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Creating Practical and Effective Site Security.

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( Protecting what we have worked for is a high priority for everyone. Whether we live in a high-end development or an area in transition, we can never assume that no one will attempt to steal or damage our property.

Building an effective security plan can be challenging. It’s not that we can’t secure things; in a nation that has made incarceration an industry, we can certainly lock things down when we need to. The problem comes about when we try to develop a system that keeps others outside without making it feel like we are trapped inside.

The goal, then, is to strike a delicate balance. We want our security systems to be as reliable as possible without feeling confining to those they are supposed to protect. Developing that balance can include a lot of technologies and methods that are more modern and less intrusive.

Better Fences

Forget about girdling your property in chain link and barbed wire. There are innovative products available with that level of tight protection without the institutional look and feel. Modular industrial concrete fencing can be installed in places where masonry fences may be impractical and where wire-based fences won’t hold up, all while providing a variety of options for the aesthetic aspect.

Concrete barriers don’t get knocked down by trees or cut by intruders. They don’t rust or stretch, and work in surrounding areas can be done without the risk of injury from sharp wires.

Natural Barriers

Intruders generally think in terms of addressing man-made obstructions–locks, fences, alarms, cameras, and so forth. These methods are definitely effective and should be a part of any security plan, but there are also some techniques you can use that rely on some help from Mother Nature. An added benefit of these techniques is that they provide security with a softer look that doesn’t feel so institutional.

One very good natural barrier is a nice, loud dog, but that may not be feasible if your site is somewhere that is infrequently staffed. Plants can be a good choice. Tall or thorny obstructions can make windows more difficult to access, and they can help to camouflage surface obstructions like coarse rocks or steep slopes.

Procedural Security

Sometimes the greatest weakness in any security plan is the people. The fence never goes off duty, but someone can forget to lock the gate. An alarm system rarely malfunctions, assuming someone has armed it.

Your security plan should include every possible provision for keeping people from letting forgetfulness or complacency interfere with proper security measures. For commercial and industrial applications, make sure credentials are automated. If you want to avoid a problem with forgotten badges or ID cards, use a smartphone-based system. After all, nobody ever seems to forget to take their phone with them.

Focused Security

In some situations, the most intense security measures can be narrowed down to the highest-value areas. Think about the safe at a business. Sure, the whole building is locked, but those most valuable items are inside the most rigorous fixture, safely stored inside a safe.

This helps in several ways. First, it allows graduated access; that is, all employees can get in the front door, but only a few can get in the main office and fewer still into the safe. It also helps remove the burden of working with multiple security measures in areas where they really aren’t necessary. Finally, it can reduce costs by limiting the expenditures in low-risk areas.

When we have worked hard to earn something, we expect to be able to protect it. With the unending push of crimes against property, we always must be vigilant to the would-be thieves and vandals who want to invade our secure spaces. With a good security plan that is consistently applied, your property will be at the lowest possible risk without forcing you to live or work inside a fortress.

Staff Writer; Bobby Shaw

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