultures. It is true that the Savior presented His life and word to the Israelites first, but it is an eternal and transcendent Word. And His true name is beyond the capacity of human language. That name is the same Word that created the world.

    Jesus saves. God bless.

  2. BJ says:

    Nice article.

    To add to your point:

    The question I would ask is why are they less religious than us.

    The Bible tells us how we can know his followers.

    John 13:34 – 35 – A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another.

  3. Kia Kia Sterling says:

    This is point on the mark! I will share this, but because this article requires some reading. Many WILL overlook the damning evidence of the true that Paul prophesied in his ‘Letters’ (not all a new covenm

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