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Switch to the E Cig Now, If You Want to Stay Healthy.

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( E cigarettes are safely soothing today’s people’s smoking needs. The e cig has become quite popular among the people because it is a much healthier choice and easy to use. Now it is up to you that how much quantity of nicotine you want to inhale through your e cigarette. These cigarettes are completely different from traditional cigarettes. However, the e cigs offer the same feel of real smoking. The e-juice or e liquid is used as a fuel of these cigarettes, which provides the taste of different flavors, such as tobacco. So, it is better to switch to a safer way of smoking instead of putting your health in a constant threat.

What should you use high-quality juice?

The e juice is quite necessary if you want to smoke e cigarettes. It works as the fuel for the e cig that means it adds flavor to make you feel that you are smoking a real cigarette. Whatever amount of nicotine you need, it will be mixed into the e juice. That’s why we prefer to call it the fuel for e cigs. The e juices come in many different flavors, which are available to purchase online. Suppose you want two or more flavor to purchase at the same time, then you should prefer online retailers. Obviously you will get the flavor at budget rates online in comparison to local retailers.

Percentage of nicotine in e juices:

The nicotine levels vary in the e cigs. You might have tried to taste e juices, but might have never considered the percentage of nicotine in it. If you do not smoke regularly, then you should try zero percentage nicotine flavors. These e juice flavors contain no nicotine and they are just prepared by using VG, PG and flavors. Thus, you smoke safely to keep yourself away from the health issues.

Some e juice flavors offer extra light amount of nicotine in which the nicotine is mixed in 8mg quantity. This amount of nicotine is also negligible because it does not cause any serious threat to the user’s health. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e cig is very safe for smoking because you inhale only the mentioned quantity of nicotine through it. If you want to enjoy the nicotine level same as you get through traditional cigarettes, then you should choose e juice flavor with 16mg nicotine quantity. This amount of nicotine is exactly equal to you get nicotine through traditional cigarettes. However, in traditional cigarettes nicotine’s level doubles when you inhale the smoke. It comes to your lungs after traveling through whole unburned tobacco particles of the cigarette.

Now you might be thinking that if the e cig juice comes with exact same nicotine quantity of the regular cigarettes, then how e cigarettes are safer than their traditional counterparts? These cigarettes are safer because they do not leave tar in your lungs. If you don’t want to inhale nicotine in your body, then you can also switch to the nicotine free e juices. Traditional cigarettes do not provide such facilities and that’s why e cigarettes are better to use.

Staff Writer; Doug Jacobs

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