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Repairing The African-American Value System.

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( Before African-Americans can be successful as a people, minds, attitudes, world views, priorities and perspectives must change. Sadly, the mental plantation never closed. What I am about to tell you will challenge you to be better and go higher. It will undoubtedly tamper with your comfort zone – and that’s a good thing. But if you get offended, you are likely part of the problem. People commonly get offended when their role in something bad is exposed, a proverbial hitting the nail on the head and as they say, “a hit dog will holler“.


It just turned covertly mental, psychological, sociological, economic, corporate, judicial and academic.

If African-Americans do not change the way we think as a people, actions will continue to be self-sabotaging, full of excuses, yielding little results and creating more destructive generational cycles – all while blaming the government or the Caucasian.

The void in African-American thinking is partially rooted in slavery, partially rooted in excuses and partially rooted in accepting that we are “black“, though we never were.  A lie and self-fulfilling prophecy of failure due to lack of identity.

Look at your hands. YOU ARE NOT BLACK and there is no identity in color, but rather in blood lines, tribes, family, spiritual connection, genetics and geographic area. It’s past time to correct the narrative and go with the truth. We get excited about movies like “Black Panther” because it gives us a brief glimpse into who we are. But after the movie is over, far too many of our people sink right back into the slave mindset and the mental plantation.


As a whole, African-American people think, perceive and behave as a people without identity, severely disconnected from our homeland. Our people have drank the Kool-aid of deception poured by someone else with a genocidal agenda. And “the white man’s ice is not colder than ours“. It never has been. Sad that so many “black” people think that it is.


  • Working Hard and Working Smart instead of getting over on people (the game).
  • Keeping one’s word instead of only when you would get in trouble.
  • Real entrepreneurship,  the hustle.
  • Quality family time instead of     everybody is “too busy“.
  • Education over rap and NBA dreams.
  • Real role models instead of talk show hosts and comedians.
  • Money management instead of materialism.
  • Unity instead of division.
  • Becoming Lions in a den instead of crabs in a basket.
  • Results instead of ego.
  • A focus on seriousness and maturity instead of entertainment.
  • Real spirituality and relationship with the Creator that prepares and propels our people to victory instead of fake religions that serve rich church leaders.
  • Men as real men and women as real women – not confusion between the two.
  • Conflict Resolution instead of divorce, domestic violence, courts, incarceration and child support.
  • Peaceful solutions, not angry behavior.

SHARE THIS MESSAGE with everyone you know via text, email, social media and discussions. Email me at for more information. And remember, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem. If you do nothing, say nothing, attack the message, the messenger or the truth, not only are you part of the problem, you have also entirely missed the point.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


5 Responses to “Repairing The African-American Value System.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    Pelvo while I see what you mean, I would say that many of our people take unto themselves things they are programmed to THINK they value because someone else told them these things were valuable. It is often not a conscious decision.

  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Let me into your house and I will tell you what you value because no man or woman takes unto themselves anything that they do not treasure. Following this line of reasoning inevitable leads one to the inescapable conclusion that we value our existences as Americans because here we are, dressed in deviated forms of western European cut clothing,suit and tied to the maximum, thinking ourselves both beautiful and handsomely robed oftentimes never giving a thought to the fact that what we are wearing isn’t traditional African garb.

  3. Trevo Craw says:

    The response to this article sadly proves my point. Our people will rally around police brutality issues for a hot minute. Or even jump at the chance to get Kanye tickets or be in a rap video. But when it comes to our responsibility to ourselves and our people (ACCOUNTABILITY), all I hear is freakin crickets.

  4. Trevo Craw says:


    Real entrepreneurship, NOT the hustle.

  5. Marque Anthony says:


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