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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Lesson of Brett Kavanaugh: Inform the American People.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Brett Kavanaugh is now a justice on the Supreme Court; a tremendous victory for President Trump and America. Praise God! Last week, fake news media and democrats flooded the airwaves with their narrative that Trump cruelly “mocked” Dr Ford. Upon listening to what Trump actually said, I thought, “For crying out loud. All Trump did was expose the unreported facts of the case. And this is called mocking?”

The truth of the matter is fake news media and democrats’ greatest weapon is their ability to dominate the airwaves with deceptions and lies which produce misinformed voters and Republican politicians fearful of telling the truth.

I knew Trump humorously explaining the absurdity of Dr Ford’s claim was a home-run. He informed the public of the facts and secondly, it outraged the left which told me Trump’s explanation was effective.

Leftists have laid down the rules of political battle which most Republicans and GOP advisers sheepishly obey. Leftists’ rule says they are allowed to use any gutter immoral tactic they can conceive to defeat conservatives and Republicans. Meanwhile, any attempt by conservatives/Republicans to defend themselves is branded racist, sexist, homophobic and an expression of white privilege by fake news media and Democrats.

Against the advice of many, Trump broke leftists’ rule by simply sharing the facts of the case with the American people. Brilliant!

Remember, anti-Christian and anti-American leftist zealots are all about about keeping the masses ignorant and deceived. Leftists’ heads exploded because Trump dared to tell the people the truth.

I wept during Kavanaugh’s heartfelt and painful opening statement at his hearing. What the left was attempting to do to this good and decent man was an anathema to my sense of righteousness, decency and justice. I knew many Americans shared my feelings which is why I knew Kavanaugh’s speech was a home-run.

In essence, Kavanaugh simply informed the public of the facts; the truth. This shattered leftists’ demonic scheme to destroy Kavanaugh based solely on Dr Ford’s emotional testimony which was void of evidence. The entire American left immediately launched a campaign to mock and discredit Kavanaugh’s powerful rebuttal to Dr Ford. This told me leftists knew Kavanaugh passionately defending himself resonated with the American people.

Like I said, leftists hate it when Republicans simply tell the public the truth. Leftists’ (Democrats, fake news media and Hollywood) entire game plan is rooted in lies, deception and misinforming the public – making emotions overrule facts and evidence.

To give you an insight into the leftist propaganda machine we are up against, over 600 lawyers and law professors wrote about how Kavanaugh’s opening statement should disqualify him from the Supreme Court. Six hundred legal experts ignored Kavanaugh’s peerless outstanding career. Ponder that folks. Depraved activists on the left attempted to brand this honorable husband and father of two daughters a serial rapist. These same evil activists are saying Kavanaugh should not have expressed his anger or hurt over their over-the-top outlandish attempt to smear him.

Late cosmetic queen Mary Kay Ash said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.” In other words, as our nation’s leader, Trump’s strong leadership is trickling down. More Republicans are finally boldly informing the public of crucial facts; Sen Chuck Grassley, Sen Mitch McConnell and Sen Lindsey Graham to name a few. I believe this is a new trend for Conservatives/Republicans.

Many in the all black congregation of the Baltimore church attended by my brother parroted leftists’ lie that Kavanaugh lied about his drinking and assaulted Dr Ford. My brother said he simply informed them of the facts; Dr Ford’s lack of evidence and Kavanuagh proving her accusation untrue. My brother asked his church members to imagine such unsubstantiated allegations launched against their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons. My brother said suddenly, the group of Kavanaugh haters became silent. This proves my case that the left uses emotion, lies and deception to fool the masses. This is why it is vital that our side become more outspoken about telling the truth about issues.

I am elated and extremely grateful that both President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh had the courage to hang in there. Given the GOP’s history of surrendering to negative media, dirty tricks and screaming activists, Democrats and fake news media expected Trump to withdraw his nomination of Kavanaugh or for Kavanaugh to cower away in disgrace and fear. Thank God both men stood strong.

Relentless in their attempts to deceive the public, in response to Kavanaugh’s confirmation, fake news media is saying millions of women are outraged and the GOP will pay a huge price at the polls in November. The truth is the polar opposite. Americans are thrilled over Kavanaugh becoming the fifth conservative on the Supreme Court.

The major task at hand is to get everyone to the polls who wants Trump’s unique mission of putting America first to continue.

My wife Mary and I just returned home to West Virginia from campaigning with the Conservative Campaign Committee in Texas for Ted Cruz. For several months, I’ve been building a screened in room. It relaxes me. This week, we are flying back out to campaign for various Republican/Conservative candidates around the country. https://bit.ly/2PkFitk This is serious business folks. We must keep the GOP in control of the house and senate for Trump to continue making America great again.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

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Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.


