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Cancer: Caused By The Medical Industry ……And They Know It.

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( In your lifetime it is highly likely that you will either get cancer or know someone close to you who will have it. So you make the assumption that your doctor knows all he or she needs to know, that he or she will tell you all you need to know and that your health and well being are the doctor’s top priority. Not to worry right? Wrong and the assumptions I just mentioned have never been more wrong in patient cases all over this country.


More people in this country have cancer than those who catch the flu, but the CDC will not call cancer an epidemic. Why not? Oncology and interrelated medical fields, medications, treatments and procedures are major money makers. And cancer in children to adults to senior citizens is growing. Ironically there are some breakthroughs but other treatments are the same ones used 20 years ago. Since we can clone a dog and put a rover on Mars, I find it suspicious and possibly intentional that conquering cancer is moving at a snail’s pace.

If you ask your doctor where all the cancer is coming from, you will likely notice a blank look on his face, an abstract answer or no answer at all. But doctors know where the cancer is coming from, at least the cancers caused by the very treatments and medications they give you in hospitals, offices and treatment centers. Some of them want to reveal this to you but they can’t because of liability, their oaths and the risk of losing their medical licenses. Therefore the best disclosure you may receive is found in all the documents they have you sign to release them from liability when something goes wrong.

Let me get right to the point. I trusted my team of doctors when I had cancer but only to a point. Mine was curable. But what they fail to tell me was how their treatments and procedures used to kill cancer actually caused cancer as well. When I confronted my Oncologists, Surgeon, GP, Nurse Practitioner etc. with the facts from reputable research, they did not deny even one of them.

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Chemotherapy does not only kill some cancer, it also causes cancer. Radiation treatment does not only kill cancer cells, it also causes cancer. CAT Scans (CTs) cause cancer in an estimated 30,000 people a year. X-rays cause cancer as well as mutation of cells and damaged DNA. Are there alternatives to a CAT Scan? Yes, in many cases, the MRI and the ultrasound. Both of which are far less dangerous. Even with an MRI, you need to be careful. Some dyes are known to be harmful, and there is even a gadolinium lawsuit going on due to the damage it caused. But for some reason doctors are not telling patients about all their alternatives. And you cannot make the best decision if facts and options are being withheld from you – facts and options your doctor knows about.










In addition to knowing that CT Scans cause cancer (not in everybody for some reason), there are a few other things you need to know. There are primary 3 elements to a CT or CAT Scan procedure, each posing its own dangers or risks.

The first elements is the oral contrast you may have to drink. While it does serve a purpose, it is likely barium sulfate containing barium which is poison to the body – and doctors know this. Barium Sulfate could also cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and other issues. The second part of the procedure is the CT scan itself which is a much higher dose of radiation to the body than an X-ray and which has been found to cause cancer.

The third piece of the puzzle is called the IV contrast. It can be an iodine dye or even more barium. If you have weak kidneys, they may not be able to withstand, flush, filter or screen the iodine. You could also have an allergic reaction. And here is the kicker many doctors never ever mention. The IV contrast or dye injected into your body could cause what is called Contrast Induced Nephropathy (CIN) – kidney problems. This could mean a sharp and sudden loss of kidney function in just a few days. Furthermore, while it has been reported that only 2% of people having the IV could contract CIN, think about how many people have CT Scans and you will see 2% is a large number. And what if you are in that 2%? I am willing to bet you money that 9 out of 10 doctors will never disclose these facts before you have a CT Scan. Yet I am also willing to bet that 10 out of 10 know it.

The foolish person who lacks wisdom will try to live the way he wants, get the doctor or health and wellness professional to help him get well then go back to living the way he wants..

What about your doctor helping you to get well? Can you trust your doctor? It depends on how you define “trust”. Trust is usually based on several assumptions that the patient makes. That being said, let’s play a true or false game. You can expect your doctor to tell you everything you need to know – false. You can expect your doctor to always do whatever is in your best interest – false. You are your doctor’s top priority – false. Doctors are always up to date on the latest treatments, cures, medications and procedures – false.


There are many ways to verify what I just told you. One way is to ask the right probing questions. How your doctor responds and what he or she does not say will answer your question just as much as his actual answers will. Another way is to get a second opinion, without telling the second doctor what the first doctor said. A third way is to do your own research using reputable sites like WebMD or Johns Hopkins websites. But if you turn your brain off and simply accept what your doctor tells you, you are somewhere between being lazy, being gullible and being a fool. Your life and your health are YOUR primary responsibility, not your doctor’s. Be careful who you trust with that power because NOBODY will prioritize your life the way you will or should – especially not in the medical field.

There are prescription medications you here about on TV LIKE HUMIRA that actually give you cancer.

Be very careful of the “cookie cutter approach” that doctors use. Yes their approach to treating or curing your condition will be recommended by their councils, boards, regulatory agencies and associations. But they fail to adopt procedures that take into account how different each of us are. From pre-existing condition to ethnicity to gender, to genetic history to the stage of our medical conditions – each patient is very different. Therefore the approach doctors recommend may need to be amended, tweaked or adjusted to fit YOU and as many of your circumstances as possible.

A DOCTOR IS NOT LIKELY TO TELL YOU ALL OR EVEN MOST OF YOUR OPTIONS – even though you need to know all of them to make a well-informed decision and weigh the risks against the benefits. This is often true because they cannot or will not disclose possible solutions outside of their area of expertise. And certainly not those outside the arena of modern, traditional medicine – whatever that means.

