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Fortnite Tips and Tricks For iOS and Android.

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( These Fortnite tips and tricks may come handy if you want to master the game on your mobile phone. Epic’s popular co-op sandbox survival game Fortnite is now available on mobile phones and if you don’t have access to PC or console, don’t worry because you can use these techniques on your mobile and get an upper hand over your opponents.

1. Use Visual Signals

This is one of the best Fortnite tips and tricks shared by mobile gamers. In the console and PC version, players have to keep their audio on because that’s the only way to be aware of the surroundings. But it’s a very different scenario on mobile phones as the game developers have added visual signals in the mobile version. Players can turn off the volume on their mobile phones and stay informed with visual cues that show directions.

2. Be Careful When Shooting

The mobile version of Fortnite gives a very different experience in terms of aiming and shooting. On PC and console, you can easily take some short fights without aiming. You can just fire with your weapon on small groups of enemies and it will do the job but on mobile, you have to aim properly because spraying bullets is not an efficient way to kill enemies on the Fortnite mobile version.

3. Keep Your Weaponry Balanced

You can’t afford to lose a fight just because you are wielding a sniper rifle in a close combat or left with a shotgun to kill an enemy who is hundreds of meters away. In Fortnite, you have to be careful with what weapons you carry and how much ammo you have for your next battle. Don’t rely on a single weapon just because you like it, you may be required to use a variety of weapons at times.

4. Hit The Foundation to Destroy Buildings

Don’t waste your bullets, time and energy on walls or upper areas of an enemy base to destroy it. Just focus on the building’s foundation because once you cause significant damage to a building’s foundation, the upper part will start falling no matter how big the building is. The building will collapse and fall once you’re done hitting its base. If you can hit a base with a rocket launcher or a grenade, it can save you time.

5. Sharing is Caring

Being greedy is not a good idea especially when you’re playing Fortnite. If your teammates are in need of ammo or weapons and you’re carrying extra, don’t hesitate in dropping some of the items. During fights, what you carry as a team matters a lot as having balanced stock with each of the team members will make things easier for you. So make sure that you are dropping items which you do not need. Distribution will help you like a good investment.

6. Start Building As Early As Possible

If you are surrounded by bullets coming from different directions, don’t wait to find cover, and start building. To easily and safely move from one place to another, keep building with the material you have. Remember, don’t ignore wood even if it can’t protect you for a long time. Steel is the strongest material but building something with steel takes more time than wood and brick.

7. Survive the Storm Trick

For Survive the Storm, you should take your best hero, the strongest one and equip the character with the best weapons. Keep one sniper rifle even if you are carrying an assault rifle or LMG. Some enemies don’t act in the way you want them to do and to take them down, you need a mix of long and short-range guns.

Follow these Fortnite tips and tricks and if you have spent time in training, you’re ready. Yet, the game will challenge you many times and as long as you’re trying new things and working with a strategy in mind, you’ll surely get an edge.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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    Like so many I’m addicted to this game. Can play for hours literally.

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