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Galaxy S9: The 5 Things Samsung Is Doing Totally Wrong With Its Smartphones.

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( As the Samsung Galaxy S9 preorders start, we are going to see the world’s best smartphone cameras. Can you expect that a company like Samsung can simply overlook things that matter the most to their users? Well, Samsung is actually doing it and here are 5 things the company is doing totally wrong and this is why many people hate Samsung smartphones.

1. Slow Android Updates

Samsung is extremely slow in delivering Android updates on its smartphones. Every year Google releases a new version of its Android mobile operating system, but hardly a few handsets get the latest updates in the first six months. When it comes to Samsung, the company is too slow in rolling out these updates.

Google launched its Android Oreo last year and now Samsung’s latest smartphone Galaxy S8 is just starting to get those updates. The worst thing is Samsung is first focusing on rolling out updates for devices which are not tied to any carrier. Those devices which are carrier bound may not get the update until year end. There’s always a confusion among smartphone owners about whether their mobile phone will get a software update or not.

2. The Same Boring Design

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is largely unchanged, especially in terms of design. The new smartphones unveiled by Samsung look similar to their predecessors. The new smartphone Galaxy S9 features the same screen and virtual home button. The only change we see in the new phone’s design is that the company has moved the fingerprint sensor on the back. It smartly reduces smears on the lens.

According to Samsung, the company has slightly reduced the size of the top and bottom bezel. You will also notice a front speaker in the mic on the top. From a design point of view, Xiaomi and LG are the brands that experiment a lot with their designs. Xiaomi’s MI Mix 2 is one of the most suitable examples of design innovation in smartphones.

3. Its Love for the Snapdragon Chip

One of the biggest reasons why Samsung smartphones are popular is that they bring the latest hardware. For example, Samsung Galaxy S9 is equipped with Snapdragon 845 which is considered as one of the most powerful and the fastest smartphone processors and this is the same case every year. Last year it was Snapdragon 835 and probably next year it would be 855 or something.

What Samsung is not doing is it is not delivering the fastest processors. Apple in this area easily beats Samsung with it’s A-series of processors whether it is the A11 Bionic or A10. Apple’s processors are faster, need less RAM and work efficiently. On the other hand, despite being marketed as the most powerful chipset, Snapdragon series processors are not as powerful as Apple’s A-series processors. Samsung doesn’t manufacture those chips but when its phones are capable of beating iPhones, the company can try to focus on this area.

4. AMOLED Displays

AMOLED display is not bad and it’s even a lot better than LCD displays, but AMOLED is excessively bright on Samsung phones. The bluish light emitted by these devices makes images look nowhere close to their natural form. If you are watching a movie or reading a PDF, AMOLED display doesn’t appear to be suitable for eyes unless you are using a third-party app to lower down the level of light emission. Samsung has made many improvements in terms of color saturation but colors on some of its smartphone displays still appear to be highly saturated

5. Bad First Impression

Samsung’s low-budget smartphones are enough to turn away anyone. These smartphones are either overpriced or they lack power. It’s hard to forget the low-priced smartphones from Galaxy series that either feature 512MB RAM or less storage capacity. Today, the Galaxy series is a lot better than ever, but the experience people have with Samsung’s low-budget phones stops them from investing more in high-end devices from the same brand. People prefer other brands when it comes to making an upgrade.

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