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People of Color Are Building a Dynamic Community of Content Creators.

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(ThyBlackMan.comWordCamp Organizers, Volunteers, Speakers and Sponsors…

WordCamp conferences are a great place to see the diversity that is growing in technology, web development, coding, programming, graphic design and even blogging. The opportunities for unpresented networking at conferences can potentially open doors in an industry that is influencing e-commerce, online education, venture capitalism investments and business growth for women and men of color.

Youth, teens and young adults with basic web development skills are opening online businesses that are gaining national and international attention. The “open source” community of solidarity to networking, collaboration and the availability of free Meetups that provide access to tech leaders in all aspects of technical knowledge and skill are helping this community to grow.

Seen even on the continent of Africa where WordCamp Nairobi and WordCamp Nigeria have been held, there are growing needs and opportunities for tech conferences to provide educational, business, e-commerce and web development opportunities to Africans. Careers choices are growing because the infrastructure is growing and adapting.

The WordPress platform for web development has gained a foothold in over 30% of web development globally and is expected to increase to over 50% in several years. The newest version 5.0 Gutenberg is expected to change web development and associated plugins, Apps, widgets and tools for years to come.

William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach accepted invitations in 2017 to blogger, speak, organize and volunteer. Sharing his passion for Social Media and web development. An educator, business owner, community engager and building an online following that has grown from national to international status William has established a footing regularly speaking, volunteering, helping to organize and sponsoring WordCamp events.

Joined in 2018 by Aida Correa a respected artist, writer, speaker as well, they have participated in WordCamp Miami 2018, WordCamp Jacksonville 2018 and attended WordCamp Atlanta 2018. Invited to speak at WordCamp Dayton, Ohio, WordCamp Birmingham, Alabama and WordCamp Calgary in Canada.

This shows the emerging opportunities for people of African American and Latina heritage to gain recognition and respect for their knowledge and abilities as digital innovators and content creators.

WordCamp Philly, WordCamp Miami, WordCamp Jacksonville, WordCamp Atlanta show the diversity of technology geeks, nerds, blerds and content creators that love all aspects and have business interests.

More WordCamps can be found here

Their growth shows that developing presentation skills, networking, building speaking and oration abilities and having self-confidence can carry you to new heights and adventures. William and Aida have a passion for youth, teens and young adults providing workshops to help develop young people’s potential as entrepreneurs and business owners.

More youth, teens and young adults would benefit by attending and participating in WordCamp conferences in their state and city. Young adults of color would especially benefit because of the lack of access to African Americans and Latinos in areas of tech, web development, programming, coding and graphic design. As the need grows for cyber-security, web development,  coding and other digital careers, children and youth should be able to dream one day of owning their own tech company, creating Apps, graphics, e-commerce platforms and other innovative designs. Parents of color check out links to find conferences in your area so you and your children can attend.

Resources for WordCamps Globally

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson & Aida Correa

Find out more about this talented writer over at; OCS For Education.

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