Doctors believe the clinical testing and trials have already done that for you. But that is not always true because those studies may not take into account every factor related to you as a unique individual. Instead of giving you all of your options (from best to worst, most effective to least effective), the doctor will likely only give you the general medical association or state board recommendations and protocols. But with different or extenuating circumstances present, they may not apply to you. I object to the “cookie cutter” process for that reason. And unfortunately most people blindly follow what their doctor recommends so they never know about the other alternatives , some of which might be better for you specifically.

I am not saying all doctors are bad. Nor am I saying all doctors are dishonest. But I am saying the medical industry is just that – an Industry. It is largely motivated by pharmaceutical companies, Eugenics (population control) and money. Somewhere in the mix patients are a priority but not the priority. Even good or great doctors are bound by oaths, regulations and regulatory agencies that restrict what they can tell you. And because this is true, you really have to do your research and read between the lines.

I am not saying you should believe every conspiracy theory. Nor am I saying you should become an “internet doctor”. Nor am I saying that you should avoid doctors nor stop taking medications and treatments. I am saying, however, that all is not what it seems and there are huge agendas in the medical industry that do not include your health and well being as a priority.

Cancer is invading our bodies from foods, cosmetics and beauty products, medical procedures, pharmaceutical medications, contraceptives and a host of other dangerous areas. Too many doctors appear to draw a blank when you ask them where all this cancer is coming from. But they know a whole lot of the truth. I recommend you email me at to receive a free copy of my e-book Cancer In My Kitchen, to schedule a speaking engagement or for more information that could save your life or that of a family member. But whatever you do, think for yourself. It may be one of the few rights you have left.


1. Alkalize your body.

2. Stop eating foods that cause cancer.

3. Start eating foods that kill cancer.

4. Build or boost your immune system naturally.

5. Try unconventional and alternative cures early.

6. Eliminate every person, thing or behavior that causes a lot of stress.

7. Exercise / lose the weight.

8. Eat Tumeric / Curcumin as often as possible, in everything.

9. Read the label before you buy your food.

10. Do the research for yourself. Don’t be lazy minded. Think for yourself.

11. Always get second opinions and seek natural alternatives.

For more info or to reach me, send an email to and include your contact information. And remember, you have to proactively prioritize your health and do your homework. You only have one body so don’t mess it up.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


8 Responses to “Cancer: Caused By The Medical Industry ……And They Know It.”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    The best slaves are those who never resist and who attack the truth when they hear it because they have no idea they are slaves.

    Email your request to

  2. Marque Anthony says:

    MEDICAL ALTERNATIVES TO CHEMOTHERAPY (Most doctors never ever tell you about):

    See for yourself after talking to your doctor. There are various medically approved options to chemotherapy that may work to kill cancer while having fewer risks and causing far less damage than chemotherapy. But as a cancer survivor, I was never told about any of these by my radiation nor chemo Oncologists. Did they know? It is a guarantee they did. Did they provide the info and give me the option (when it is used for the type of cancer I had)? No.

  3. Marque Anthony says:

    To John:
    What is irresponsible is not this article. It sites several sources.
    What is irresponsible is the fact that you try to tare down the article without offering even one bit of evidence to refute anything in it.

    The Cancer Treatment Industry is just that – a money making industry. So John let me give you some more facts. The medical industry makes alot more money from treating cancer patients than it does by making them well, healed or finding cures.

    Cancer pays a radiation Oncologist and his staff, a chemo Oncologist and his staff, a surgeon and his staff, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, hospital staff, radiologists, x-ray technicians, lab technicians, phlebotomists and a host of other people.

    It is not pseudo-science to look at the numbers of people who get sick, die or have damaged organs from chemo instead of cancer. It is not pseudo-science to expose the toxicity of chemo and its origin from World War 1 Mustard Gas. It is not pseudo-science to share that chemo pills are so toxic that pills which fall on the floor have to be disposed of through the bio-hazard unit of a hospital. I dare you to swallow even one of those pills or take even one IV of chemo treatment.

    John you are simply somebody who wanted to disagree or you are a robot who likely does whatever your doctor tells you to. That indicates you cannot think and research for yourself.

  4. John says:

    Ridiculous. Pseudoscience. Believes. Escape of reality. Misconceptions. Trash. Cancer exists since the first live cell. Cancer exists in animal and vegetable kingdoms since always. Cancer exists in human beings since always. DNA failure is a great culprit of cancer as well. Sorry, but this article is irresponsible.

  5. Trevo Craw says:


    Send e-book requests or requests for speaking engagements to

    Not to my surprise, I appear to be suddenly locked out of the cancerinmykitchen email, though I set it up and wrote down the correct password.

  6. Marque Anthony says:

    What Chemotherapy Does To The Body:

  7. Marque Anthony says:


    You will find this shocking. Or maybe you won’t, but most do. AIDS was created in a lab as a biological warfare germ. But the vaccine and the cure were created right along with it. They never create a disease without also creating a cure and an inoculation. That is because they control the spread and when to shut it down (look up Eugenics).

    You know what happened to Dr Sebi but here is what you may not know. Go to the federal government patent and trademark website which is Then do a patent search by clicking the appropriate selection on the page. Then when you go to the next page, do a patent number search. Enter 5676977. You will see the PATENTED CURE FOR AIDS. Not treatment but CURE. It has been around for decades. Yet you would be shocked to know how many AIDS support groups don’t know that.

    Good luck.

  8. Aureo says:

    I truly believe on your report, living with hiv for almost 30 years I got the tast on how some docts used myself doing things not needed to treat me… I get very scared to have to go to a hospital and never get out alive thinking how much the “industry “ just want to make money on me . ( the bill for a day in the hospital can go to thausands dollas)….many of my friends are gone, all they did was to trust only one doctor and done nothing else, I admire when someone like you say does thing , I never trust doctors a 100%, I am always looking for a alternative to live a better life .
    Thank you

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