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Alarming Effects of Second-Hand Smoke on Kids.

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( Breathing in the smoke of someone else cigarette is known as second-hand smoking. The second-hand smoke is hazardous because it contains more than 4000 chemicals. 50 of these chemicals are known to be the cause of cancer.

The people who are the victim of second-hand smoking mostly are children. The death rate due to lung cancer and heart diseases in non-smokers in younger age is significantly high.

Second-hand smoking is considered to be very dangerous for developing lungs of kids. You may never realize the danger your children are facing every time you expose them to the smoke.

Your infants are likely to get more serious problems if you smoke a cigarette. Main health problems that are seen in such infants are:

1. A cough and influenza

2. Infection in ear

3. Problems related to the respiratory system

4. Irritation in eyes

5. A sore throat

Children who are exposed to second-hand smoke are not healthy as other children. They are often ill and miss their school more often. Second-hand smoke often causes children to become asthma patient. With the passage of time, the problem of asthma becomes severer.

Effects of Second-Hand Smoke on Children’s Health:

The children are more vulnerable to the chemicals present in the smoke as their body is still growing and their immune system is not much developed to cope with such external elements.

Many pregnant women also smoke and keep their child at the risk of getting sudden infant death syndrome. They also increase the risk of many diseases in their baby. Lower birth weight has also been seen in the babies of the women who smoke

Many children are born with asthma and bronchitis. The primary reason for getting these diseases before birth is the second-hand smoke. Acute respiratory diseases and pneumonia are also some of the common infections in the infants developed due to second-hand smoke.

Second-hand smoke has adverse effects on blood vessels that become the reasons for blood clotting. The blood clotting eventually causes death. Breathing the second-hand smoke also causes the natural and normal functioning of heart to slow down.

This smoke can also attack the vascular system of the heart that causes the heart attack. There are thousands of premature deaths due to the heart attack in non-smokers each year because of second-hand smoking.

Many parents are not aware of the disgusting effects of second-hand smoke on their child’s health. A child is not allowed to smoke until he reaches 18 because his body is not supposed to accept the smoke.

The home which is considered as the safest place becomes a most dangerous place for a child when his parents are smokers. If you want to keep your children healthy, you should quit smoking immediately.

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Staff Writer; Terry Wall

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