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How Kavanaugh Got Away With It.

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( First let me say I am not a democrat. Secondly Kavanaugh being confirmed will benefit me because I neither support abortion (Pro-Death) nor do I support LGBTQ (perversion). Thus my comments are facts instead of being against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. But it is likely he did it and got away with it. And I am going to tell you why Judge Brett Kavanaugh will sit on the Supreme Court.


The Republican senators pulled in the rules for a criminal trial when it was convenient and ignored them when it wasn’t. They played heavily on public ignorance and repeated things over and over again that just were not true and that were undetermined. They literally took a page out of the Trump playbook.

Many of the senators (esp the attorneys in the senate) knew the rules of evidence but they put a deceptive spin on every bit of it and much of the public fell for it. It is not likely that people who wanted Kavanaugh went back and fact checked the legal rules of evidence and corroboration. Thus the Republican senators had cart blanche to keep saying “there was no corroboration”.


First of all, the 4 witnesses named by Ford as being at the event where she was sexually assaulted did not say it did not happen. They said they had no recollection or recall of that happening. They walked a line right down the middle that neither proved nor disproved anything. They gave similar answers that would keep them out of perjury and yet keep them from admitting anything. In the case of the 4 witnesses, when you want to avoid the true, no matter what it is, you say you don’t remember.

Second of all, corroborating evidence is not only based on eye witness testimony, even though the public was deceived into believing that it is. Corroborating evidence can also include the testimony of people you told about the assault. There were 6 people Ford told yet the FBI did not interview any of them. Why not? Because the FBI got its guidelines from the Republican controlled Senate/Senate Judicial Committee. The FBI had their hands tied and had to do only as they were instructed.

Third of all, Ramirez who also made accusations against Judge Kavanaugh supplied 20 names of people who she said could corroborate his actions. But yet again the FBI did not question any of them either. So in this case also we cannot say there is no corroboration if nobody is asking the 20 people anything.


First the presumption of innocence is valid only in a criminal trial. Donald Trump did not use the presumption of innocence with the central park 5 who were cleared by the court and when the real rapist confessed. Nor did the public (and probably many Republican senators) presume Bill Clinton nor Bill Cosby nor OJ Simpson were innocent until proven guilty. Let’s stop the hypocrisy.

Fairness would have been to question the 6 others Ford told in order to see if they could corroborate her testimony. Fairness would have been to let the FBI do what they do and follow leads either way instead of allowing the senate to control them. Fairness would be to ask why the FBI missed all of this in their initial 6 background checks instead of just slamming Ford for waiting so long. Fairness would have been to bring a trauma expert into the hearings who would have verified that victims often wait a long time and often don’t remember many details.

Fairness would have been for the FBI to question Ford and Kavanaugh because they are better at detecting lies than a bunch of good old boy Republican senators  and anxious Democrats with partisan agendas. Fairness would have been for the FBI to question the 20 people who Ramirez stated would be able to corroborate what Kavanaugh allegedly did to her. Fairness would have been for the senators not to make up their minds before they even heard the testimonies of Ford and Kavanaugh. So Sen. Collins can shut up about fairness because it was out the window Day 1.


This was never a search for the truth. It was 2 partisan parties playing a game of chess. The Republicans wanted Kavanaugh because he will help to overturn Roe vs. Wade, because he is anti-LGBTQ and because he is not a fan of rights for African Americans nor racial equality. The Democrats are against Kavanaugh because of all I just mentioned and because they know Kavanaugh will protect Trump if it comes to an issue of impeachment or subpoena.

Trump wanted Kavanaugh for several reasons. First because Trump promised to overturn Roe Vs. Wade if he got two Supreme Court Justices confirmed to the court – thus keeping a campaign promise to his base.  Second Trump knows Kavanaugh can protect him in the Russian investigation because Kavanaugh believes a sitting president should be exempt from subpoena. Third because Trump knows if the Democrats take the majority in the House and Senate, they will launch a major impeachment effort against Him as President. If that happens, Trump will fight until it ends up where? In the Supreme court where Kavanaugh can and likely will help him.


She stated she believed Ford was a victim of sexual assault but then Collins ignored who Ford said the perpetrator was. Senator Collins tried to appease both sides of the issue as much as she could but her statements were contradictory arguments back and forth against her own position. How can you believe a woman’s testimony of what happened to her then ignore who she named as the culprit? How can you speak positive of Ford’s candor and sincerity then flip in the same speech to doubt and criticize her testimony? You cannot play both sides and have it both ways.


Dr. Ford should go to Maryland and file criminal charges against Brett Kavanaugh. She should continue to share her experience. Ford should sue Brett Kavanaugh for defamation. And she should solicit the support of every women’s rights group in this country. She should also meet with the other women who brought accusations, get an attorney to hire and end out investigators and collect all the evidence from those who the FBI could not and did not question. She should, along with attorneys, investigators and other victims, collect all corroborating evidence and publish it as well as supply it to the civil and criminal court in Maryland where she can file criminal charges and a civil case.

Dr. Ford was treated nicely and respectfully in the Judicial Committee hearings because they did not want to anger women voting in the mid-term elections by beating up on a female victim. But Ford was treating like a dog by many of the senators outside of the hearings. She was mocked by the president.


The Republican senators wanted Kavanaugh to be confirmed whether he did it or not. That is why so many made up their minds before Ford and Kavanaugh even testified about the accusations. If you have never seen Star Trek, you may not understand this. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. This is the principle used by those politicians who wanted Kavanaugh. The Republican senators looked at how much they have to gain with Kavanaugh on the bench and they are willing to sacrifice the sexual assault of one, two or 3 women to get it. Sad but true. What do they gain? Protection of the president, which in turn protects the Republican political agenda. Protection of gun rights (the NRA put millions behind Kavanaugh) and turning back the clock on civil rights, abortion rights and LGBTQ rights.


