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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Stop Denying The Holy Spirit.

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( During the week, my time is normally very hectic – from the time I get up until the time I sit at the end of my day.  I literally work before and after work; so, some weekends, all I do is sleep like a new born baby trying to rejuvenate unless God sends me out.  In between, I have conversations with God.  I may even pray or cry myself to sleep in worship with my Bible or a book in my hand.  There are times, in between, HE gives me things to write or what to meditate on.  Following through, I send out messages, check my Facebook page and wake up 2, 3 or 4 hours later still holding my cellphone or laying on top of it.

About 6 am this morning, I woke up to something or someone banging as if they were furiously using an hammer.  I jumped up, looked around, every light was on and the TV was loud.  I called upstairs to my father to see if it was him who I was hearing with the hammer.  No!  And my next door neighbor was away for the weekend so unless her home was being invaded upon, it wasn’t her.  All of a sudden, there was peace and quiet with the exception of the sump pump to the sound of the rain outside, but it didn’t sound like an hammer.  Then I focused on the TV as I heard the voice of George Bloomer confirming a frustration that’s plagued me for awhile.  Because my DVR is set to record the George Bloomer’s Spiritual Authority series every Sunday and I had fallen asleep with the TV still on, I knew God wanted me to listen; so, I did intently!

Like George Bloomer, my heart aches about the lack of knowledge and interest that many have about who God is to include their unwillingness to believe that God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (Spirit) are one.  Even those who call themselves Christians deny the Holy Spirit like Judas did Jesus!  I get so frustrated trying to explain the SUPERNATURAL like a broken record; especially, to those who should know or understand how God communicates with me and others.

Interceding, I pray often that the eyes of people would be open and they would experience the day of PENTECOST to know and believe in their hearts as I do!  I pray they are not Christians in name only but believers with a TESTIMONY speaking in tongues, prophesying and moving step by step to the instructions of the Holy Spirit without shame or fear.  I pray we stop attempting to hurt and deceive one another and start to embrace one another in LOVE as sisters and brothers created by the same FATHER.

When God sends us out, we must get in TROOP formation like the TRIBES OF ISRAEL and stay in position to fulfill our assignments TRUSTING AND LEANING ON THE LORD without hesitation!  My challenge to reach others and spread the Gospel has not been as difficult as it has been to get people to believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit.  We make the wrong compromises and sacrifices for career and false promises which are never kept by people who lack the love of God in their hearts.  We tie ourselves to sin while thinking there are no consequences.  We attack one another while competing for recognition, power and control with relentless passion. We stray away from the Lord while growing closer to the darkness and alienate ourselves from our one true comforter who was sent by God.  And through it all, God still loves us unconditionally.  Where is our passion and compassion for God?


Genesis 11:7

Joshua 1:8

Ephesians 4:18, 6:12

Jeremiah 17:5

1 John 5:7

1 Corinthians 14:33

Acts 2:1-4

Staff Writer; Dr. Ann Gwen Mack 


2 Responses to “Stop Denying The Holy Spirit.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Many contemporary intellectuals among us are not yet convinced that there exists a christian metaphysical thing called the ” Holy Spirit. ” Unlike you, they haven’t performed the ” leap of faith ” therefore we differ in explaining what is being observed with our five senses. I do not see any wrongness in the spirituality you have observed and written about in this article because this is your testimony, but I also recognized that it is now, as it was when Christ’s disciples went out to convert the known world. There are those who believe, and there are those who do not, but I am leaning more in your favor when I observe the un-usualness of what we consider usual. There is a controlling force ( perhaps your Holy Spirit ), that compels us towards life. To test this suggested metaphysical life force that flows through all living creatures on earth all one has to do is hold his breath and see how long it will take before he is compelled to breathe again. The fact that we must breathe to live is a masterful form of homo sapien control indicating the existence of a pre-determined, controlled universe. That controlling force, which permeates all living things, just may be a form of the Holy Spirit.”

  2. Chronicles says:

    The problem is every religion keeps saying stop denying…

    Please this site has Muslims, Israelites, Hindus, and Atheists



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