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Top 5 Reasons Why I Would Never Ever Date Becky aka white woman.

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( It greatly disgusts me that images of Becky are constantly forced and shoved down our throats as the “standard of beauty” when in reality, this is definitely false.

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why I will never ever date Becky.

1. She’s the ugliest creature on the planet – They are the cave bitches come from Caucasus Mountains and they eventually have become even when they get into their 40s and even the current Imperialist Queen Of England definitely the most ugliest creatures on this planet. There is absolutely nothing beautiful or attractive to me about Becky aka the cave bitch.

2. They co-opt things that black women have created – An example of this happened last year when they co-opted the original women’s march that was started by working class black women in Philadelphia in 1997 that I refer to as “The White Women’s March” of last year that was nothing more but a glorified spectacle of their continued support of U.S. imperialism and oppression against colonized people especially black people in America. Another example is the constant co-opting of black female hairstyles such as the braids and cornrows by The KarTRASHians.

3. They destroy the futures of black men by mainly falsely accuse them of rape – One of the many examples of this happened in the case of Corey Lee Sutton Jr., a black man who  was given an horrendous sentence of 56 years in prison after being falsely accused of rape by a white woman.

The historical relationship between black men and white women is an oppressive and toxic combination that’s like mixing alcohol and drugs together.

Except: “Also, white women during slavery were also complicit in oppressing black people particularly in which they would often falsely accuse black men of raping them and this led to many black men being beat, tortured, lynched, and even killed.”

“And these false allegations against black men by white women still happen to this day because along with regular black men, certain black male athletes and entertainers have had their careers destroyed and many average black males are currently incarcerated because of false allegations that were made against them by white women.”

4. They only love black men for their sexual prowess in the bed – Nowadays especially, you often see either posts on social media or videos online of white women talking about black men in very condescending ways especially in the context of “chocolate” and “BBC”. They have never looked at us as people, only as sex objects to make babies and then suck us dry financially in court and then dump us for the next guy.

5. She has even caused some black women to legitimately hate themselves – Since their images are often forced and shoved down the throats of black women especially in the form of white Barbie dolls, ads, commercials, etc., this has caused some black women to actually hate themselves by either changing their hair to blonde, speaking like a white woman, or in some cases, bleach their skin to try to look more white just to “fit in”.

Excerpt: “White women also played a big role in the special oppression of black women during slavery by forcing them to be these subservient maids called mammies that would do basic chores around the house like cooking, preparing meals, cleaning homes, nursing and caring for the slave owners’ children in white households.”

The Conclusion – There’s one thing that Becky will always be to colonized people like myself. She’s the person that gave birth to the most evil and vile group of people on the planet that has committed wars, violence, famine, poverty, slavery, and other forms of colonial violence against colonized people: The Caucasoids

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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2 Responses to “Top 5 Reasons Why I Would Never Ever Date Becky aka white woman.”
  1. FollowerOfL.Elder says:

    As a staunch black republican, this Liberal Anti-White mentality must end.

    Talk about unprofessional and uncouth,”Cave Bitch” and “Ugly”. I see this same insecurity, naked aggression and disgust against black women. Step down to your enemies level? I think not. Then why would they (“the enemy”) be wrong? You’re both race-oriented assholes with an opinion. That doesn’t solve anything. One mans heterosexual attraction is another mans repulsion, we have seen this many times INSIDE our race and OUTSIDE. White Women can’t be the standard of beauty as they try to look like us so badly now anyway. Black relationships must be so garbage filled and non-existent if you seriously have time to CONTINUOUSLY slander Interracial Relationships. Why such interest in someones morally correct social life? Reeks of Jealously to me.

    Brother you mind is so ill and deceived that you are seriously faulting white women by merely standing up for themselves in the fashion that black women have? I’m missing the point on how this is bad or negative.

    You want to just arm-chair general talk about U.S Imperialism? With blacks represented in the army by a decent-sized amount and more diversity in special forces to generals coming, I think your “anti-imperialism” remark would be rendered dead on arrival. What about documented black-on-black crime WITH POLICE in maiming, whipping, and injuring? Dead on arrival. Not to mention the liberal haven of Chicago and black gangs, mafias, and gangster rappers. Dead on arrival.

    You just live to blame the “white man”.

    Black women can copy white women hairstyles but if vice versa happens its not okay? Wow, talk about irony and discrimination. The former happens thousands of percentage points more then the former, yet you have the NERVE to mouth the words “cultural appropriation”. Amazing.

    “They rape and destroy”

    Hello?! Black people rape and destroy each other, with accounts of murder, theft, and child molestation running rampant, as well as black women neglectful of our sons/daughters and are very promiscuous. Black Men run away and hate to commit etc. . See anybody can dig up a small minority of people and make it out to be a big issue represented by that society because of the negative numbers. Group think much?

    “They only love black men because……”

    I’m tired of liberal idiots like you perpetuating this objectifying stereotype on us men. Something that from snooping in on chats with females in my younger days to medical science is so absurd and disgusting, not to mention untrue. Anyone who says this, black or white is a self-hater and thats not why white men date black men. Here’s another example, Black people are stronger then whites in sports but in reality thats just 10-20% of the population. I also have a feeling blacks unfortunately CHOOSE to be more oriented in sports due to poor academic discipline and those numbers should be lower.

    “She caused black women to hate themelves”

    I’m sorry have we entered the crack epidemic again? Nobody forced you to take crack, nobody forced you to wear your weave, nobody forced you to wear skin-lightning cream or dye your lips pink as they do overseas. If I told you to jump off a bridge and just because the media says “its cool” or you’re “brainwashed” or “White Supremacy” (whatever that means) will you do the same? Nobody can force you to hate themselves but you. Will the black race accept ANY responsibility for itself? No wonder our kids are so messed up. Its the “media” and the “white mans” fault.

    In 2018, and we are still talking about slavery? Our west african “brothers” played the “captive” game but its all the white mans fault? Corrupt African countries plunder, kill and steal to this day buts its the white mans fault?

    This Liberalism Disease must stop..

  2. Shammah Youmans says:


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