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Vaping vs Smoking.

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( If we go back in time, we will understand that smoking has left a black mark in the history of humanity. Initially, it was believed that smoking is a medical procedure, so in the 16th-century tobacco became very popular in Europe. Automatic equipment for the production of cigarettes was invented in the 20th century, which was the reason for an even more significant increase in the popularity of smoking. When millions of people around the world became addicted to, in the 1950s, a clear link was established between lung cancer and smoking, and at that time the first anti-tobacco tobacco also appeared.

In the 1970s, people in developed countries started to quit smoking, and the first anti-smoking drugs appeared on the market – firstly chewing gum, then patches, troches, and inhalers were added. These funds allowed smokers to get a small amount of nicotine, but these actions did not imitate a moving process like smoking, so the number of those who refused to smoke remained minimal.

And now electronic cigarettes and juul vapes entered the game. Imitating the feeling of traditional smoking, trendy e-cigarettes occupied a free niche in the market. They offer a less harmful alternative for those who want to quit smoking, but also for those who are experiencing specific difficulties with smoking.

One of the most frequently asked questions: “What is the difference between smoking and vaping?” Let’s figure it out!


The smoke of traditional cigarettes is thoroughly studied, and its chemical composition is determined. The smoke of each cigarette contains more than 5000 different chemicals, 150 toxic substances and 44 – carcinogenic.

Here is a small part of those chemicals that smokers inhale with each puff:

  • Acetone – Flammable solvent
  • 1-aminonaphthalene – Used as a herbicide
  • 2-aminonaphthalene – Prohibited for industrial use due to carcinogenicity
  • Ammonia – Used in cleaning products, is a common cause of respiratory diseases
  • Benzene – A known carcinogen/mutagen, used in the chemical industry, there are special restrictions
  • Cadmium – Known as a carcinogen in heavy metals
  • Arsenic – Known as a carcinogen in heavy metals
  • Catechol – Used in oils, inks, and paints
  • Cyanic Hydrogen – Poisonous gas, used in chemical weapons
  • Carbon monoxide – Poisonous gas, reduces the ability of the blood to transport oxygen
  • Tar – A dense resinous chemical, which settles in the lungs and causes cancer

The above list contains ten chemicals from 5000. These chemicals are usually narrowly used in industry, most of them are life-threatening, they all have a negative impact on human health.

On the contrary, there are the substances that contained in each bottle of e-liquid:

  • Propylene glycol – Included in the composition of inhalers against asthma, has a pharmaceutical purpose
  • Glycerin – an Organic compound that has the natural origin has a pharmaceutical goal
  • Water – is not always contained, but if it has a pharmaceutical goal
  • Nicotine – Exciting effect, has a pharmaceutical purpose
  • Aromatic and flavoring additives – Used in the food industry, proven no harm by inhalation

Only five substances are the part of the e-liquid! All of them have the best quality, which can only be provided, and the intended purpose is pharmaceutical or nutricial. If vaper does not want to use nicotine at all, he chooses a vape with e-liquid with zero nicotine content. Which means one ingredient less, but the whole process is similar to the use of a conventional cigarette. Therefore, we offer a wide range of nicotine-free e-liquids for those who wish to eliminate it from use entirely.


The smoker of ordinary cigarettes spreads a strong unpleasant odor, which is absorbed into the clothes and hair of others. The smoker himself does not feel it anymore, but the people nearby do not want to put up with this terrible smell, which is difficult to get rid of.

If you buy vape starter kit you will see that the smell is usually gently sweet, with a particular taste, quickly evaporates, does not absorb into hair and clothing. Thus, you do not need to be a great thinker to understand: the smell of ordinary cigarettes is much more unpleasant than the smell of electronic cigarettes!

Freedom of choice

Tobacco or menthol is the only choice that ordinary cigarettes can offer. Regardless of your choice, the maximum number of cancer-causing chemical compounds will be present! Of course, cigarettes are produced in a variety of different tones and different strengths, but if you think about taste, the taste of all cigarettes can be characterized in one word: unpleasant.

One of the undoubted advantages of vaping is a vast assortment. Hundreds of variants of tastes – from tobacco to raspberry. Also impressive is the choice and variation of equipment for e-cigarettes, which will provide the most demanding consumer with the right device/taste/fortitude.

If you decide to replace conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, you know: You made your most important decision in life: do not smoke tobacco. This is indeed the primary goal of new vapers: get rid of harmful cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes gave this opportunity to many former smokers of conventional smoking.

The social dimension

Once again, we emphasize: honesty is the best policy, so you have to admit that smoking tobacco is an extremely antisocial process (you can only compare it with using raw onions). Nonsmokers do not want to voluntarily be near a smoker when he releases unpleasant carbon monoxide. The fear of second-hand smoke and the unpleasant smell of smoke repels the smoker of his friends and relatives.

Vaiper is much easier to be in society: there is no danger of second-hand smoke, no unpleasant smell, all your friends and family members are much happier.


Even though health and well-being should be a priority, an important role is played by expenses. Let’s see how much money you will save if you decide to replace conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.

Given the average cost of a pack of cigarettes, you can save 800-1200 euros per year. Just think about what you can buy for this money? Many different things – even a good trip or car. Yes, the transition to vaping is accompanied by some additional costs (for example, the regular purchase of e-liquids, heating elements and other accessories), but these costs constitute only a small part of the total budget. And if we add to this the improvement of health and well-being, then the price of an e-cigarette will be an investment in a healthy and beautiful future.

Above are just some of the differences between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. Think about your future! You are not created to be a slave to tobacco, and an electronic cigarette is indeed a practical tool that will help you change your worldview and get rid of bad habits.

Staff Writer; Gary Jacobs

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