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What Are the Kids Doing this Summer.

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( School is out, and parents are looking for things to do to keep their children occupied. Many different activities for sports, cheer, dance, art and many other areas will be in full swing leaving parents to juggle a schedule that can be just as taxing as the schedule during the school year. Though our kids are on “vacation” from school it is very important that they continue to learn. Working on different subject over the summer will have our children prepared to thrive academically when August rolls around. In addition to activities we must find a way to remain vigilant as times are dangerous and we need our children to avoid danger, and harm at all cost.

It is important that we keep our children on a routine even though they are out of school. It isn’t wise for them to sleep in all day and resign themselves to snacks and video games. They must remain active which is good for their health and mind. all parents know about the increased grocery bill over the summer. We want our kids to be kids and enjoy their snack, but it our responsibility to make sure they are intaking healthy foods while out of school. Kool-Aid and soda might be good, but it’s definitely not the best choice on a regular basis. While making sure they eat well we must also see to their activities.

Checking your local community centers, recs, and libraries could help you line up things for the kids to do that won’t break the bank. Taking the time to engage your children in conversations about what they are learning is just as important during the summer as during the school year. Setting aside time, every day, for children to read and interact with you about what they are reading will help them stay keep their minds engaged positively.

When the time and effort is put into keeping the kids active in the summer time we run a better chance of them staying out of trouble. It is important that we do all we can to keep our children out of the way of harm, and law enforcement. Knowing who your children’s friends are is important. Talk to them about not following children that engage in misbehavior. The summer time is a great time to hone your child’s decision-making skills when dealing with other kids. They need to understand the weight and consequences of decisions made.

So much can be accomplished over summer break. Children can engage in activities while still learning, eating healthy and sticking to a routine that enforces positive behavior. It’s a great time to get to know your children’s friend, and their parents. Knowing who your child is hanging out with can help you teach them lessons in judging character. Our children are precious, and we have to keep them on a positive path of growth and elevation every day. What will your kids be doing this summer? Please share ideas about activities parents can engage their kid in this summer.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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One Response to “What Are the Kids Doing this Summer.”
  1. Ryan R says:

    Thanks for this piece.

    A couple of months ago I and my wife had planned to ‘shipoff’ our kids to their grandparents like we always did every summer. Our kids have been struggling with reading and learning and we had no idea what to do as constant blames on their teachers didn’t make things any better.

    We found a program (see it here: just then, and now we blame ourselves for not involving much in their learning process. Because of the visibly overwhelming improvements in our kids, our neighbors and friends are now ‘shippingoff’ their own kids to us for the summer.

    Any activity that involves learning something new, is fun, and will create bonding (social or family) is fine.

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