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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A Message To The Democratic National Committee.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) It has come to my attention that you’ve just adopted a rule requiring candidates to run, and serve, as a Democrats. Such arbitrary rules are by definition undemocratic, and they’re also an insult to the voter. You’re trying to deprive the voters of their freedom of choice. Such an action is just as unconscionable as gerrymandering, instituting a poll tax, or a literacy test. It’s an attempt to give the candidates of YOUR choice an unfair advantage. The candidates who the voters to choose to vote for should be the VOTER’S choice, not yours. So who wants to vote for – or even trust – people who try to deprive the voters of their right to choose?
Just the thought of your arrogant attempt at manipulation turns my stomach. That’s why I voted against Hillary Clinton in the last election – and that was in spite of the fact that I knew it could cause Trump to win. But I came to the conclusion that since I was being manipulated out of my right to choose, I would vote for democracy – and although I hate Trump intensely, I’d do the exact same thing again even if the election was being held tomorrow and my vote alone would determine whether the Democrats won or lost. Because as I see it, one group of scoundrels are no better than another, and I WILL NOT allow myself to be blackmailed out of my vote – and believe me, there are millions of other voters across this country who feel EXACTLY the same way I do. You’re trying to treat us like children, and personally, I don’t appreciate it a bit.

One of your cultists asked me, “Didn’t you learn anything from the 2016 election?”  I did.  I learned that many of the people who run the DNC are nothing more than corporate conservatives in drag, and thus,  just as corrupt as any Republican. So while I hated seeing Donald Trump win the election, I would have been just as miserable if Hillary had won.  At least Trump is serving to wake people up from their state of apathetic somnambulism, but with Hillary it would have been the quiet corruption of business as usual. I only agree with Trump in one regard – Hillary should have gone to jail over her emails, because the one and only reason she used a private server was to try to hide her corrupt pay-to-play schemes from the federal government:

“New Democrats, also called centrist Democrats, Clinton Democrats or moderate Democrats, are a relatively centrist ideological faction within the Democratic Party that emerged after the victory of Republican George H. W. Bush in the 1988 presidential election. Describing themselves as “centrist”, they are an economically moderate to conservative and “Third Way” faction of the party. New Democrats dominated the party starting in the late 1980s after the U.S. electorate turned to the political right, until the mid-2010s following a rise in the Congressional Progressive Caucus.”


I’ve got your number, so please don’t try to write me off as just another fanatical “Bernie Bro,” because I’m not. I’m simply an informed American citizen who’s highly insulted over being dealt with like I’m a clueless child. It’s time for the American people to send you arrogant bastards a message, and this is mine – you’re NOT our leaders, you’re our EMPLOYEES, and any one of you who don’t understand that fact needs to be voted out of office.
So I sincerely hope you have the common sense to review your thoughtlessly ridiculous decision, because if you don’t, you can add Jesus to your ticket and I’d vote against him – and since he espoused honesty and fairness, I’m sure he’d be in my corner.
A REAL progressive.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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2 Responses to “A Message To The Democratic National Committee.”
  1. nick McNeal says:

    GOD works in ways we as men don’t understand, I too think that Mr. Donald was sent by God, for the purpose of waking people up to just how corrupt this world could be.

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