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Friday, April 26, 2019

How To Reduce Back Pain While Sitting.

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( You always hear people say that they wish they had an office job. Well, putting in eight to ten hours a day in the office is not easy on the body. This is especially true for the back. Sitting in an office chair for long hours can really have a negative effect on the lower back. It can also make existing back problems even worse. The reason for this is because when you are sitting in that office chair your body will be in a static posture. This type of posture not only increases stress in the back, but it also hurts the shoulders, arms and legs as well.

Support Your Lower Back

One of the reasons that you are suffering from back pain when you are sitting in that office chair all day long is because you are not properly supporting the lower back. The best way to combat this is to invest in an adjustable chair with proper support. Of course, this might not be a suitable option for someone that drives all day long. This is where a cushion or pillow can come in handy. Simply just place the cushion or the pillow between your lower back and the chair. You can even use the pillow to hold an ice pack if the pain has grown to these lengths.

Adjusting The Chair

The BC Back Clinic will tell you that having a properly adjusted chair can also help relieve back pains. Making sure that your chair is set to the right height will not only reduce back pains, but it might provide you with more overall comfort. You want the height to sit so that you can type with your wrists and forearms straight and parallel to the ground. From this point, your elbows should be by your body and form an L-shape. It will also help if you can change the tilt and back position of the chair so that you are comfortable and your back is supported.

Flat Feet

When you are sitting in your chair you should make sure that you are always keeping your feet flat on the ground. This is a unique posture that allows you to keep your back in a neutral position. It will go a long way to relieving unwanted back pains. Sometimes a footrest can provide the additional support that your back might need. That being said, you will want to avoid crossing the legs. This will only add to the discomfort.

Take Breaks

When you are sitting for long periods of time it is incredibly important to take intermittent breaks. This will allow you to stretch out and relax the muscles in the back, which will go a long way to relieving that back pain. Stand up and take a five-minute walk every hour if possible. Another good option is to make sure that you are realigning the back before sitting down again. You can do this by standing and squeezing in the buttocks for ten seconds. Make sure you keep your stomach tight, while gently rolling the shoulders.

Staff Writer; Jerry Jones

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