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5 Reasons for Weight Gain: 3rd One Will Be a Shock for You and Me.

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( Many people still believe that their eating habits are one of the biggest reasons for weight gain. Too much food is not always responsible for weight gain, there are some surprising reasons for sudden weight gain, and you probably don’t know about them.

Read on to know about the reasons for weight gain, and how you can avoid them without making any big changes to your lifestyle.

1. Birth control pills

Some people call it a myth, while others advocate the lack of substantial amount of evidence, but the truth is depending on your prescription, birth control pills are one of the major causes of weight gain in women. Some studies claim that they didn’t find evidence about birth control pills causing weight gain.

A study published by American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2009 suggested that they observed weight gain in women who were taking birth control pills. If you’re concerned about your increasing weight, consult with a doctor and check if you can find an alternative solution.

2. Getting older

You cannot control your age. If you could, what else would you need from life? Many of us believe that with age our metabolism gets weaker and as a result, we gain weight. The real problem is not our metabolism, it is lack of activity that makes people gain weight. It sounds depressing, but it is true that with age, our activeness goes down.

Remember that the calories you gain from a variety of foods are not equal. Your body can easily burn calories with protein-rich food but for carbohydrates, your body needs more time, and as a result, your body produces fat.

So, take protein-rich food and try to avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates.

3. Diet drugs

Even if you have never tried weight-loss drugs, you may have seen many people who failed to lose weight through medicines. There are many FDA-approved weight-loss drugs available over the counter and by prescription. These drugs suppress appetite, but some of the drugs available today are doing just opposite. They cause people to gain weight.

It’s funny that many people who take weight-loss drugs are actually gaining weight. The reason behind this problem is many drugs that claim to help you lose weight don’t work at all. Such medicines, in fact, do more harm than good.

4. Medication

Some people take medicines for several health issues, and many of them take medicines regularly. Some of the medicines for depression, diabetes, migraine and heart-related problems make your body gain weight. Some of the medicines may help you lose weight but have big side effects.

Remember, even if you feel that your prescribed medicines are causing you to gain weight, do not stop taking them unless you consult your doctor.

5. No exercise

Many health-related journals are published every year and the electronic media only focuses on a small part of it. We are still far away from a conclusion on if drinking tea is good or bad, and whether coffee is good for your health or not. In the same way, many of us start feeling like their regular walks are enough to keep them healthy and they consider it as exercise.

Walking, running and yoga are good habits, but do you really specify a time for any of these activities? Most of the people around the world don’t have a schedule for exercise. They simply consider all the activities as exercise, but the truth is, lack of exercise is the biggest reason why people gain weight.

There’s no need to stop eating certain things because one or the other day, lack of nutrients will damage your health. So it’s better not to change your lifestyle, just become more active. Start exercising and stay fit. This is the best way to maintain good health and reduce the risk of diseases.

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