2 Responses to “Lesson of Brett Kavanaugh: Inform the American People.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    Evidence Against Judge Brett Kavanaugh Partisanship Bias and Hidden Agendas Aside
    If you say there is no evidence against Brett Kavanaugh, one of the following exists: Either you are not asking the right questions such as “evidence of what”. Or you have formed your opinion regardless of the evidence because you want Kavanaugh whether he did it or not. Or you have seen and heard the evidence and you have chosen to ignore it. Any and all of these have tainted your ability to evaluate Judge Kavanaugh based on the facts, not partisanship and Trump brainwashing. Especially when Trump just said at a rally that he does not even know Kavanaugh and just met him a few weeks ago..
    Partisan Games On Both Sides
    How late the committee got the accusations is irrelevant because both parties have played that game. The Republicans gave the Democrats thousands of documents on Kavanaugh to review only a few days before the initial hearings began. Clearly not giving the Democrats enough time to review the documents. Then the republicans flipped the narrative and complained about receiving short notice themselves.
    How long Ford and the other victims waited is not relevant either. Why not? Because statistically the long wait is common. And the fact that she did not remember geographic details does not mean it did not happen nor that it did. So that is a mute point. She did remember what happen and who did it. Any other approach towards this is partisan character assassination pure and simple.
    To the issue of “evidence to prove what”, we need to realize there are 3 different questions.
    First, did Kavanaugh sexually assault any of the 3 victims?
    The 4 people named by Ford did not say it did not happen. They said they neither remembered nor recalled it happening. That is not the same thing and their words were chosen carefully. Regarding the third alleged victim of Kavanaugh, she was interviewed briefly by the FBI but they refused to interview 20 witnesses she said who would be able to corroborate her accusation. To be fair to all parties, the FBI should have been allowed to do what they do and follow leads as they found them. Trump initially said that would happen but then changed it.
    Second, did Kavanaugh lie to the senate under oath (perjury)?
    It can be proven that Kavanaugh lied while under oath about his previous character and behavior. It can also be proven that Kavanaugh lied about others thing unrelated to Ford. That is a crime, shows his character and should not be ignored. He also initially misrepresented his image as a youth as a boy scout of sorts. That was also not true at all. Don’t fall for the misdirection. It is not about beer. it is about lying under oath, the very thing that got Bill Clinton impeached. Any well trained psychologist or profiler can tell you that Kavanaugh is lying.
    Third, is there evidence to show Kavanaugh’s behavior was aggressive and his blackouts did happen?
    That is called a “propensity” toward such behavior. And yes, from the women who made the allegations to people who drank with Kavanaugh to his roommates in college to his own yearbook and letters he wrote, to the bar fight while drunk, there is proof about the drunk behavior and character of Brett Kavanaugh while in high school and college. His roommate and one female college drinking buddy have both stated in interviews that Kavanaugh drank to the point of having blackouts, even though Kavanaugh said that was not true in the Senate hearing.
    The Background Investigations
    Regarding the final investigation, it was controlled by the Senate Judiciary committee which is not the norm. It can be slanted whenever any partisan white house controls the cope in the first place. And it was not comprehensive when all potential witnesses who could deny or corroborate Ford or Kavanaugh’s testimony were NOT interviewed. And the big question I how did the FBI miss all this in what everybody wants to call such an intensive background investigation? Or were they given a scope by the white house that caused the FBI to overlook this initially or look the other way?
    Partisan politics aside, both sides, be fair and look at all of the facts. This is a job interview and nobody shrouded in such controversy, lies, accusations and deception would get a key job in law enforcement or corporate America. The Supreme Court lifetime appointment is even more critical and the bar should be higher. There are hidden agendas on both sides.

    Those of you who say “there is no corroborating evidence” are just repeating the inaccurate talking points used by Senators who want Kavanaugh in whether he did it or not.

    Many of you do not understand the rules of evidence. If you tell someone during the time something happened to you, that is considered corroborating evidence. It is not the same as eye witness evidence, but it is considered EVIDENCE. Contemporaneous eyewitness corroboration is something different.

    Christine Ford told 6 people what happened to her a long time ago. The FBI did not interview any of them. These are all FACTS.

    Regarding the 3rd person who accused Kavanaugh, she stated there were 20 corroborating witnesses. The FBI did not interview any of them. Yet they briefly interviewed her. So why not verify (or disprove) her statements


  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. said ” we have guided missiles and misguided men.” The author of this article is one of those misguided men who lives in West Virginia,one of the poorest states in the union,lauding the supposed accomplishments of the rich man President Donald Trump who hasn’t done one single thing to improve the economic lot for the whole of the people of West Virginia. West Virginia still has sick, snaggletoothed,tobacco chewing, and scurvy citizens that are too poor to go to the doctor with lungs permanently damaged by coal dust. West Virginians still dream of a better day but were closer to it when they had former President Barack Obama. Trump’s conversations about prosperity and justice are for the super rich and the rich among you not the majority of citizens of West Virginia.

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