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Apple MacBook Pro 2018: 5 Major Improvements Coming To Touch Bar Models.

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( The new MacBook Pro 2018 announcement came almost a month after Apple’s WWDC event. While everyone was expecting the company to unveil new hardware during the June event, Apple chose to surprise Mac users with an announcement in July. Here are the 5 major improvements and features MacBook Pro 2018 models offer. Apple has updated both the 13-inch and 15-inch Touch Bar models this year.

8th-Generation Intel Processors

Apple will ship the new MacBook Pro models with 8th-generation Intel processors. The 15-inch MacBook Pro supports up to 6 cores and performs 70 percent faster than the previous generation laptops. The 13-inch MacBook Pro can be configured with a quad-core processor for up to two times faster performance.

The processor architecture is not very different from the previous generation, but with the new processors, Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops have got more cores, higher Turbo Boost frequencies, and support for up to 32GB of RAM, which means a significant performance boost. When tested, the MacBook Pro 2018 models showed the real power of their processors.

True Tone Display

Apple and other tech companies have coined many terms in the smartphone and PC industry. From Retina display to Super AMOLED and True Tone display, everything helps these companies stand out, but these are not just buzzwords. Apple uses True Tone display on the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPad Pro.

Now the MacBook Pro 2018 models also feature True Tone display technology. Apple MacBook Pro user will be able to see a balanced display on their MacBook Pro regardless of the ambient light. The sensors in the laptop’s display will adjust the brightness and display level according to the light around the laptop.

In simple terms, True Tone display is a technology to keep the screen color white in any light. So if you’re a graphic designer or if you’re editing photos just for fun, should you keep True Tone enabled? Well, you should not because it may change the original color when you see it on this display. If you’re reading something or just sitting outdoors and working on something, you can keep it on.

Apple T2 Chip

Apple, in its official blog, said that the company is putting the T2 chip in the MacBook Pro 2018 models for enhanced security. The Apple T2 chip controls many things on the new MacBook Pro laptops. It validates the laptop’s boot process, checks things and verifies hardware signatures.

The T2 chip helps users by keeping their SSDs safe when removed from the laptop. It makes the storage unreadable in such conditions. For example, if someone, in your absence, pulls out the storage disks and tries to read them, he will not be able to do so. The most important feature the Apple T2 chip adds to the new MacBook Pro is “Hey Siri.” Now you don’t have to specifically press the button on the Touch Bar or use the start menu to activate Siri. With the T2 chip on board, you can activate the voice assistant through a voice command.

RAM Upgrade

The new MacBook Pro 2018 models support up to 32GB of RAM. For running multiple applications, this much RAM is more than enough on a laptop. From games to pro software, this much RAM can give a significant boost to your device’s performance. With the virtual reality (VR) technology, people these days are looking for laptops with higher memory capacity. It’s safe to assume that this trend will have a major overall impact on the PC industry and it will certainly help developers and those who use their machines for high-end graphics designing, video editing, and programming-based tasks.

Third-generation keyboard

One of the most important features of the MacBook Pro 2018 models is a quieter keyboard. Apple has replaced the old keyboard and trackpad with the new one. The new keyboard is based on the butterfly mechanism. Apple says that the new keyboard on MacBook Pro offers more key stability than the previous generations’ scissor mechanism-based keyboard design. The trackpad has become more spacious and the typing experience is now quieter than before.

Apple plans to bring macOS Mojave during the company’s fall event in 2018. The successor to macOS High Sierra, Mojave will bring some new apps and a Dark mode for a more user-friendly work experience.

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