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The Truth of Genesis: A View Of Zionism, Part 1 – The Beginning of Zionism.

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( This article series is my understanding of Zionism. It may not be 100% correct, but I hope it is at least over 90%. Just as everything else, Zionism begins with our Creator, Yehovah. In His native realm, there was vast amount of room for Him to “indulge in His hobby” of conceiving and producing spheres of His creation, or let’s use the term “universes’. Yehovah would create the sphere in 6 units (what we would call “days”), and sit back and think about His work on the seventh unit.

After many billions of spheres, keeping up with them all simultaneously became “taxing”, so God began creating controlling cherubims (arc-angels) to be superintendents or overseers of those universes, which varied in types of living beings. From then on, a sphere would be created, after an interval of time, in six units, observed on the seventh, and a controlling cherub would be created and introduced “to the natives” on the eighth day.

On rotating intervals, one third of the overseers would report to Heaven, and give their chronicle of events and how God’s creations were progressing. The arc-angels would approach God’s throne, Lucifer would receive their reports, and relay them to Yehovah.

There came a time when there was no more “space” for spheres, and Yehovah had promised that He would create a “universe of man” that Lucifer could be an overseer of. In six days, this universe was completed, and Yehovah “rested” on the seventh day. On the eighth day, Lucifer was introduced to mankind. The problem with this situation, was that all the other controlling cherubims where created after their assignments were constructed, thus they had no preconceived expectations of the natives. But since Lucifer knew of the pathways of growth from other creations, his expectations were not met. Mankind lingered in paradise.

To advance mankind more quickly, Lucifer offered his help for the price of worship, but mankind refused. Lucifer had a temper tantrum, committing death by escalation of sea life, before Yehovah told him to stop. Lucifer asked to visit controlling cherubims in other creations under the pretense of learning how to be more successful. What he did was recruit other overseers that he could persuade to his side, and manipulate the schedule so that his angels (33%) would all be in Heaven at the same time.

God saw this coming, and prepared Michael and his angels for the extra-celestial civil war. Lucifer lost, and was cast back down to the Earth. It was then that Lucifer caused the first “great extinction”, in 245 Million BC. Yehovah laid out His plan to take back the stewardship from Lucifer, but it depended upon Lucifer “hanging himself”. It took five move advents of mankind and four restorations, but Lucifer fell in the trap in the Garden of Eden, by getting Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit.

After the flood of Noah in 2611 BC, and the dividing of the dry land into continents in 2509 BC, Abram was born 116 years later, in 2318 BC. God “called” him in 2243 BC, having Abram to “cross over” from Haran to the land of Promise (Canaan). Abraham beget Isaac in 2218 BC, and Isaac beget Jacob in 2158 BC. The Hyksos conquered Lower (Northern) Egypt in 2107 BC, Jacob was married in 2075 BC, and beget Reuben in 2074 BC, Simeon in 2073 BC, Levi in early 2072, and Judah in late 2072, all by his first wife, Leah. Dan, Gad, and Issachar were born in 2071 by Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah. Naphtali, Asher and Zebulun were born in 2070 BC by the same three wives. In 2068, Rachel gave birth to Joseph.

Joseph was sold into Egypt, Reuben’s affair with Bilhah was discovered, and Leah’s daughter, named Dinah, was ravaged by Shechem, the prince of the city of Shechem, all in 2051 BC, the year of Jacob’s trouble. Bilhah gave birth to Tamar, who would marry Er, and then Onan, Canaanite sons of Judah, who would both be slain. Tamar gave birth to Pharez and Zarah (twins) in 2024 BC, after tricking Judah into laying with her three years after the family
moved to Goshen.

Ahmose (I) defeated the Hyksos and (re)captured Lower Egypt in 1999 BC, and decided to enslave Joseph and the house of Jacob in 1998 BC. He was the pharaoh the “didn’t know Joseph”. Levi begat Jochebed, the mother of Miriam, Aaron and Moses, in 1935 BC.  Jochebed gave birth to Moses in 1678 BC, after marrying her third husband, Amram. Yes, the first miracle that Yehovah did in Egypt for Israel was allowing Jochebed not to age after reaching adulthood for 237 years, until she gave birth to Moses. She aged normally after that.

Apparently, that is something Moses chose not to write about. How else do you think God kept His promise of “four generations” (Gen 15:16)? The four generations in Egypt which Yehovah referred to were Jacob, the first, then his son Levi, the second, then Levi’s daughter Jochebed, the third generation, and then her third child, named Moses, was the fourth generation.

Israel walked through water baptism in 1598 BC, and was given “a new tongue” (Hebrew) on the third day at Mt. Sinai. After forty years, Israel conquered Jericho in 1558 BC. After six years of war and 450 years of judges, Saul was crowned king in 1102 BC, David in 1062 BC, and Solomon in 1022 BC. In 1018 BC, the first Temple was begun, and was completed in 1011 BC.

In the fifth month (Av), and the ninth day of that month, in about the year 576 BC (a guess), the first Temple was destroyed. About 120 years later, the commandment to rebuild the Temple was given, in 457 BC. In 68 AD, the second Temple was destroyed. From then on, the people of Israel (Judah) have longed for the time that the third temple would be build, and hopefully would last forever under the reign of the Messiah. This is encompassed by the desire/phrase to “return to Zion”, which is one of two hills (old and new) in Jerusalem, which has five other hills, named Mt. Corruption, Mt. Ophel, Mt. Scopus, Mt. Olivet, and the Antonia hill where a fortress was built.

Along with the desire to rebuild the Temple, Zionism had encompassed the desire to return the Jewish people to the geographic location of original (biblical) borders of Israel. The Jewish people had been scattered across the continents since the homeland was lost after the last Jewish-Roman war (Bar Kokhba revolt) in 136 AD. So henceforth, we will look at the efforts of Zionism to accomplish the dual goal of returning to the land, and rebuilding the (third) Temple, “by hook, or by crook”.

Staff Writer; Herman Cummings

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