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HTC U12 or U12 Plus? HTC Teases a Smartphone Launch Set for May 23rd.

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( HTC U12 and U12 Plus are two candidates in the Android world fans are eagerly waiting for. If you’are following the latest HTC U12 and U12 Plus news updates and rumors, HTC has decided to unwrap the surprise on May 23. The company will unveil a smartphone on the said date and most likely, the announcement will be about the highly anticipated HTC U12 or U12 Plus smartphones.

On its official website, HTC posted a teaser image showing hardware components of smartphones. Many fans believed that these components belong to the upcoming phone HTC is going to unveil on May 23. Later, it was confirmed by HTC that the components belong to other smartphones from competitors. When HTC was asked to comment on this, the company said that the components shown in the teaser image are the hardware parts “competitors inelegantly cram” into their mobile phones.

HTC wants you to wait till the company officially announces the next smartphone. HTC has not shared any details other than a highly ambiguous statement that says the company is launching “a phone that is more than the sum of its specs.” But in this digital age, keeping secrets for a long time is not possible. Here’s what we know so far about the HTC 12 and HTC U12 Plus.

If reports are something to go by, HTC will unveil U12 Plus on May 23. The phone has been a part of several leaked images and specs sheets, and it is also being said that HTC will skip the U12 title and directly launch the U12 Plus.

The most interesting thing about the HTC U12 Plus is that the smartphone will feature dual-lens cameras not only on its back but also on the front. Reports say that the front-facing camera will have two 8MP shooters while on the back side of the phone, two 12MP lenses will be available just above the fingerprint sensor. A leaked image of the HTC U12 Plus strengthens this claim, but the combination for the rear cameras can be replaced by a 12MP + 16MP pair.

HTC U11 series phones are amazing and despite having control over only a small portion of its smartphone division, HTC successfully manages to deliver quality. The U12 Plus appears to be another gem in the crown. The device’s images have been leaked by a Chinese website in a product listing and also by a leaker. The images surfaced online show a new HTC smartphone with dual cameras on the front and back side of the phone that we mentioned earlier.

One more interesting thing happened earlier this year at a 5G industry event. HTC demonstrated one of its smartphones’ capabilities and the HTC phone was easily capable of hitting 809.58Mbps speed. HTC didn’t reveal anything about this device but it led many tech-enthusiasts to believe that the phone HTC showcased was U12 Plus. Since 5G technology is being tested in some countries it’s too early to expect a 5G phone in the coming months. But surprisingly, the smartphone HTC brought at the event looks similar to the phone we have seen in the leaked images.

The HTC U12 or U12 Plus as it’s been called in various reports, is expected to have a 6-inch 18:9 bezel-free display. As a must-have component, the Snapdragon 845 coupled with 6GB of RAM will give a performance boost to the smartphone. The headphone jack will not be there on the phone and a 3420mAh battery will keep it running.

The HTC U12 Plus is also said to come with an IP68 rating which means it will stand strong against the Samsung Galaxy S9. The phone will also support Google’s Project Treble. Other than that, features like face unlock Edge Sense and added security with a fingerprint sensor on the back will also be a part of the package.

In terms of design, HTC is not blindly following the trend. The new smartphone is expected to ditch the iPhone X-like notch. At the moment, we only know that HTC will launch a smartphone on May 23 and it can be the U12 or U12 Plus. There are no specific pricing details available for the US market so we will have to wait for the official confirmation. But one thing is clear that HTC phones are more affordable than the latest phones released by competitors so we can expect a surprise from the May 23rd event.

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