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What Does Black Panther Drive?

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( Box office records were annihilated during the premier of Black Panther. Marvel made huge waves in the film industry, when it released the newest addition to it’s franchise. While Marvel producers were determining to go on a CA cruise, hotel package or other with the profits, while The film features an amazing cast of actors, a rollercoaster of emotion, and the fans were thinking about the hero’s collection of intriguing modes of transportation.

If you’ve seen the film, then you know the single, burning question on everyone’s mind: What does Black Panther drive? With an array of exquisite cars, one of the biggest buzzes around the film are the showcased vehicles. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our theorized cars that T’Challa would drive.

Lexus LC 500

The Lexus LC 500 is a strong choice. This vehicle tipped us off during the it’s promotional debut in the Super Bowl LII commercial. This luxury car made its appearance again in the film during an action packed driving montage.

Lexus GS F

The close sibling of the LC 500, the Lexus GS F made it’s product placement appearance in the film as well. A sound hypothesis states that the GS F has 29 MPG while driving in the city. Since Wakanda is a metropolitan area, it would make sense that T’Challa would want to drive a car with a great fuel economy.

Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner has spacious storage room, off-road driving capabilities, and collision safety. It’s a dangerous job being the protector and king of Wakanda. That’s why it’s understandable that T’Challa would want to drive a car that will take a punch.

A minivan

T’Challa has an special force of Dora Milaje warriors. With a team that big, you may want to have a plan to transport them to the next objective point. Therefore, it would make sense that Black Panther would drive a minivan. With a team of Wakanda’s most deadliest warriors, you’ll need the spacious capabilities to transport them.

War rhinos

Wakanda has its fair share of giant war rhinos. Understandably, they are used to destroy enemy hordes attacking the city. But, what if they were used for transportation as well? Equipped with ironclad armor and a size larger than a Toyota 4Runner, driving these animals around the city makes absolute, perfect sense for a superhero. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in a California traffic school that teaches you how to drive a war rhino.

One of the airships

With an international responsibility of protecting the world, getting across the planet is extremely challenging without air transportation. Instead of driving something for the roads, T’Challa might very well drive something for the air. The airships aren’t outside the Wakanda’s arsenal, therefore these would be an obvious choice.

Vibranium powered hatchback coupe

Vibranium is one of the world’s most precious metals. When installed in one of the world’s most precious vehicles, it becomes a match made in the Wakandan Ancestral Plane. No road would be difficult for T’Challa to drive on. Also, who wouldn’t want to drive a car made of the strongest metal in the world with spacious cargo room?

A literal black panther

One interesting hypothesis is the theory that the Black Panther would drive a literal black panther. If he’s concerned about his brand, then he wouldn’t want to drive an airship, vibranium powered hatchback coupe, or a war rhino. People wouldn’t be able to make the connection of who he is when he rolls into battle. That’s why he would obviously drive a black panther to his next location. Little known fact: black panthers are known for their defensive driving capabilities.

Staff Writer; Craig Jones



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