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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Christians Can Rejoice, Yet Stay Concern.

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( Make no mistake about it. The news from California is very big and very positive. As reported in the LA Times, “California legislator shelves bill to ban paid ‘gay conversion therapy’ for adults.”

In a somewhat unprecedented move in the history of gay activism, Assemblyman Evan Low, himself gay, has withdrawn AB2943 from a final vote.

The bill, which would have made it illegal for people of any age to receive professional help for unwanted same-sex attractions, was almost certain to pass the Assembly, having been approved by the Senate 25-11. But to Low’s credit, he took the time to meet with faith leaders across the state, hearing their concerns.

In his own words,I knew this was an emotionally charged issue, so I spent the past few months traveling up and down the state meeting with a wide variety of faith leaders.”

It appears he was sensitive enough to the concerns of these leaders that, for now, he withdrew the bill.

That is certainly commendable on Low’s part, and he deserves our utmost appreciation. How many legislators would do what he had done?

There is also a massively important lesson to be learned, so let all of America (and the world) take notice: This is what can happen when the church gets mobilized, even in hyper-left California. This is what can happen when Christian leaders decide to take a moral stand on controversial social issues. This is what can happen when we seek to be the salt and the light, even when it’s outside our comfort zone.

But that leads to a major concern. Why did it take so long? Why did we largely sit on the sidelines until now? And isn’t it ironic that we are rejoicing over the withdrawal of a bill that should never have seen the light of day?

Having been on the front lines of these issues since 2004, this is a truth that stings deeply: We are only in this moral and cultural morass today because the church has been so silent.

I say that with shame and with pain, not with condemnation. Surely I could have done better too.

California has passed bill after bill mandating the celebration of LGBT history in America, with no one allowed to opt out, including both teachers and students. This is mandatory for all public schools, grades K-12.

One of the worst of these bills, SB777, which became law in 2007. Where was the Christian outcry over this? Where was the concern for our children?

Speaking of our children, where was the Christian outcry in 2012, when California passed the virtual equivalent of AB 2943, barring minors from receiving professional help for unwanted same-sex attraction?

And for those throwing stones at the church of California, where were the rest of us when similar bills were passed in a dozen other states? Are we that unconcerned with the wellbeing of our kids?

So, as much as I rejoice over this major victory in California, I do so with reserve: We have been asleep in the light for far too long. Today, we are paying for the price for convenience store Christianity.

There’s also a reason to be cautious in our celebration. AB 2943 is not going away. It’s just being reshaped.

To quote Assemblyman Low again: “I believe we are on the side of the angels on this issue,” he said. “Having said that, in order to get it right, why wouldn’t we want to engage in meaningful, thoughtful, transformational relationships and conversations?”

What, exactly, does it mean to “get it right”? Is not the whole premise of the bill that there’s nothing wrong with being gay? That all attempts to change sexual orientation are harmful and abusive? That any professional services offered to produce change are fraudulent?

But there’s more – and be assured that the impact will be major. There are two brand-new movies that will be highly touted by Hollywood (just wait for the praises and awards to flow), and both seek to expose “conversion therapy.”

One, called “Boy Erased,” “follows the son of a Baptist preacher who is forced to take part in a gay conversion program.”

The other is called The Miseducation of Cameron Post,” telling the story of “a 12-year-old Montana girl who is discovering her own homosexuality” and is subsequently sent to a “conversion camp.”

It is difficult to describe just how much anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-change sentiment will be stirred up by these films, which in no way, shape, size or form will be fair or balanced, let alone biblical.

So, while there is much cause for celebration in California, there remains serious cause for concern.

May this victory be a wake-up call and a starting point rather than a time to sit back and rest on our laurels. To do so would be to make a very serious mistake.

Written by Michael Brown

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One Response to “Christians Can Rejoice, Yet Stay Concern.”
  1. Anirban (aka Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    I do not identify as any political ideology. I do not care for either party. I also am not a religious person, so not a Christian. I also do not care for gay/lesbian marriage topic. With homosexuality, if knowing and willing adults do this, then it’s their life. But I think homosexual/lesbian conduct by knowing and willing adults must be treated the same way as tobacco use. I also believe in abolishing sex changes as that’s mutilation.

    With homosexuality-Never have I heard straights blame childhood sex abuse for reasons a man has sex with a woman and fathers children with her. Yet sometimes have heard gays and lesbians say childhood sex abuse is reason they do same sex behaviors. Sex abuse in youth can cause people to behave in ways. It’s possible that it could be inborn for some, but even if that’s proven to be true , that wouldn’t rule out the fact that sex abuse could be a cause for some. It’s same way that some people have lung problems because they’re exposed to pollution, tobacco and then some people live clean lives and still have lung problems because of bad genes. Then you have people who use tobacco and don’t get any problems because of good genes. It’s still better to not expose yourself to pollution and not smoke.

