Women's Rights - Brothers Beware.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Women’s Rights – Brothers Beware.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Today in the midst of the “Me Too” movement it is becoming increasingly dangerous for men – especially African American men. A simple touch or comment can easily be turned into a charge of sexual harassment, even if the woman never said or indicated the touch or comment was not welcome ahead of time. Law enforcement, in what is being called “the year of the woman“, is being forced to act on the woman’s behalf so much that the “Me Too” movement is eroding a man’s constitutional right to equal protection under the law.

Some of this is not new to African American men. In general we have always been treated differently and unfairly by law enforcement and the courts. Criminal charges, sentencing, beatings, incarcerations, the child support system and even death at the hands of police officer are proof of that all day long. But this newest move is even more dangerous because it can force official agencies to bypass due process and simply act on what the woman says more than ever before.

Most decent African American men have no problem with women’s rights. And women should have equal rights. But that is not what is happening. Women have and are now receiving MORE rights than men. They are being seen as more credible. Their accounts of incidents are carrying much more weight than men. Feminist groups are pushing the courts and politicians harder and harder to place women above men. One example is when it comes to abortion, the number one killer of African Americans. The Supreme Court ruled that a married woman could have an abortion (kill an innocent child) without even telling her husband first because her telling him would place undue stress on the marriage. Yet the husband is at the complete mercy of the woman to take care of the child if she wants or lose it if she wants. He basically has no say in what he helped to create. In reality, that actually places stress on a marriage but the Supreme Court refused to see that.

It is true that there is financial inequality in the workplace where men are statistically paid more for the job than women are for the same job. And sexual harassment of women by men is happening all the time. But it is also true that men are sexually harassed by women – a point that is never addressed or taken seriously by law enforcement, the courts or the media. Nor is it taken seriously when women play games or set up men they have something against.

So today I am using my First Amendment right to tell you brothers be careful and protect yourself. Record conversations using the audio microphone on your cell phone. Don’t hesitate to protect yourself by recording incidents and encounters with women on video. Make sure you have the names of witnesses when things happen involving women at work. Be careful with touches and hugs and avoid contact or comments that could be misconstrued and come back to bite you later.

In our legal system a man is supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. This is called “the presumption of innocence”. But in real life the courts have never functioned that way – especially towards African American men. You, African American man, are likely to be arrested and treated like you are guilty until proven innocent. All the more reason to protect yourself in the ways I just mentioned and then some.

Good women are out there. But burned, game-playing, mentally unstable bi-polar and vindictive women are out there too. And there are more of them – many more. They may look and appear to act normal until they are jilted or until the games they play are flipped back on them. When that happens, the dragon appears and they can think of trifling ways to get you that most men have never even thought of. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful.

Women are not always the victims they often pretend to be. But a combination of more rights than men powerful man-hating feminist groups pretending to be women’s rights groups and their abilities to play on the sympathy of society, the courts and law enforcement all place you at risk. Even the same domestic violence stats they quote also reveal huge numbers of men who are victims at the hands of women. That is never talked about in the media and often laughed at by the courts. Brother beware. As a former detective, family counselor, mediator and legal analyst, I have seen men who were victims on a scale you would not believe. Men who were set up by trifling women and their friends. Men who lost everything, even though they were the victims. Hear me and hear this article.

Be careful about the woman you connect with, especially those you may be intimate with. And while many of you like to choose the “chicken-heads” with the nice bodies etc., they can spell TROUBLE. They are not just in strip clubs. They come in various colors and ethnicities, though one could argue strongly that “black” women as a whole are the worst. They are in corporate America, politics, the church and all walks of life. So you have to know who you are dealing with. When you spot a crazy women, a trifling woman, a game-playing woman or a vindictive woman, you need to become a ghost and disappear. If you don’t, it is likely down the road you will wish you had.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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