Thursday, February 21, 2019

Advocating for Kids Camp at WordCamp Calgary, Canada.

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(ThyBlackMan.comWordCamp Calgary surrounded by mountains that take your breath away. The scenery could not properly be captured in photos or video to truly display the splendor and magnificence of natural formations reaching thousands of feet into blue skies that seem to magically hold puffs of fluffy white and gray clouds.

Clouds suspended in the blue of a sky that appears limitless in its expanse and depth.

WordCamp Calgary offered an international conference that showed why WCYYC is respected and well attended.  The diversity of speakers including myself flying in from Jacksonville, Florida and being the only African American speaking was a great honor. Diversity is recognized, respected and encouraged.

Welcomed warmly by other bloggers and content creators there was excitement to hear my presentation, even before the scheduled time. I was asked several times about my direction and “scope” of speaking.

Perceptions are strong, as content creators we should be mindful of the perceptions we create that spread over and through the Internet. First impressions are important even in digital environments because of the foundations they create to connect with others.

The growing Kids Camp for youth and teens from ages 8 to 16 are significant because they assist the next generation of content creators, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Kids Camp provides networking opportunities, mentoring exposure, career mentorship and building a family that understands and supports the direction of youth and teens that burn with a desire to be their own boss.

Kids Camp is a time to introduce young people as young as 8 years of age the fun of building content to create an important online presence. To share ideas, passions, skill-sets, learning opportunities and even collaboration. Kids Camps are growing in leaps and bounds nationally and internationally.

When looking to attend a WordCamp many of those in the tech industry check to see if their children can attend the Kids Camp. Having the chance to assist with Kids Camp Calgary allowed me to share my knowledge as a business owner, educator, blogger and digital innovator. To talk to youth from Calgary and even the growing South Sudanese community whose children desire to be tech savvy business owners.

They understand that in order for any business to survive that business must have a digital presence. The “open source” community is a dynamic and engaging community that embraces diversity and innovation. Allowing designers, artists, writers, bloggers, coders and others to come together and share their stories and passions as content creators.

Observing the kids participating in Kids Camp, they are not concerned about the technical aspects, they want to build, create, apply, engage, be interactive and even share what they are learning.

This year being the first Kids Camp at WordCampYYC lead by a seasoned teacher Christina Workman @AmethystAnswers, using tools found in a business environment, the kids attending are engaged and involved in hands-on learning based on web development and content creation.

Using Storyboarding, Visionboarding and allowing the kids to access WordPress to build their web sites.

Visually empowering these digital innovators with tools that can change the perceptions of readers and viewers and those looking at their content from across digital landscapes.

The kids can see what they created in real time and have the world see what dynamic web content they created. 21st century learning is not based on old fashion lecture style teaching, teachers today and forever more are facilitators of learning, they set the problem or tasks to be accomplished and provide the correct tools, then step out of the way.

Allowing the kids to blossom in a Matrix of digital creation, imagination, engagement and interaction. Parents, start registering your children to attend and participate in Kids Camp when a WordCamp is coming to town. Parents should not hold back learning from their children, especially learning that can build them into business owners and entrepreneurs.

Youth, teens and young adults should be encouraged to build dynamic content and explore virtual worlds to help solve real world problems and build business ownership in a digital age. “Content is King” Bill Gates and “Engagement is Queen” youth, teens and young adults must be taught how to be smart creatives, digital innovators and thought leaders. See role models they can talk to and engage with.


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Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

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