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Presidential Sleight Of Hand.

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( Ask any good magician and he will tell you that Donald Trump uses a deceptive technique of misdirection. Hs is playing the con man shell game and it is working on millions of people. Trump’s  biggest supporters can be seen daily telling you in code to ignore Donald Trump’s immorality, his insecurity, his immaturity, his many connections to the Russians through key people around him, his dishonesty of over 4,000 lies and his infidelity and instead focus on what he is doing for the country.

But when those of us who know the facts about what Trump is doing to America share them with Trump supporters, they call every bit of it fake news. They simply parrot what Trump says instead of thinking for themselves. And even though he lies all the time (verifiably), supporters believe whatever he says and try to defend it. Notice Trump thinks the National Enquirer is real news. And notice that he only calls the news fake when it does not flatter him. Wake up people! This is a con game by a con artist who should be a convict.

Stop and think for a second. Many republicans are against Donald Trump. He did not win the popular vote of the people. Trump won because we have 2 systems of voting running at the same time, thus he won the electoral college. But the majority of the country did not and does not support Donald Trump. It never did and the way the electoral college works, you can lose the majority vote of the American people and yet you still win. That is what happened with Trump so he won. But Obama won both the popular vote and the electoral college vote and he was elected not once but TWICE.

From Trump’s daughter to Kellyanne Conway to almost everybody else close to the president, none of them claim the press is the enemy of the people. Yet Trump says it and weak minded, deceived supporters drink glass after glass of the Kool Aid. No matter how many lies Trump tells, his supporters still believe he cares about them. All the while he is cancelling government raises, launching tariffs that are costing American jobs, taking credit for an economy that began rebuilding under Obama, embarrassing  America around the world, bumping heads with our allies and praising our enemies.

Watch the sleight of hand closely. When the economy benefits from the actions of the Obama administration, Trump takes the credit. But when something goes wrong on Trump’s watch, he blames Obama, the democrats and Hillary, none of whom are currently president.

Anything negative about Trump is what he calls lies and even when these are facts, his supporters follow their leader as if Trump is their god. Ironically people inside the Trump administration and even his wife see the real Donald Trump for who he is, not for who he says he is.  Trump says he hires the “best and the brightest” people but when those “best and brightest” tell the truth about him, suddenly they are bad people. Guess who hired them? Donald Trump. So either he is a bad judge of character, a liar or both. Of course the latter and that is a fact.

DONALD TRUMP DETERMINES TRUTH AND FACTS BASED ON IF THEY ARE FAVORABLE TO HIM                    But that is not how truth and facts are determined by adults of sound mind.

Another shell game con of Donald Trump is to get the American people to believe people are too be loyal to him. No, that is all wrong. The key people in government who take an oath of office do so to the Constitution and to America, not simply to Donald Trump. America is not a Trump corporation. So when whistleblowers expose how Trump is unfit to be president, they are following their oaths, not bowing down to Donald Trump. He is not a king nor a god and Trump supporters better wake up to the facts.

I am neither a liberal nor a democrat. And keep in mind that Trump’s own people are flipping on him for a reason. So many quit in his first year. So many others were fired, even though he said he could pick the best and the brightest. Book after book, tape after tape (with his own voice) and his own twitters show that Trump is mentally unstable. But watch the misdirection yet again. Trump tells you not to believe what you see and hear because he says that is not what is happening. Donald Trump has completely redefined reality for his supporters.

I GUARANTEE YOU THE WHISTLEBLOWER IS SOMEONE WHO IS DENYING THEY SAID ANYTHING              I also guarantee you, in my opinion, that whistleblower is not alone. Stay hidden.

I doubt we will ever find out the identity of the whistleblower. He or she is also likely smart enough to have someone else word the Op-Ed in order to throw people off his or her trail. But we should look at the content of what was said more than defaming the person who said it. Don’t fall for the presidential misdirection sleight of hand. This person knows the truth and it is likely that more people will speak up. For those of you who ask why the NY Times would publish what the whistleblower said, they know who it is and that the person is credible. And he or she can be more of a help to America from the inside.

The Trump Administration Whistleblower is wise to stay hidden because

(a) congress will do nothing about Trump,

(b) he or she may need his or her job,

(c) he or she believes this info exposed is productively channeled,

(d) he or she is not alone and thus exposure could put others in jeopardy


(e) he or she can continue to warn America and our allies through the method he or she is using. All of that makes sense and it is smart, not cowardice. As for timing, I believe he or she felt empowered because of the timing of Bob Woodward’s book. And remember Woodward is credible. Trump called him fair. And Woodward has tapes of his interviews. FACT!

So Mr. President if people are out to defame you, maybe it is because you have given them so much to defame you with through your actions, attitude, immaturity, immorality and mental instability.

Think for yourself. Donald Trump starts fights then plays the victim. These last few points are facts about the behavior of his supporters who detest the truth and facts so much that they get angry, curse and lob insults at anyone who speaks the truth and simply blame people who are not even in office currently. Or the Trump supporters echo their god Trump with BS conspiracy theories based in paranoia. This is unnatural, abnormal and zombie cult-like behavior when people refuse to think for themselves. And even as I post this information on Facebook, watch the response of Trump zombies who don’t think for themselves.


This country is in danger and split almost right down the middle. We have a president who is dishonest, immoral, immature and unfit for office. And the Senators and Congressmen who are protecting him are many of the same people who earlier stated that he was unfit (like Lindsey Graham). They likewise are violating their oaths of office by protecting the president instead of following the Constitution and their allegiance to America. They take no oath of loyalty and allegiance to the president. Do you?

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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