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F1 2018 Gameplay, Features, Release Date & Everything We Know So Far.

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( British game developer Codemasters has confirmed F1 2018 game release date. The new entry in the Formula One game series is coming on PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 24. Codemasters said the upcoming game will bring some of the most anticipated changes. The game will bring an expanded career mode, more classic cars, and great fun.

F1 2017 was a successful entry in the video game series. On the PS4 UK sales chart, the game secured the second position. F1 games have always been faithful to the racing genre. With F1 2018, Codemasters aims to deliver the same thrilling racing simulation experience. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming racing simulator.

F1 2018 release date

The game is set for August 24, 2018 release and it will be available on all the popular platforms such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows. Developers will also release an enhanced version of the game for the Xbox One X on the said date. The game is coming at a time when racers will be practicing for the Belgian Grand Prix at the Spa-Francorchamps track.

F1 2018 gameplay and features

Every year, F1 game series brings new features and also strengthens the existing ones. This year’s game is no different. In the game’s official announcement, F1 Franchise Director Paul Jeal said that the studio is listening to fans requests. The new game will include features fans want from the series.

A bigger career mode

Codemasters is working on a bigger career mode for the F1 2018 game. Since 2016, developers have been introducing new changes in this particular area. Suh improvements are the reasons why many players spend their time in career mode. Last year, the studio added many R&D options in the career mode. Developers also slowed down progression system in the last game. This year, the career mode is set to be the biggest we have ever seen in the F1 Series. The studio hasn’t revealed anything specific so far, but developers say that it will be immersive.

More classic cars

F1 2017 was the first game since 2013 that brought classic cars back. For F1 2018, developers have confirmed that more classic cars are coming. In the last year’s game, we saw a Renault, a Redbull, two Williams, three McLaren, and 4 classic Ferrari cars. Codemasters has not confirmed which classic cars will be available in the final game. The studio has made it very clear that they will pick cars based on what fans want to drive in the new game.

The return of an old feature

Paul Jeal said, Codemasters are listening to fans and we’ll see more classic cars in F1 2018. With that, he added that one classic feature is also coming to the game. Jeal said the studio will bring back one old feature fans have been requesting for. It’s good to hear that the studio is actually shaping the future of the franchise keeping fans’ demands in mind.

F1 2018 game wishlist

We wish to see some new experiments with the game such as a new story mode that focuses on a fictional racer’s journey. The studio should also focus on adding some new animations to the game. At present, all we see is the same animations many times. Some fans on forums have also requested a VR version of the F1 2018 game. Some are demanding a Nintendo Switch release too.

Other than these details, Codemasters has not revealed anything about the upcoming game. It is possible that the studio will bring F1 2018 trailer or a demo at E3 2018. The studio has promised fans that it will reveal more gameplay info in the coming days.

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