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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Vegan isn’t for Me.

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( I respect that we are starting to have real discussions about health and diet in the black community. Many have begun to realize that traditions, though meaningful, can be dangerous when it comes to our health. We only have one body, and its far time we begin to actively work against preventable disease. Changes in activity levels and diet are necessary if we are to have a standing chance against the like of heart failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure. With that being said, I am a strong advocate for lifestyle changes, and I try to stay away from trends. There are people that are vegan and its been their lifestyle for years, but for many it’s the new trend. Word on the street is meat is the enemy, and if that’s your choice I respect it. All I ask in return is you respect my choice to continue to eat meat, and just because I do so does not make me unhealthy.

If you are going to embrace a new lifestyle change do with full knowledge of what you are doing and why. Furthermore, realize your choices won’t be the same as other and that is okay. The issue I take with the vegan bandwagon is not whether one should do it or not. The problem I have is this is being sold to a lot of overweight people like becoming a vegan will cause you to lose weight.

This is important because with the right exercise, and diet weight lose can be attainable. The reality is veganism is a lifestyle that is not based in merely diet. Vegans do not deal in anything meat based, nor tested on animals. This affects their choice in clothes, food, and personal hygiene products just to name a few. Being a vegetarian is a dietary choice. This distinction between plant based diet verses plant based lifestyle must be understood when someone is being told to give the vegan path a try.

Back to the subject of weight lost. There are overweight vegans in the world. I know that may seem like a shock, but its true. There are many unhealthy foods you can consume that are vegan. Too many carbs in one’s diet can be a contributing factor to weight gain. There are many things you can eat as a vegan that can assist weight gain. The bottom line is you can lose weight with meat and animal based products, and you can do so without. You can gain weight with meat and animal based products, and without. Of course, exercise is necessary regardless of the diet you chose, and your eating habits will still require discipline.

If you choose the vegan path I’m happy for you because it’s your choice, and I’m down for everyone doing what will better them. Just know vegan is not me, and my health is just fine. Remember that being vegan is not just a change in diet, but it’s an overall life change by which there are no animal based, not tested, products in your life. I will continue to have my grilled chicken, and should my vegan friends stop by their diet will be accommodated completely. I just don’t buy it as the only, nor best, method to lose weight or be healthy.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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  1. Anirban (aka Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    I happen to be a vegetarian. I could not be vegan because I like dairy and eggs. While I support animal welfare, I don’t go to the extreme as PETA does. I can tolerate hunting wild goats, deer, ducks, pheasants, hares, rabbits & squirrels for food as long as animal is quickly killed & eaten for food. But I can’t tolerate hunting animals just because it’s there. I am against poaching.

    Now if the world were vegetarian, then that would be fine with me. But most of world eats meat and I do not pass judgment on them. If people want to hunt deer, pheasant, ducks or rabbits for food, then as long as they are swiftly killed, then I have no problem. While I’m a vegetarian, I have no problem with hunting for food as long as the animal is quickly killed and I support requiring marksmanship for hunters. I know hunters who agree with me and they oppose poaching & believe in the idea of eating their kills. Nature as known can be cruel. Though PETA would differ, I would rather see a hunter quickly shoot and kill a quail, duck, deer or rabbit and eat their kill vs. a python killing a rabbit. Yes, the python is doing what is nature, but nature can be cruel.

    Though I do not listen to country music, singer Miranda Leigh Lambert in addition to the good work she does to protect dogs with Pedigree dog food also hunts & fishes for food. Miranda Leigh Lambert proves that it is consistent to support animal welfare & @ the same time have no problem with food hunting as long as the animal is humanely and swiftly killed. Miranda Leigh Lambert is a hunteress who proves that there are people who support animal welfare who have no problem with food hunting as long as animal is swiftly killed and no poaching.

    I don’t believe people should be allowed to keep a monitor lizard or a python as a pet because those animals are not like a dog or a cat. As known, what has happened is that people have released monitor lizards and pythons into the Everglades when they got too big and these 2 have killed endangered species as the adult pythons and monitor lizards have almost no predators except for the American alligator.

    I support hunting the pythons and monitor lizards which are in the Everglades to protect the endangered species. I know that the U.S Humane Society opposes hunting the pythons and monitor lizards in the Everglades but this is what is needed to protect endangered species. Hunt the pythons & monitor lizards or put them in zoos or better yet, their natural environments they came from.

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