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Social Network Site Facebook Is Not Your Friend.

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(ThyBlackMan.comFacebook scans the contents of messages that people send each other on its Messenger app blocking any that contravene its guidelines, it has emerged. The scandal-hit firm, still reeling from revelations surrounding Cambridge Analytica, checks images and texts to ensure they are in line with its community standards. While the intentions behind the practice may be well-meaning, the news is likely to add to users’ concerns over what the social network knows about them.”

Several years ago I wrote an article warning that Facebook, Twitter, Google and the giant telecommunications companies like Time Warner, Comcast and Disney were all colluding with the government to spy on us. In an article entitled Big Brother Is Real I wrote, “Privacy for most of us is non-existent. Facebook, Twitter and other programs like Instagram are not only part of the government’s programming arsenal they are also potential surveillance tools. Government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and the IRS are using social media to track you and create a profile on you.”

Now we’ve leaned through a British news station’s report Facebook has been collecting, mining user information, creating profiles on members, using and selling the data and personal profiling to influence and manipulate elections around the world.  Facebook also sells our information to companies and other third parties.

“As we all know by now, Cambridge Analytica has apparently utilized highly sophisticated psychometric algorithms to target mental vulnerabilities within the United States and other nations, perhaps swaying votes toward one candidate or another. While these methods, in and of themselves, are not illegal per se, the data used and the methods implemented to further propagate such election swaying may themselves be illegal.

For those of you unaware of the history behind Cambridge Analytica, it’s an interesting one. A company called SCL Group launched back in the early 1990s. This company, which Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn worked for, then spun off a subsidiary called SCL Elections. SCL Elections was then funded by the Mercer family for $15 million, before being renamed Cambridge Analytica. This transformation basically took SCL Group, with their military ties, and transformed it into a private for-profit company targeting American citizens… While the whistleblower has shared their story with the UKmedia, they are fearful that the UK Ministry of Defense will quickly move in and squash any potential publication. The whistleblower, whom our source says worked for SCL Group between the years of 2005 and 2013, didn’t understand the complexity and disturbing nature of what he had been a part of. That is until a recent exposé aired on Channel 4 in the UK, regarding Cambridge Analytica and their shady practices.

This individual had worked mainly in Iraq for SCL Group and is revealing that SCL Group was used by the US and UK militaries to devise coercive propaganda in Iraq during his time there. SCL Group, via their subsidiary Cambridge Analytica, then took this same exact approach and used it against the public in the United States via our elections, this time for monetary gain. Literally SCL Group created a military propaganda machine and then targeted the United States’ elections and our democracy with it.” SCL Whistleblower Claims Cambridge Analytica Used a US Military Weapon Against the US Elections

So it wasn’t Russia that influenced the 2016 US election at all, it was SCL through Facebook! The full extent of the Facebook-Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL is the parent company of Cambridge Analytica) collusion is being censored and suppressed by the US corporate media because they don’t want us to know just how thoroughly we are being spied on, manipulated and brainwashed by the media, corporations and government.

SCL calls itself a strategic communications and behavioral research company. That is corporate doublespeak/gobbledygook for brainwashing, behavioral manipulation and social engineering. It is an agency working hand in hand with governments and intelligence agencies to do their dirty work around the world! Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook (it is suspected US and Western intelligence services had a major hand in funding and monopolizing Facebook globally) has admitted Facebook scanned personal Facebook messages and data and gave them to third parties.

This is in addition to the data mining Facebook gave to SCL and other third parties! For additional evidence/proof see:, . Facebook was in discussions with hospitals to secure patients’ information for potential use in research projects!

Currently there is a global movement to delete or unsubscribe from Facebook. If you choose to remain on Facebook please use it wisely knowing full well it is spying on you and remember Facebook is not your friend!

Written by Junious Ricardo Stanton

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