Respect Omarosa's Game - She Punked The President.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Respect Omarosa’s Game – She Punked The President.

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( Go Omarosa! No I do not like her any more than most of the African American community but I have to give her credit for deceiving “the master race” so easily. How does Trump like being bullied? Omarosa was not about to be the only one standing without a chair when the music stopped but it has gone much deeper than that and she planned it all along.  She needs to hurry up and release any and all tapes before some Trump- loving biased judge blocks her from doing so.

Omarosa Manigault  Newman wishes Donald Trump would take her to court because then ALL KINDS OF THINGS would come out and become public record. She has released enough and gone public enough to protect herself, get paid from a book deal, throw the Trump administration in a spin, scare Trump and make his administration look stupid. Wow, it has been said “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and Trump never saw it coming.


Omarosa is doing a Michael Avenati and her actions are daring Trump to sue her. His ego is causing him to fall right into her trap. This is her payback for being fired and embarrassed on his reality shows. This is her payday for smiling, kissing up to Trump and pretending to stand against the “black” community in his favor. But then again, be careful because you never know who she will or will not stand with. Now there is recording after recording and the Trump administration has no idea what she recorded. And now there is the likelihood that Trump said “nigger” and the possibility that  Omarosa caught it on tape.

When you work for Trump an NDA is not as important as CYA!

Omarosa never liked Trump. Nor did she believe anything she said positive about him. That is why it is so easy for her to say what she says about him now. Please say you were not fooled. This was a strategy she set up from the beginning of her support for him as a candidate. Is it only me and my knowledge of psychology or were many of you fooled when she spoke highly of Trump> I knew that from the beginning.

Omarosa knew praising Trump was the way inside. She also know she was going to use her insider knowledge to benefit her financially – even if she did not originally intend to write a book. She talked her way into a 6 figure job with no clearly defined job description and stayed there until Kelly spotted her on radar. If he had not been brought in, Omarosa would have still been there gathering info she could use later to make money.

I would also bet you money that Omarosa was a key leaker of what was going on in the Trump administration. And because she kept up the BS praise and appearance of being pro-Trump, nobody ever suspected Omarosa. Good one Omarosa, I have to give it to her for staying calm, cool, covert and focused.

Omarosa tricked the “master race” so badly that they were still going to pay her $15,000 a month (or rather $180,000 a year which was her salary) even after she left.

Now president Trump is calling Omarosa a dog, a low life etc. But then why did he hire her – even though many in his administration did not want him to? This is almost as funny as watching some of the funniest African American comedies I have ever seen. Ya girl O sat there and smiled, taking up for Trump even when Donald Trump called countries in Africa s…holes, when Trump said “look at my African American” at a rally, when Trump insulted Lebron and Don Lemon and Hispanics.

When Trump insulted Kapernick and called African American players SOBs, Omarosa appeared to either defend the president, smile or sit quietly. When Trump insulted Maxine Waters, women and Hispanics and Muslims, Omarosa just smiled like the cat that was contemplating swallowing the canary.  That is self-discipline and focus which holds to an agenda and leads all the way to the bank.

As for credibility. Omarosa can lie every day this year and not surpass Donald Trump.

Now Omarosa is counting on Trump’s ego to fan the flames as she rides to the bank in his car made of ego, Twitter, verbal retaliation and immaturity. People like controversy so she started one up and she knows he will keep it up. Nice Omarosa, very nice. I see her plan. Omarosa has learned Donald Trump well. She knows what mashes his buttons and what calms him down to the point of distraction. She knows Trump will always strike back and get nasty because he thinks whatever he says is above the law. She knows Trump is so small of a person that he will not let things go and walk away. Omarosa knows controversy sells and that if she ignites the fires of controversy, Trump will keep them burning because his ego demands it. And this will sell books.

In public relations they say bad PR is still PR – and free of charge. Trump used the same technique by saying negative things about people as a candidate so he could get free media coverage. And it worked. But he had no idea Omarosa was paying attention and making a mental copy of the Trump playbook. Now Donald Trump cannot help but be Omarosa’s PR person because he just has to react and fight back.  And Trump will use any member of his administration to strike back at Omarosa Manigault Newman. Free publicity for Omarosa. And if Trump quiets down, Omarosa knows how to press the buttons that stir him right back up. Go Omarosa, go.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?                                        

I remember talking to the people of Black Lives Matters and attempting to explain covert strategy instead of simply marching or threatening the police but they could not hear me. Can you hear me now? Being calm and cool, covert and strategic can take you exactly where you want to go. So I hope others learn from Omarosa, though I know the African American community does not like her. She is about to get paid. How much will you make this year?

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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