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This Administration Failed Accountability Class.

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( Parents might not want their children to watch the news without their supervision. The primary concern may not be just violence in the world, but the lack of accountability they will encounter from the local offices to the highest one on the land. Even though we knew previous administrations didn’t make the decisions we would have preferred there is a level of accountability no longer exist. Lying far beyond fabrication is the norm now in our society. The state of social unrest is peaking with each passing day, and many Americans don’t feel safe when they look at the direction this administration is taking on a global scale. If the word of the American government has ever been questioned it is now being destroyed.

Everything is a huge publicity stunt whereby advisors are just holding a position for the sake of the fact someone has to fill the slot. This administration doesn’t listen to council, has a vendetta against the immediate previous administration, and its currently turning on its self. Clearly this white house failed accountability class. Admitting a wrong decision and writing those policies doesn’t make one weak. It takes great strength, and a strength required for leadership.

Granted some may have felt this administration could have been fine with no experience in politics, public service, nor foreign matters. Honestly it could have if it were willing to surround itself if competent advisors, listen to these advisors, be willing to learn as this is job is new for the head of this administration. More focus needs to be places on accountability, and the needs of the country verses what others think of you. No one is going to love every decision, and leadership must be willing to accept criticism even when they don’t feel they deserve such.

Accountability is the thread that ties all these issues together. Instead of owning the mistakes that have taken place this administration has created the climate of passing blame. Social media, via twitter and other platforms, has not helped this administration. Obviously, judgement is being passed based on every social media post that lacks encouragement to the nation, passes the buck, and creates the paranoia that someone is always out to get you. We see this so much on social media, and the television that’s its laughing stock and meme worthy.

When we look at what’s happening there is nothing funny about the state of our country. Even citizens that don’t fully understand everything that is happening they can decipher something is wrong, and our country could very well be in danger. We must actively explain what our children see on the news as we do want them to be aware of the world around them. They need to understand accountability is not a class they can afford to fail. Hopefully we can raise a generation of children that will be developed in character and require it. They will demand right governing from their elected officials, and accountability is simply non-negotiable.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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