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Minister Farrakhan.

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( “Powerful people never have to prove anything to anyone. And by extension, powerful people never apologize to powerless people for the actions they take in order to remain in power. Powerful people never teach powerless people how to take their power away from them.” ~ John Henrik Clarke

American Jewish leaders expressed outrage over the place of honor given to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin’s funeral on Friday, September 1, 2018. Farrakhan was seated in the front row alongside other dignitaries, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and former president Bill Clinton. Jewish leaders who paint Farrakhan as an unapologetic anti-Semite were appalled. Question is, who do they think they are to question his presence at a Black function? This is tantamount to a parent chiding and chastising grown children. Such perverse and supercilious attitude is not to be taking lightly, ipso facto, we must scrutinize what’s really behind the accusations that Farrakhan is an anti-Semite?  

The words hate speech have been historically used to malign, denigrate, castigate, anyone who speaks on any issue that white folks or Jews don’t want to be held accountable for.

Accordingly, the perverse purpose behind the Jewish community’s painting of Farrakhan as an anti-Semitic need to be exposed. Let’s first establish what a Semitic is. Not all Jews are Semitic, in fact the majority who claim to be Jewish are not Semitic…they are European Jews…whose culture and heritage is that of the Khazar Empire and are now referred to as Zionist who in truth are impersonating Jews. It is the Zionist (European Jews) who control Israel. It is the Zionist who labels Farrakhan as anti-Semitic. Jewish people who have supported the black community against exploitation and oppression were and are Semitic Jews, and don’t necessarily refer to Farrakhan as anti-Semitic.

Black people of any prominence who openly show support for Farrakhan have been publicly scorned and ostracized. This was the fate of Jesse Jackson back in 1984 when he decided to run for POTUS, and asked Farrakhan to support his candidacy. During the course of the campaign Farrakhan inadvertently referred to Hitler as a great man. This supposedly infuriated some people in the Jewish community and they reacted by labeling Farrakhan as Black Hitler and anti-Semitic.

The US Senate voted 95-0 to denounce Farrakhan for allegedly calling Judaism a gutter religion and that Jews should be exterminated. To this day Farrakhan denies ever saying it and there is NO public record of him ever doing so; consequently, Jesse Jackson was pressured into denouncing Farrakhan. In 2014 Arsenio Hall courageously had Farrakhan on his TV show, shortly thereafter his show was cancelled.  There are numerous incidents where African-Americans have been forced to refute Farrakhan.

If Jews and white people in general feel that the black community and our politicians are obligated to condemn the words of a black person that they find to be offensive, then they must be asked why do they NOT feel obligated to condemn the works and deeds of racist behavior against black people? The Republican party were very dishonorable, disrespectful and…racist…towards President Obama, yet their actions were acceptable and never condemned.

President Trumps actions have never been condemned in his show of disrespect towards African-Americans. Reagan flooding the black community with drugs was never condemned. The list goes on and on. This constitutes a double standard! When a black leader says something that’s interpreted to be hateful other black leaders are expected to rush in condemn and crucify him/her.

Black people should NEVER publicly castigate or condemn any black leader who stands up against oppression and exploitation. It needs to be made clear that no black person possesses the power nor resources at their fingertips to systemically practice bias discrimination, racism or inequity against another group. 

We have never dehumanized a people, we have never created weapons of mass destruction nor have ever dropped a weapon of mass destruction on a defenseless people, we have never created diseases to get rid of an entire population. When confronting black people, the oppressor can’t accuse black people of hateful actions because we’ve never engaged in destructive behavior against another group. Therefore, they try to level the playing field by making hateful actions insignificant and something they brand as hate speech an egregious act when used by the oppressed.

The Jewish population is approximately 1.4% of the US population and number less than 6 million. Yet they control the movie & music industries, main stream news media (television, radio, newspapers, periodicals, technical journals, etc.) and publication of all public-school materials. Therefore, in an enviable position to be task masters and mold public opinion to suit their own purposes.

During the 1970s Harold Rosenthal, an Administrative Assistant to then Senator Jacob Javits took part in a candid tell all paid interview where he exposed the Zionist intentions to rule the world and how they would go about doing it. This interview cost him his life. The following represent sample size quotes from the interview:

“We have always been ready to sacrifice a few thousand Jews in exchange for world leadership. (This was the plan of the Jews who instigated WW II. Some Jews were sacrificed so that the “persecution” propaganda could continue.) It is a small price and there is nothing wrong with that. I was taught that we Jews must become lawyers, so we could control and strangle the courts, and even the judges, unless they were Jews. We should become doctors and teachers and leaders in all the churches…and this goal has almost been fully accomplished.”

  1. “I recall your saying that the Blacks serve a purpose.”
  2. “Yes, we will use them to a great advantage. (It was primarily by Jewish merchant ships and Jewish-run slave auctions that the blacks got to America.)”
  3. “And try to destroy them after you have used them I presume?”

    A. “If necessary. Yes! You and I know they’re inferior people, a dumb race, but can be useful with the use of money. I mean real big money. Niggers will do anything for money.”

Interesting that this man sold out the Jewish community for blood money, and ironically points an accusing finger at some black folks willingness to sell out for money.

