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Monday, October 21, 2019

Have Faith and Believe.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Like SARAI (Sarah), the FAITH of many women is being tested today!  [At the same time, like Abraham, the FAITH and ACTIONS of every man is being tested!]

Will you continue to refuse to see what needs to be seen?  Will you continue to put your FAITH and TRUST in the hands of people or GOD?  Will you keep turning your back on the GOD who created both men and women to give us an equal place (or footing) in this world?  REGARDLESS of the ruling in man’s heart as well as a court of law which has proven time and time again to lack justice and integrity, will you continue to BELIEVE that you don’t matter?

Will you continue to deny the FATHER (ABBA) who sits up high and looks down low in seeing ALL that has taken place (future and present)?  The one who will JUDGE us ALL in due time for the condition of our hearts.  No justification outside of RIGHTEOUSNESS will have a bearing on HIS RULING.  No association of false allegiance will have any influence!

No matter what, I am standing on the WORD OF THE LORD!  I have value!  I am worthy!  I have a voice!  I am the apple of my FATHER’s eye!  I am somebody!  HE who is within me is far greater than he who is in the world!  I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me!  ALL things come together for the GOOD of those who LOVE God (are loved by God) and are CALLED according to HIS PURPOSE!  I am CALLED and I have been CHOSEN!

I am moving forward in accordance to GOD’s PLANS for my life!  What about you?

Staff Writer; Dr. Ann Gwen Mack 

One may also visit this sister online over at; AnnGwenMack.com.

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