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Why “Black” Lives Dont Matter..

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(ThyBlackMan.comNews Flash: “Black” lives now going for 4 cents. Recently a “black” man, husband and father in Florida by the name of Gregory Hill was shot and killed at his home by a “white” deputy. And even though a jury found the deputy partially liable, Gregory Hill’s family was awarded 4 whole cents. Wonder why? The jury ironically decided Hill responsible for his own death. The jury awarded 1 cent for the funeral and 1 cent to each of Hill’s children who are ages 7, 10 and 13. What the ……….?

One of the easiest ways to become a victim of police brutality is to keep looking the other way and live in the illusion that it cannot happen to you. It has been said that the only thing that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

Hill did have a gun but it was found in HIS BACK POCKET. So clearly he did not die then put it there. I would not even rule out that it could have been planted but what is clear is that he did not point it at the deputy, die, then put it in his own back pocket.

Let me see if I can explain this. What we label people shapes perception. And how we define people shapes our actions towards them. We saw that when Hitler dehumanized the Jews in front of the Aryans in Germany prior to World War II.

When Webster’s dictionary, Merriam Webster’s dictionary and the Oxford dictionaries which fill our schools throughout this country define “black” as diabolical, evil, treacherous, devoid of moral character”, it is easy for those who accept these definitions to shoot down African Americans like dogs – and that is exactly what is happening.

It’s psychological and sociological programming. Ironically those of us you call “black” are not in fact black at all. When you were taught your colors as a child you were never taught black and brown were the same thing. Likewise you were taught that the white crayon was white, not the color of Caucasian people.

Many of you are so busy trying to argue with me that you fail to realize you are ignoring your own eyes, that you have been brainwashed to do so and you have become an easy target for the very people with a Eugenic agenda who would destroy you.

Slavery and racism has done a number on most of you who think brown is black and Caucasians are white. If Caucasian people are white, what color is copy paper? If African-Americans are black, what color are your car tires or dress shoes?

For more information on how to stop and end police brutality, email me at and request the Free E-book.

Clearly it is brainwashing to get you to deny what our eyes see and call it something different. No other ethnic group allows themselves to be defined by someone else and with a boatload of denotative dictionary negatives but African Americans – not Indians, not Asians, not Africans,, not Haitians, not Hispanics. They all know identity is NOT defined by color and they all have real identity. The African American still struggles for identity so he is called what those with an agenda will call him – and he believes it, no matter that his own eyes say different.

Visit or because police brutality is an epidemic that the courts largely protect and the media seldomly reports.

President Trump proves my point when he says we should have people coming from other places instead of “shithole countries”. Again when he calls for the death penalty for the central park 5 – even after they were cleared of the crime and paid because they were what I call “railroaded”. Again when he allows his chief of staff to kick Omarosa out of the White House like she is trash – though I don’t care for her at all because she is the Massah’s you know what – or so she thought. Again when Trump is sued by the Justice department twice for discrimination against “blacks”.

Again when he says there are good people marching in a crowd of neo-nazis, klan and other racists. And again when President Trump speaks in code to tell “black” people we do not work and we need more policing. That’s covert plantation talk in 2018 language. and finally, again when he never, ever addresses police brutality and disproportionate incarceration of “blacks” in this country.

Police brutality and death by cops will continue to happen unless African Americans as a people peacefully, lawfully, strategically, skillfully and consistently stand up unified to stop it.

If you call yourself “black”, you might as well say you are diabolical, treacherous, evil and devoid of moral character. Maybe you are not these things at all. but when you associate yourself with the term, you bind yourself to the definition that comes along with it. Just as Caucasian people are often quick to identify themselves with the dictionary definitions of “white” such as goodness, purity, light instead of racists, thieves, invaders, colonizers etc. And while I am not saying people of any ethnic group are all bad nor all good, I am saying labels shape perception and perception shapes reality – accurate or not. And reality effects how people treat each other and groups of people.

This is why the family of this man only received 4 cents. Look at the definitions of “black” and you will see it has little to no value – like it or not.

The solution? I suggest you identify with a label that has identity, heritage, lineage, legacy, bloodline, tribe, family and geographic area. Wake up people. African American lives matter but that is not the same thing as “black” lives. Pull out your phones, use the camera, catch bad cops on video, post it on social media – even anonimously.

Go to the news media.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


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