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Separating Parent & Children is American.

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( As the horrific sounds of children crying out to their parents, after having been separated from said parents at the border, have been replayed on news outlets and social media the public is also crying out for their administration to find their humanity and but an end to the horror. We constantly hear legislators say this is not who we are. Separating children from there parents is not what America is about and this need to end.

Clearly, we need the administration to understand this is grossly inhuman. The biggest issue, however, is the truth is not being told about America, so we can’t free ourselves of this monstrosity. Unfortunately, this is who America has always been, and this country chose to be silent when they thought it wasn’t about them…or their silence was beneficial.

Those in this administration care about their children, and all others are deemed as less than. Threaten to part The First Lady from her son and the Secret Service will be called because she fears for his life…understandable. However, how many other mothers are living the horror of that fear as we speak. How many black women and men in this country know what it means to have “the system” destroy their family. Our history in this country is rooted in ripping families apart. Slavery can’t be excused when it was, at one time, the law in this country. Children were taken from parents and sold off…or killed.

Those parents, in many cases, never knew what came of their children. They don’t know where they were sold to, so their kids were lost to them for all time. This is the history of this country. Many other groups of people of color had to suffer having their kids taken away from them when the government saw fit. Maybe it is time to stand tall and say yes this is America, and that needs to change. Nothing can be fixed if it can’t be acknowledged.

These children are not in a summer camp…they aren’t having fun at all. It is easy to suggest such when you are devoid of true humanity. Its time we realize we weren’t really founded Christian principle, so we can stop mixing God in the mess that Americans have made. The history of this country is not one we need to ignore or try to blot it out because it makes us uncomfortable. We must acknowledge it now more than ever while holding ourselves accountable to never repeat such a tragedy. While we are fighting and raising our voices to let government know taking children from parents and caging them is not the America we want to live in remember that needs to change in ever area it happens.

No parent should have to endure what those parents are feeling now…yet so many have endured that on surreal levels. We are in a battle for our humanity, and what our country will be now. Acknowledging that we live in a county that has a history of taking children will give us the resolve necessary to stand up and fight for a new chapter in American history whereby we truly nurture family for all people in this country.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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