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5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself before Accepting a Job Offer.

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( What questions should you ask yourself before accepting a job offer when you already know about your job title, salary, office timing? Well, there are many things other than the basic information that you should know about.

First of all, congratulations! The new employer knows that they deserve the best candidate and that’s why they are offering the job to you. Now it’s your time to know if the company is the best for you. If you’re not sure about accepting or declining a job offer, ask yourself these 5 questions now.

1. Do you know what you will be doing there?

Some people assume that their job title defines their role at a company, and that’s when things go wrong. Every company is different and so is the work culture. Don’t assume that the roles and responsibilities will be the same in every place. If the HR manager fails to remember discussing your job role and responsibilities, ask yourself if you have read the job description carefully.

Do you know what you will be doing there every day? If you don’t know, just ask them. Thank the company for the job offer and take some time to evaluate. Don’t take weeks of course. Ask the recruitment team to help you with the questions you have in mind. Freshers feel uneasy when it comes to asking direct questions, but asking for a copy of the job description won’t hurt anyone. It will help you get an idea of

2. Do you see any connection between the job and your professional goals?

You should be excited because you got a new job offer. But before you celebrate, ask yourself this question to know if you really feel that you’re getting something out of this job that can help you advance your goals. Unfortunately, there’s no way to see future, but you can still find answers if you seriously think about your goals and check if this job takes you where you want to be.

Remember that you don’t have to adjust your goals according to a job. There are plenty of opportunities available there. With that said, don’t underestimate the potential of a job that doesn’t take you to the destination. If it takes you even one step closer to your goals, it’s worth accepting.

3. Does this job match the lifestyle you want?

Every job you take up will have an impact on your lifestyle. It can be a minor change in the way you travel to the office or the hours you spend working. Sometimes, it can be even more challenging if working hours are different from your previous job. Most people are so dull during job interviews that they don’t want to say anything other than “yes, I understand”. This keeps them clueless about many things related to the job and when they get out of the office, they start thinking about the questions they could have asked.

Ask yourself if the job is really going to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Does the job pay enough to afford the lifestyle you are expected to adopt? People, especially those who are ready to relocate, should definitely ask this question to themselves.

4. Do you know what other employees say about the company?

Some people think that employee reviews generally depend on sole experiences of an individual and they can’t be trusted. It may be true that a frustrated employee can put negative reviews about the company, but if the majority of employees are not happy with the company, you should think twice before joining it.

The best way is to check the company’s background and know about the people who hold top positions. Talk to people who are working for the company or have worked there before. Also look for the red flags that tell you not to take the job, if you notice any.

5. Are you feeling comfortable?

You’ve been thinking about it from the moment you received that confirmation from their side. Now it’s your turn to respond with a yes or no. You know that you’re not going to sign a lifetime contract but your decision is going to change your life in many ways. How do you feel when you imagine yourself joining the company? What do you feel about the new experiences you’re going to have? Are you feeling comfortable?

If you can’t decide, just recall the whole experience – from the day you applied for this job till now. Recall everything you discussed, the things they told you, and how did you feel there. How was the whole experience and how much you know about the company? If you feel comfortable and safe, it is a good sign that the workplace is suitable for you.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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