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Apple Watch Series 1 vs LG Watch Urbane: Who Really Won the Game?

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( If you had to pick a smartwatch in 2015, there were many options and two of them are LG Watch Urbane and the Apple Watch. Judging both of them and finding the best wearable is pretty tough. Undoubtedly Apple is a very big brand and has its unique identity in terms of smart gadgets, but with Android Wear support, LG is also not far behind. Now when both the watches are more than a year old, let’s take a quick look at the competition and decide who really won the smartwatch battle.


It’s a battle between a square-faced watch and a round shaped one. With the LG Watch Urbane, you get a 45.5 x 52.2 x 10.9mm shaped watch in stylish stainless steel build. The watch is made to look suitable for both men and women, as the design is thin. The Urbane fits perfectly on wrist and is comfortable too.

On the other hand, you will find the stainless steel body and ceramic back in the Apple Watch. The only difference in the design is their size, which makes them look very different and if you don’t like square-shaped watches, LG’s Urbane is the one that wins here. The Apple Watch comes in two different sizes including a 38mm and 42mm model. So, here you have got a choice depending on the size of your wrist.

Apple allows users to get more customization for their watch, as the original watch lets you choose from different color options and straps. The Urbane doesn’t give you this much ability to customize your watch. But you can still change the 22mm strap, which is the only physical customization you can think of with the watch. So, the design, size and screen are a mixed bag.

User Experience

Specifications and features are the backbones of user experience, but sometimes, small things make a huge difference and can easily alter someone’s buying decision. One of the biggest advantages LG Watch Urbane users have is the ability to keep the watch face on all the time. And that too without getting the battery drained so fast.

With Apple Watch, you need to move your wrist or tap the screen to check the time or to simply turn on the display. And there’s no specific setting available in the watch to keep the display on all the time. But with the Urbane, you don’t need to make any effort to check the time or to turn on the display, as it remains on as long as your battery lasts.


You don’t need to carry a user manual everywhere with any of these watches, but it is true that Google’s Android Wear is simple and easy to use. Even a child can use it. The Apple’s iOS is also not complicated and especially in the Apple Watch, you won’t have to spend time on learning how to operate it as everything is easy, but if we compare them, Google wins the game with its simplicity. Now when the LG Watch Urbane supports Android Wear 2.0, the watch has become more appealing when compared with the Apple Watch.

Bottom Line

So which smartwatch won the game? Well, both the watches were available below the price range of US$400 at the time of launch, and now there are many deals available on both the watches. The new editions have also arrived, so if your decision is influenced by the price tag, LG Urbane is cheaper. But even if you dump the price tag idea, there is so much with the Urbane that makes it worth choosing over the Apple Watch.

Those who really look for “value for money” products, Urbane is not going to disappoint them. However, the meaning of value varies from user to user, but still buying the LG Watch Urbane is a smart and wise decision. But if the customization abilities and square shape watches attract you, Apple Watch is better.

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