The mindset of the Zionist is that African-Americans are more effective as tools when they sincerely believe a lie. They have incinerated Farrakhan’s verities by painting them as hate and anti-Semitism. These are the same people who didn’t rest until they felt they had found the last of the German participants of their 12-year Holocaust and bring them in to their brand of justice. Adolf Eichmann was the last to stand trial. For the record the Black Holocaust lasted 300 years a Holocaust no one…including black people…want to acknowledge.  Assuredly, the message to Black African-Americans is…don’t imitate our behavior but obey our instructions.

The question needs to be asked how do Jewish and white people feel so embolden to undertake a paternalistic attitude towards black people and get away with it?

The old adage “United we stand, divided we fall” is apropos. Succinctly, black people are a divided and conquered group whereas, the oppressor has fractionalized us into manageable pieces taking control of us piece by piece. As opposed to unification the mindset of the black community is essentially…individualism…consequently we are a misdirected, scattered and leaderless people. This is no accident but by design which dooms us…as a group…to failure and eternal subjugation.

The only saving grace is waking up TAKING back control of our own minds, fate and destiny, and stop putting our salvation into the hands of white dominant political parties.  It’s tragic to hear black people argue with one another over which political party is best for us, Democrats or Republicans, when neither party see African-Americans as their equal. Unless we as black people become self-empowered, economically independent…change will be forever elusive.

Continuously pleading with White America for freedom, justice and equality is refusal to accept the reality that when someone takes your freedom, they DON’T voluntarily give it back…you must…TAKE it back. It’s an enervated and fragile mind that pleads and sympathizes with its oppressor.

Strong liberated minds do not tolerate nor submit to tyranny, oppression, injustice, slavery, iniquity, he/she will not acquiesce…by going along…just to get along.

This is why Minister Farrakhan is feared…he doesn’t beg…and can’t be controlled or manipulated. To affect change white folks HAVE to be agitated. All change meets resistance! Where there’s no resistance, obstacles or hurdles know that you are traveling down the wrong path and need to reverse course immediately. However, we need to first change our attitude, understanding that as individuals…we are one drop…but together we are an ocean.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc., author of Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word, and the recently released book Undressing the N-word: Revealing the Naked Truth, Lies, Deceit and Mind Games

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3 Responses to “Minister Farrakhan.”
  1. NOI exposed says:

    Thank you for this work brother, if you see my other comment I have let it be known the NOI has been consumed by Scientology.

    You stereotype the Jews off of a few bad apples while ignoring the conservative ones for family values and even wanting justice for crimes in Palestine.

    You are obviously protecting the Nation of Islam.

    Thank you Musa Ali, although I don’t agree with Islam, I’m glad you are exposing a dangerous fake cult.

  2. Musa Ali says:

    I REALLY, REALLY don’t understand why you support this cult leader.

    1) This historically young upstart had the nerve to go against the great Malcom X and greatly assist in ratcheting up the NOI vs Malcom X drama that got him killed. See the quote below

    Malcolm X: ‘I found that n****r [Louis X] in a garbage-can.’ –Malcolm X to Alex Haley, 1964.

    2) He was part of a cult/group that defended their leader who was known as a pedophile who had sex with young girls. (Elijah Muhameed)

    3) The cult worshiped “Father Fard”, an EXTREMELY light-skinned black man they claim as “God” in the flesh. The Nation of Islam-like cults often have multiple mortal men serving as Gods as well. Worshiping mere men, with Fard a light-skinned man as the ultimate “God”.

    4) While the Chicago literally burns, the cult is busy integrating within Scientology, a cult started by a racist WHITE MAN who also suffered from mental illness. See Youtube and the NOI website for evidence. He partly transitioned to Scientology “auditing” a decade ago

    5) Farrakhan’s organization and the KKK had an agreement in “race protection” and separation alliance in the 1980’s.

    6) Farrakhan’s organization has been seen snuggling up to Beyonce, a woman who reveals herself in near nakedness and other celebrities. (His staff guarding such/other performances like this) He has also been spotted with confused negro “Kanye West” and his porn star WHITE girlfriend “Kim Kardashian”. Major contradiction

    7) His organization has advocated for racist White Supremacist Donald Trump and thinks he is “sent from God”

    8) Farrkhan has advocated rising up and shooting policeman and overthrowing the U.S government on several occasions. Very typical in government agent-provocateur behavior.

    9) You learn a lot about a teacher through his students. His mis-lead followers are quite the psychopathic trio. “Dwight York”, a child rapist that ran the Nuwabian Nation, “Yaweh Ben Yaweh” a hitman for an Hebrew Isrealite offshoot and “Royall Jenkins” who work-trafficked enslaved kids and physically abused them in the separate cult of the micro United Nation of Islam (UNOI).

    10) Disintegration, not just the advent of Sunni Traditional Islam but even members of the N.O.I have broken up into different NOI-like sects. Nobody trusts a dictator with a VERY shady suspect path.

    Why are we advocating for a cult/cult-leader that ran out of relevance years ago solely on his war against the Jews?

    Are the Jews really the issue here? Or the people that look for any excuse to go astray? Christianity has FAR more worries then some Jews in a Boardroom cliche or some bumbling cult leader.

  3. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    This is an excellent work. Virtutem ! Virtutem ! Virtutem !

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