    I am trying to quit the Internet) but Peter James LaBarbera says something and then ends up doing the things he says to be against and will give eg. of how Peter James LaBarbera does not help the cause and how he talks rubbish. Another person who is dishonest can not be trusted is Dr. Michael L. Brown.

    Dr. Michael L. Brown in other posts has said things such as ‘while denouncing pedophilia (which is something every gay man I have ever talked to about this has done, without equivocation)’. Dr. Michael L. Brown also writes ‘To repeat: Every gay man who has ever commented to me about pedophilia seemed as repulsed as I was by the thought of an adult sexually abusing a child, and I’m absolutely not equating homosexuality with pedophilia.’

    The 2 quoted comments which Dr. Michael L. Brown wrote are useless. I’m sure Dr. Michael L. Brown knows, that if a gay man is committing pedophilia and or supports pedophilia, that the gay man is unlikely to tell Dr. Michael L. Brown that he supports pedophilia and or commits pedophilia. I don’t think Michael L. Brown would be shocked if it turns out the gay men who talked to him support pedophilia. Dr. Michael L. Brown once interviewed Milo Hanrahan Yiannopolous and Milo Hanrahan Yiannopolous supports same sex pedophilia.

    It is rumored that Ohio Representative JD Jordan covered up or was negligent with regard to homosexual pedophiles abusing teenage wrestlers during the late 1990s. Sometimes rumors are true. The right thing to do is investigate the rumor and see if proof verifies or debunks this. Peter J. LaBarbera says that he is against transexual mutilations and he says that he is against homosexual pedophiles, yet Peter J. LaBarbera, Juanita Broaddrick, Mark R. Levin, Laurann Ingraham & Michelle Malkin and Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey are making excuses for Ohio Representative Jim D. Jordan accused of covering up homosexual pedophilia against teenage wrestlers.

    Peter J. LaBarbera (Americans for Truth), Juanita Broaddrick, Mark R. Levin, Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey, Michelle Malkin and Fox News Laurann Ingraham took sides with JD Jordan because JD Jordan is Republican & not care about the teenage wrestlers who were abused by homosexual pedophiles. If the rumor is true that Ohio Representative James Daniel Jordan covered up for homosexual pedophilia in wrestling & given how Peter J. LaBarbera (Americans for Truth), Juanita Broaddrick, Mark R. Levin, Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey, Michelle Malkin and Fox News Laurann Ingraham support JD Jordan because he is going after Peter P. Strzok, then perhaps Peter J. LaBarbera (Americans for Truth), Juanita Broaddrick, Mark R. Levin, Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey, Michelle Malkin and Fox News Laurann Ingraham think covering up for homosexual pedophilia is fine when it’s Republican.

    Peter J. LaBarbera has in past made excuses for transexual homosexual pedophile David Arthur by saying that David Arthur changed. Mrs. Linda P. Harvey of Mission America has become a disappointment and Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey has also made excuses for transexual homosexual pedophile by having him on her show, which is why people should no longer support Mission America, they say they’re against homosexual pedophiles and then make excuses for David Arthur.

    1 thing people bring up is that 1 of the wrestlers who is now an adult once emailed a photo of a murderer to the victim’s widow. Yes, the wrestler has turned out to be a horrible adult. The fact that 1 of the wrestlers has turned out to be a bad adult has no relevance to investigating-was Jim Daniel Jordan negligent and or did Jim Daniel Jordan cover up homosexual sex abuse of teenage wrestlers?

    Incidentally, here are things which media has not covered regarding Orlando June 2016. In June 2016, Pastor Roger O. Jimenez (Sacramento) and Pastor Steven Lee Anderson (Tempe) called the 50 Orlando Pulse shooting victims and the others wounded pedophiles. It turns out that on that night, there were underaged teenagers in the pub, so there were individual homosexual pedophiles seeking victims, before the shooting. Now it wasn’t Omar S. Mateen’s place to be executioner. It was the police’s job to arrest, with jury trials and courts deciding punishment. But there were pedophiles that night in the Orlando Pulse before shooting.

    With Orlando Pulse, Luis Javier Ruiz, 1 of the homosexual men who survived has AIDS as a result of promiscuity, alcohol and drugs. Orlando Pulse had drug junkies & drug dealers there that night before the shooting and homosexual Luis Javier Ruiz is an AIDS infected drug junky who survived the June 2016 Orlando Pulse shooting. It’s possible that Luis Javier Ruiz is still using drugs because drug junkies often have relapses.

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