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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Reasons why you should never mix academics with cocaine.

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( Do you enjoy studying while high on cocaine? This drug is a popular drug that every student in school wants to associate with. Being in school with so many courses to do and limited time can make you try this drug from the influence of friends. Users of cocaine for studying argue that it makes them learn better by enhancing their sharpness. Scientists use rats to experiment the effects of cocaine when it came to concentration and concluded that to some extent, the drug improves the circuits in your brain making you a better learner.

The truth of this experiment makes students take cocaine for such recreational purposes only to become dependent on the drug. The first time you try cocaine for your studies will make you want more because of the belief that it makes you study better for longer. This is why cocaine users in school find it hard to quit the habit. Statics show that in every five students in college, at least one of them uses cocaine to get more focus in their studies. Cocaine withdrawal is the only way to prevent your mind from getting addicted to the drug.

Why is cocaine unhealthy for your studies?

With every bump that you take, your brain produces dopamine that improves your learning ability. Even though you become a better learner due to this chemical, the second bump of coke affects your ears. It tampers with your prefrontal cortex which is responsible for how you behave around others as well as how you make judgments.

In as much as this drug improves your decision- making capabilities, you are bound to make biased decisions. A test carried out on rats proves that when high, they got biased to surroundings that had the drug. The dopamine gives you the motivation to learn while the cortex in your ears inhibits control that makes you inaccurately work on impulses. With the urge to stay more motivated, you end up relying on the drug thus leading to cocaine dependence.

What causes people to turn to cocaine as a study drug?

Lack of concentration

Prioritizing other things above your studies make you focus less in class. Your friends may mislead you into using drugs such as cocaine to acquire better attention in class. When high of the drug, before cocaine withdrawal symptoms start affecting you, you may hear more of what the lecturer is saying and pay keen attention to lectures.


Lack of handling your assignments within the required time makes most students try out the drug because of the energy that it gives them to carry out many tasks at once. The habit shows that you don’t have the self-discipline to tell what should come before the other. Instead of spending your weekend handling class projects and completing your assignments, you spend it on friends that don’t add value to your academic life. When time catches up with you, cocaine becomes your savior at this time of need.

Being disorganized

Do you have this friend who can never find anything due to too much disorganization? Their rooms look like crap as their experimental tools always get lost before a science project. Such people with negative influence find themselves using cocaine that reduces the confusion of having things misplaced.


Students turn to cocaine to help them focus more as it helps a person who easily gets distracted from studies.They love the fact that the drug can keep them a whole night studying without getting distracted translating to excellent academic performance. You may, however, graduate with a first class but leave campus entirely addicted to the drug.

Effects of cocaine a study drug


Most students react differently to cocaine in school because of their genetic makeup. Some become introverts while others get more social on campus. Those who tend to keep to themselves have more focus on a particular point as opposed to those who become overly social.

Inhibits you from recognizing negative feelings

With cocaine, your ex who has refused to get back with you will seem to be tuning in to your advancements. Everybody in your class suddenly becomes your friend because you cannot tell negative emotions coming from a person who dislikes you in class.


Withdrawal symptoms cause you to become anxious when you fail a mathematical test. Psychological withdrawal makes you nervous because of the belief that you know everything causing you to take more bumps as a way of proving yourself.

Reacting to impulses

Giving into your friends’ bad ideas may be a usual thing with cocaine. You find yourself saying yes to things you would not regularly do. It gives you new confidence as you become sharp making you get more stimulated because of the inability to know how to react to different impulses.


You may not feel sleepy the whole night while studying while high on the drug but remember that your body needs rest. If you are only using coke for your studies, it means that subjecting your body to the drug only at those particular times makes your body not balance. This makes you exhausted since you spend most days and nights studying with minimal rest. Too much stimulation makes you suffer insomnia for days when you stay sober because your mind is already used to staying late until the wee hours.

What you should do

It may seem that most of your classmates do not have time to study but staying true to yourself and abstaining from coke, will prevent chances of being dependent on it. The keenness that comes with this drug is only temporary, but the risks may damage your body for long. If you are already reliant on the powder, cocaine detox will help you clear off your body from the chemicals in the drug. With the need to focus more, you cannot tell how many chemicals you are taking from coke. Detoxification will help prevent more risks from the drug and reverse the withdrawal symptoms you may be facing. Combining this with a balanced diet and getting enough sleep will help you a better and healthier learner.

Staff Writer; Jason Poole

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