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No One Is Coming To Save Us; Violence In Chicago Reflects Black America Sadly.

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( I applaud Judge Greg Mathis for his transparency when he tells of his upbringing in a single female-headed household. Mathis’ testimony reveals him as a hell-raiser who gave his dear mother, Alice Lee Mathis, more than her fair share of problems.

Indicative of so many other black women raising wayward children, Ms. Mathis did everything in her power to correct the criminal lifestyle her child adopted. Mathis relates that it was not beneath this loving mother to call the authorities on her child if she suspected he was involved in wrongdoing. Lord knows that Chicago needs a few more parents like Alice Lee Mathis.

I am confident that you have heard that over the past weekend, gunmen in Chicago shot at least 72 people, 12 of those victims of gun violence succumbed to their injuries. There is little room to argue against the assertion that Chicago has earned the right to change its moniker from “the windy city” to “Chiraq.” When one considers the murder rate in this great American city,  it is evident that the violence gripping the city is never-ending.

Predictably, the violence has led to finger-pointing between the black community and Chicago public officials. Embattled Mayor Rahm Emanuel offered the following statement.

There is a shortage of values about what is right, what is wrong. We as a city, in every corner, have an accountability and responsibility. If you know who did this, be a neighbor. Speak up.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson provided the following commentary regarding the untenable situation that predates his arrival to his present post. According to Johnson,

They hold me accountable, they hold the mayor accountable, they hold the City Council accountable. You know what I never hear? I never hear people saying these individuals out on the street need to stop pulling the trigger. I never hear that. They get a pass from everybody.

One has to wonder, who would give such individuals a pass?

Although difficult for on-lookers to understand, the identity of those who behave as if they are making a Satanic blood sacrifice by spilling the blood of blacks in one way or another (shootings, drug dealing, assaults, sexual assault, murder) is known by a wide-swath of those they victimize. Although an embarrassing admission, it is only within Black America that both present and future victims of violence refuse to identify a roguish element that has turned their residential areas into war zones resembling a third-world nation.

As mentioned above, there is much room for haranguing and finger-pointing. Indicative of such is the argument that the referenced crime spree is attributable to the economic violence that poor blacks routinely receive from city elites. Rest assured that I am neither unaware nor in denial of a strain of institutional racism that manifests itself via black and brown poverty. Unfortunately for those attempting to trace the alluded to criminality and immorality of those committing historic atrocities in Chiraq, their explanation flounders when one realizes that it is a minuscule portion of Black America that has embraced a thuggish culture that rests on a demonic ends-justify-the-means mentality.

The path to solving the startling issues afflicting Black Chicago begins with Black America’s realization that no one is coming to save them. Although the genesis of the previously discussed crime is not entirely homegrown, the undeniable reality is that the solution to this matter will have to come from black Americans as no one is coming to save them. Until this reality is understood, there is not even a grain of hope that Black America will rise from their historical position of socioeconomic marginality.

If Black America is serious about carving out a place where black children can play, black women are somewhat protected from predators, and black men are not murdered on a routine basis, the less savory portions of our community must be jettisoned from our midst ‘by any means necessary’; including with the assistance of law enforcement agencies.

It is time that the evil-doers in our midst learn that Black America will no longer serve as a shield for their deplorable actions and immoral activities. Until that message is sent seriously, there is no real hope that we will be able to build communities that will flourish as we know they can.

Staff Writer; Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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4 Responses to “No One Is Coming To Save Us; Violence In Chicago Reflects Black America Sadly.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    The behaviors of some of the blacks in Chicago is not indicative of the behaviors of a majority of blacks in America.Statistically most blacks in America are law abiding citizens. The mayor of Chicago should ask the governor of Illinois to request that the President order that martial law be declared in Chicago,and curfews strictly enforced by U.S. Army infantry units. It has become clear that the local law enforcement agencies cannot handle the problem of violence in Chicago. There will be some shooting. There will be some running, ducking and hiding. There will be some destruction of property. There will be some killing, but in the end, there will be peace.There are those who say that the violence will start again as soon as the military units leave, and this may be true, but these, or other military units equally or better trained in combat than those who previously occupied Chicago can return and establish peace again.The violent people in Chicago really haven’t had to cease and desist under the weight of professional, government trained soldiers that are very familiar with the ways of violence.They need to experience military control, and when they do, they may decide on their own to choose peace over violence.

