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All I Here Are Crickets – Personal Accountability Lost.

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( Sad to say and even sadder to see, “black” people will rally around police brutality for a hot minute or the chance to blame the government or even the “white” man. But when it comes to personal responsibility to ourselves, our families and our communities, as a whole I only hear crickets. While I am not oblivious nor in denial about the impact of racism in its many forms, oppression and physical slavery, I would have to say they put these things in place but our people are allowing these things to stay in place. Day after day, scapegoat after scapegoat. Excuses after excuse.

Stop project a material illusion and start being who you were created to be.

Our people will jump at entertainment, know the latest song and even what time the game comes on. But not what or how our kids are doing in school. Not how we can help by participating. Not if they are doing their homework. Not how we can stop crime in our communities. Not how we can increase our own incomes instead of waiting, hoping for and begging Massah for a huge minimum wage increase. What are African-Americans waiting for? Again all I here are crickets.

Our women swear by getting their hair and nails done by people in our communities who do not look like us. By people who could care less about us. By people who would not re-invest a penny back into our communities that make them wealthy. Our brothers are often so busy chasing money with a hustle or anything in a skirt with a big booty, breasts and a vagina that they cannot see straight. All the while the incarcerations are piling up, more and more single parent households are being created, children are growing more confused and homosexuality which is reducing the reproduction of our “race” is infecting our homes and relationships. Yes I said it and if you don’t like that I did, that’s just too bad. The truth often hurts so people avoid it. But the truth that you avoid will never set you free because you won’t let it. Again all I here are crickets.

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African-American men wake up. You were born for greatness – not crime, not weed, not excuses and not shirking your responsibility. You must stabilize your families and your communities while bring balance to your children, your churches, your academic institutions. You have to be the role models our children need or else they will find them where ever they can – in hip hop, in Play station, in sports figures, comedians and emasculated actors who would gladly wear a dress to sell their souls for a dollar.

If you don’t know how to be a leader and a role model, ask somebody. Look for real examples, not simply people with a lot of money but no real foundation. And don’t just celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. or repeat the quotes from Malcolm X. They did their parts now it’s time for you to do yours. Maybe I should be saying this to Martin Luther King Jr’s children because when it comes to legacy and unity, they missed the boat. The torch was not passed because they were too busy fighting over it or trying to sell it and the flame went out. And yes I would say this to them face to face. But I would only face anger or crickets.

You should never, ever underestimate your ability to impact the world around you for the better. Stop listening to lost people or those with hidden agendas when they tell you who you are. You have heritage, you have ancestry and you have to be the conduit of that legacy for the new generations of our people to come. There is a power of authority and purpose in you that has been suppressed, oppressed, repressed and depressed. And far too many of you have been bought off, scared off or sacrificed. Do you hear me or do I only here crickets?

There is no place for the weak and the fearful. But neither have to describe you. Wake up!

So I will keep speaking and writing to those of you who are awake and those of you who want to wake up. Ikpote my brother. It is past time. And while our men and women here in America dare to call themselves kings and queens, most don’t even know what those words mean. Instead of hearing crickets or even slave-minded “negroes” trying to dispute, disavow and deny this message, I need to hear the voices of power and the roar of victory from you. And more importantly, your people need you. No more crickets. Ikpote.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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