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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Let’s Stop Kidding Ourselves About Mr. #45!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Every day we get alarming news about #45 and the damage he’s causing our country. I’m sure the average person has grown weary of waiting for this chaos to end. The 1/3 of those still supporting #45 must be called out as traitors to our nation. They’re actually promoting the fact that truth no longer matters, that confusion is the order of the day, that ordinary people don’t matter and that hate is what’s happening!

Speaking of hate, one of the people #45 was speaking of as having two sides to a story was found guilty for firing a gun at that Charlottesville rally near a school. He was the leader of the Ku Klux Klan—the imperial wizard no less! I guess the judge didn’t think so highly of one of those sides because KKK leader, Richard W. Preston was found guilty recently. Preston had planned to go to trail on the possible thought that he could convince a jury he did nothing wrong. At the last minute, he changed his tune and pleaded no contest.

#45’s claim that there was blame on both sides didn’t seem to work in this case. Judge Richard E. Moore immediately pronounced Preston guilty after Preston’ plea. The judge didn’t seem to buy the President’s proclamation that there was hatred and violence on both sides—just on Mr. Preston’s when it came to firing a gun in the crowd near a school. We don’t get to find out what his punishment is until August but isn’t it good to know a klansman can be convicted! It wasn’t always that way.

Senator John McCain said. “There’s no moral equivalency between racists and Americans standing up to defy hate and bigotry,” “The President of the United States should say so.”

It’s easy to see why Senator McCain informed us that he does not want #45 to attend his funeral whenever it happens.

Well, let’s check in on another act of hate in #45’s administration. During the past few days, HUD Secretary Ben Carson suspended a President Obama era fair-housing rule. The rule required communities to examine and address barriers to racial integration. It stated that over 1200 communities receiving billions of federal housing dollars had to draw up plans to desegregate their communities or be subject to losing federal funds. Carson basically said to local and state governments they can ignore that Obama era rule because Carson’s mission statement does not require anti-discrimination language. Will somebody tell Kanye that this administration has no concern for the needs of poor and marginalized people?

Moving on through the week, #45 kept on proving that the Storm is coming for him as Stormy Daniels promised on Saturday Night Live. His relationship with Michael Cohen keeps on getting hotter. Rudy Giuliani’s antics sure haven’t helped #45’s case.

There was damage on the world stage, too. #45 pulled the U.S. out of the nuclear weapons deal with Iran as he attempts to talk with North Korea’s leader about making deals. If you were the North Korean leader, would you trust #45 for honoring any deal they might make at their upcoming summit? I’m not suggesting the North Korean leader can be trusted either, but I’m sure all Americans are praying that something good will come out of the proposed summit.

Our wanting our country to succeed at something good is a far cry from what we’ve been getting from #45 and his followers. We must stop kidding ourselves that #45 is doing anything for the good of our country. He does it for his own glory. Let us pray that he doesn’t do further damage to our nation.

Written By Dr. E. Faye Williams

Official website; http://www.efayewilliams.com/

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