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Six Reasons Sony Will Not Release the PlayStation 5 Before 2020.

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( If you still believe the PlayStation 5 release is happening anytime soon, it’s time to check some facts. PlayStation 5 release rumors and fake stories have been in place for years but there’s no concrete evidence available that supports any claims about the console’s existence. If Sony is working on the next generation console, the PS5 may not arrive before 2020.

1. The need for better graphics processing

We can’t imagine Sony’s PlayStation 5 without a powerful graphics processing unit. The best candidate for the same is AMD Radeon. AMD updated their graphics roadmap and Navi is coming in 2019. AMD’s GPU lineup is set to shift to 7nm and this shrink usually means big gains in power efficiency and performance.

By 2019, the company’s entire portfolio will feature 7nm GPUs. According to sources, Navi is an ideal candidate for the PlayStation 5 for two reasons: with AMD Navi, it is easy for consoles to provide support for backwards compatibility, and GPU based on the 7nm process will allow Sony to get higher teraflop count, which is expected to be a 30 percent bump.

2. PlayStation 5 development kits

Those who are saying that availability of PS5 dev kits means PS5 is already in production should understand that it doesn’t work like that. Development kits are usually just PCs with console-like hardware power. Game developers who were among the first ones to deliver the game on PlayStation 4 say they were using such dev kits for more than a year before the console made its debut and some of those dev kits didn’t even have similarities with the final product. The development kits for PS5 are available, but they don’t necessarily resemble PlayStation 5. Game developers who are familiar with Sony’s plans say that the PS5 is not in production and its release in 2018 is quite impossible.

3. The price factor

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will be a big generational leap and to make it happen, the console will need the more powerful hardware components. At the same time, Sony will also have to keep the pricing factor in mind. A low price tag is only possible if Sony follows its development pattern. Adding a 7nm chip instead of a 16nm chip will increase the final price and by reducing the silicon area like how Sony did on the PS4 and PS4 Pro, Sony can make sure give more power to the PlayStation 5 and that too at a lower price point.

4. Current generation still has so much to offer

Declaring PS4 and PS4 Pro dead doesn’t make any sense because these two consoles have so much to offer. The current generation of game-console is not seeing that saturation factor and even game developers haven’t reached a point where the hardware feels weak or limited.

No matter how advanced the games have become, Sony’s PS4 and PS4 Pro work extremely well with today’s game engines and support for PSVR is also flawless. Before making any generational leap, Sony will make sure that there are no more ways left to squeeze money out of the current generation consoles.

Practically, 2018 is the time when console makers will try their best to win the console war with content and not with the hardware. This is the time when both Microsoft and Sony will focus on bringing more exclusive content on their platforms before the next generation consoles arrive.

5. Sony will keep an eye on Microsoft

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is not even a year old yet. Introducing a new console is pointless at this moment, but at some point, the company will surely introduce the next generation console and it is likely to happen sometime around 2020. Sony will surely look for the right time as Microsoft can make any surprising move in these two years. Such announcements from rivals could make Sony change its plans. Since there’s no possibility of any new console coming from Microsoft in the next two years, Sony has plenty of time to focus on how it could beat the competitors.

6. Required tech is not ready

Sony will not release PlayStation 5 at least not before Q4 2019 because launching a new generation console with a big leap in technology isn’t possible in 2018. Sony will likely pair a powerful GPU will an upgraded RAM and SSD storage. With these components, Sony will also need an improved cooling solution which should be better than what we see on the Microsoft Xbox One X.

The life of the current generation consoles is not over yet. Many big games are scheduled for release during fall this year and even Sony’s dearest game studios are clueless about PlayStation 5 release. So it’s very clear that we should not expect PS5 release before 2020. Some fans say that the console will arrive with games like GTA 6, System Shock, and Dragon Age 4.

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