It is a huge risk for the Republicans to push Kavanaugh through because the feminists, women’s rights groups, victims of sexual assault  and the MeToo movement are very large and very powerful. They are also the largest group of voters in the mid-term election. If enough women are upset, a number of Republican senators will be going home and/or Trump can forget any hopes of re-election for sure.

In summary God does not like ugly and what is hidden in the dark will come to the light. We never really get away with anything and there are those who know the truth. They have to reap what they sow just as we all do. No avoiding that – ever. So just as all this came out, it may cost more seats in Congress than expected. Never underestimate the power of those courageous enough to step up, speak up and stand up to address the perpetrators.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


4 Responses to “How Kavanaugh Got Away With It.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    To Daioni,

    Everything in life is not always about partisanship politics. Its about American unity whenever, where ever and as often as possible, not division or divisive political games that use the citizens as pawns stuck in the middle of partisan agendas. If you do not see and understand that, you are clearly part of the problem and your efforts to make it about one side or the other is what is dividing America.

    Your tone is partisan, negative and unproductive. Your arguments are angry and not based in fact but rather bias which keeps you in denial of the facts. Your lack of understanding of Juris Prudence, standards of proof and rules of evidence only makes your comments that much more inaccurate. And while you have a right to your opinion, read and know the facts before you try to refute them.

    If you read more carefully instead of reading with a bias in attack mode, you will hear my qualifiers and how I preface what I say. You should not assume that anybody who looks at the facts without a partisan bias like yours must be a democrat. And a matter of fact, a great many conservatives and Republicans disagree with Trump and with Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Judge.

    I suggest further that you read my other article on getting rid of both political parties in order to really get things done. Neither life nor unity are all about partisanship. And your tone and attitude in your comments proves my points without you even realizing that you did.

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    To Daioni,

    The FBI obviously missed a lot obviously and if you think they are infallible, you are lost. Further the extent of their investigations was directed by a biased White House who wanted Kavanaugh confirmed. Wake up.
    Almost all of your points are wrong.
    I am not a democrat so your #10 is wrong too, just like the entire bogus argument you are trying to make. Don’t assume what you don’t know.
    Facts are not talking points. Unlike the parrot mindset you are displaying. in a court you would lose and badly.

    You are trying to sound like you have a solid argument but you just have an inaccurate, biased angry argument full of assumptions, repeated talking points like a parrot and misunderstandings about corroboration. Better luck next time.

    Try becoming a detective as I was or receiving legal analyst training, esp on the rules of evidence, as i did. Until then, your opinions are just bias and angry noise.

  3. Trevo Craw says:

    To Daioni,

    Your conclusions are inaccurate and they are thus not fact.

    First corroboration does not mean eye witness testimony.
    Corroboration is broader than that and there are 6 people who could corroborate but the FBI did not interview any of them. you misunderstand what corroboration is in the broader sense.

    As for one of the other accusers, she supplied 20 names of people who she said could corroborate the accusations and again the FBI did not speak to any of them. So we don’t know that there was no corroboration. You are wrong again. Stop listening to, believing and repeating inaccurate and incomplete partisan talking points.

    As for criticizing Ford, again you don’t know what you are talking about. I have done trauma counseling and any psychologist, trained counselor or therapist will tell you it is quite common not to remember certain details. Again stop with the talking points.

    I am not going to waste time answering every point you made because your entire rationale is inaccurate and the premises you base your points on are inaccurate as well.

    Try again and I suggest you read the article more carefully. As a former detective I know alot more about what I am saying and the facts than you do. Your bias is showing.

  4. Daioni says:

    1: If no one can confirm it, including ‘I don’t remember’ it is not corroborated.
    2: Ford didn’t tell anyone, and claimed only to do so to a therapist decades later.
    3: Ford gave no details of location, time, or date to corroborate.
    4: If you need a criminal trial to validate treating someone with basic respect of ‘I’m not going to treat you as guilty before I see actual evidence’, congratulations, your an asshole.
    5: All the witnesses gave their statements, how exactly would questioning them gain anything by hearing ‘I don’t remember a party’ again?
    6: Your beef with Trump has nothing to do with the accusation and shows your bias here.
    7: Kavanagh has 6 FBI background investigations on him that covered his high school years, if the FBI is so equipt to ‘detect lies’ they would have found it in the 6 other times he was questioned by them for his high profile jobs, and as Wesaw, the 7th once again found no corroborating evidence, so cut the bullcrap.
    8: “EVEN IF REPUBLICANS BELIEVE KAVANAUGH IS GUILTY – IT DIDN’T MATTER” The same can be said for democrats, as Cory Booker actually admitted the just wanted him out as a nominee. But let me guess, it’s fine if it’s the democrats, right?
    9: “feminists, women’s rights groups, victims of sexual assault ” I could have a whole list for this, it’s accusers of sexual assault because you haven’t proven Ford was a victim, you haven’t proven Kavanaugh did anything, you dismiss holes in Forms memory and allegations and don’t even consider external factors such as trauma, misremembering, or false memory syndrome. You conflate wanting due process with hating women.

    10: I don’t believe you. Your talking point use all the same arguments that democrat use and make the same mistakes, jumping from ‘well this isn’t a trial’ to condone being the worst kind of person you can be, to implying that anyone who doesn’t believe Ford on accusation alone is somehow a woman hater.

    This is why decent people are pissed, you don’t care about Ford, you just care about democrats getting rid of Kavanagh because politics, and you think everyone is stupid enough to fall for ‘I’m not a democrat leftist, but here’s all their points and why you should believe them’. You are not smart, you do what all self important leftists do and slap people in the face over and over, then are surprised when people get sick of it and slap you back.

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