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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Here’s How You Can Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally.

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( Testosterone is important for both men and women and there are plenty of ways to boost testosterone levels naturally. Our body needs testosterone for the brain, muscles, heart, and many other functions. Testosterone, as an anabolic steroid, stimulates growth in muscles and that’s why it’s popular among bodybuilders.

The pharma industry is making tons of cash by pushing the concept of low testosterone. Some ads even push this concept for almost all the problems related to men’s physical and mental health. In simple terms, it is one more way the pharma industry causes panic among males when it is not spreading erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation threats.

Testosterone level completely depends on a person’s age, the number of hormone receptors in their body, their health condition, and several other factors. There are many ways to increase testosterone levels naturally.

Every man is different

You will find hundreds of charts online, and also in research papers, showing different average T levels for a certain age. Most of them are completely useless because they collect samples of people who are 20-year old and those who are 80-year old. Can you imagine how accurate those reading will be? If you don’t trust, just check the internet or call your friends who are in the medical profession and ask them to tell you what’s the normal and optimal average testosterone level is for men.

Every man is different so what is considered “normal” T level for them will also be different. For some men, a testosterone level of 400 ng/dl is sufficient to make them enjoy its benefits, while for others, a testosterone level around 800 ng/dl T will be considered optimal. If your T levels are below average or you want to increase them, following are the ways you can boost your testosterone levels naturally.

Have more sex

Masturbation and porn certainly do more harm than good but having sex with a person increases your testosterone level. Sex is, in fact, the best and most enjoyable way to boost your testosterone levels naturally. Testosterone works as a fuel for sex drive and when you have sex with a real person, your hormones act in a different way. So, if you think that masturbation can also do the same, you’re wrong. There is plenty of research to back this claim, so don’t masturbate but have real sex with a real person.


Exercise not only keeps you healthy, but it can also boost testosterone levels naturally without artificial supplements. Lifting weights can be a lot more helpful if you do it right. Research suggests certain exercises to achieve higher testosterone levels. Squats, deadlift, shoulder press, and bench press can be very helpful. Exercises that involve both leg and arm workout are considered the best.


Eat food that’s rich in fat and protein. If possible, reduce your high-fiber consumption because excessive fiber consumption reduces testosterone. Cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are also helpful in reducing estrogen and as a result, your testosterone level goes up.

Many television commercials have created a fear about cholesterol and high saturated fats. Your body needs all the nutrients in balance. Just because someone says something, don’t completely remove a natural supplement from your diet. Walnuts, avocados, olives, and green vegetables are a great source of T boosting agents.

Live stress-free

Your brain is wired in an extremely complex way, and it knows everything you feel. You can fool people with a smile or your expressions, but you can’t fool your brain. It knows the difference between peace and stress.

Your brain is a powerful organ that releases hormone for different purposes. Try to manage your stress in any way you’re comfortable in. If you can’t sit and meditate, go for a walk or try deep breathing exercises. Clear your mind and feel your existence and your inner power.

Stay away from excess estrogen

Xenoestrogens can become a part of your daily life in many ways. They can be found in personal care products, food, medicines, and even the tools you use. As much as possible, eat organic, avoid plastic, cook in the right utensils (ceramic or cast iron), choose the right detergent and washing products, and if possible, try to limit processed food.

So that’s how you can boost testosterone levels naturally. As soon as you build this habit, make sure that your next generation also gets inspired by your healthy lifestyle and adopts the same or at least tries to do so. Living a healthy balanced life is about more than just getting high numbers on testosterone level charts.

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