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    Don’t just blame black America, though we all are responsible for what we choose to do. But responsibility and accountability are two different things and there are more elements at play than just “black” people. Especially when the powers that be create imagery, psychological, sociological, economic and political conditions that contribute to broken families, despair, poverty and crime.

  3. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Author,

    I can say as a legal analyst and former detective and mediator that this is a much more complex situation than it appears. First we need to learn to be responsible for saving, building and rebuilding our own communities instead of waiting for the political or sociological white man savior.

    Secondly African Americans need to hold our people accountable. That includes your friends, cousins etc who are causing the violence. That is a huge problem. Yet too many of our people would rather blame the city, push back against the police, be part of the problem or make excuses. That in part is why the crime continues.

    Thirdly I am not ignoring the political establishment nor the conditions allowed by it which add to a climate where people want to get involved in crime. If the Mayor and the Police Chief cannot get this under control, they should both be removed from office. In fact, they should have been replaced with people who can control the city. The mayor is allowing this because blacks are killing blacks and “undesirables” are killing “undesirables”. His approach is obviously “let them all kill each other off”. As a former member of the Israeli military, the Mayor of Chicago clearly knows how to stop violence, punch a dent in it or call in others who can. But he is not doing so on purpose.

    The solution is multi-faceted but not hard. And Chicago should have the largest gang/drug multi-jurisdictional task force in the country. it should include ICE, FBI, local police, state police, U.S. Marshals and the national guard. This is not being done on purpose.

    Has there even been a real study by the Justice department, psychologists and sociologists as to why so much crime and violence is happening? Hypocrisy. Notice when a white kid shoots everybody in a school there is a rush to prevention and solutions. Atleast a strong and sincere effort by many.

    As for all the “black” activist groups, where are you now? Nation of Islam why aren’t you swarming all over Chicago? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson where are you? Bernice and the King family where are you? NAACP and SCLC and Concerned Black Clergy and 100 Black Men and Women, where are you? Or are you simply a bunch of opportunists who only speak out against injustice when it comes from white people and the police? Wake up.

  4. RealisticMindset says:

    Brother, as interesting as that was you didn’t offer any solutions. Only Meta-Solutions (Metadata). Where is OUR military intervention?

    Do we form an alliance with 100 Black Men of America, New Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam, Various Black Gun Owners and solve our race in a militarily intervention type of way? Have you contacted them? What is the game plan? Are you coordinating with black ex-Military officials? If this is too pressuring for you, do you know anyone who has these contacts? Can you lobby black newspapers and organizations to cite these contacts?

    The violence is both internally generated/motivated and stems from outside problems. The destruction has simply warped people’s minds. Like Gaza (not ignoring White or Jewish encroachment). We have to drive these “chaos” type groups OUT OF HERE. They make us look bad and stifle development, or the “attraction” and “peace” part NECESSARY for development.

    Just like mothers can’t raise or put fear in sons like fathers. Law Enforcement and the blacks that work for them won’t either. Hell, history shows at times they facilitate them. Nobody trusts or respects them. They are outsiders and have nothing in common.

    My question to again WHERE is the military intervention?

    Marching down a few of the least dangerous streets every 3 months and meeting in corporate boardrooms won’t solve anything. We’ve tried that.

    Once upon a time we mobilized para-military squads to counter white supremacy and police violence. The time has sadly come to form them against our OWN who fell by the waste-side.

    You are not clear enough, SOMEBODY needs to come and save them. That somebody is US.

    We as black americans can’t watch the Chicago Purge primed with Flat Screen T.v’s, a box of Popcorn and Sodas. Its wrong for religious and racial pride, its even wrong for a non-racial, secular nationalistic motto as well.

    Christians would rather “pray” the problem away while taking the smallest baby steps possible to lead from behind/safe. The Marriage rates show clearly their “dedication” to the “cause”. (no insulting, just true)

    Most “other revolutionaries” would just rather bash interracial marriage or gays. The Isrealite ISPK would rather harass innocent/other religions in New York. Farrakhan is snuggling up to “Scientology” a cult started by a bi-polar mentally ill racist who previously wrote fiction books. The other “revolutionaries” would rather have minstrel youtube debates against each other.

    We need to form a “Desert Storm” type black coalition to invade these Chicago Slums, before economic justice comes we must end the violence. We don’t need just another “Peacekeeping” force. That sh*t doesn’t work anywhere (and not here anymore).

    Faith and Politics is the last thing we need because we tend to put “Blind” in front of both words.

    We need ACTION!

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